When will they make movie about bitcoin/crypto? will it be any good? what will be the ending?

when will they make movie about bitcoin/crypto? will it be any good? what will be the ending?

>all women and poc cast
>extreme historical inaccuracy
>romantic subplot
>will only speak about the big 3 (btc, eth, ltc)

a movie will come, and it will absolutely be shit and butcher the story

No one wants to watch a bunch of NEETs trading imaginary internet coins and getting lucky to buy Nintendo switches and soylent drinks

It would make a great movie. So much shady shit going on in the crypto market since it's inception. It will probably go down as the craziest bubble in history

there will be some super rich neets that fund a crypto film to portray the truth.
they could spend millions of dollars on it easily.
what would you do if you had like 50m?

When it's too late.

This. I'm picturing about 10 minutes of Emma Web lecturing a room full of 'nerd douches' about things like mcap and beginner level TA as a way to establish the film's credentials, then an hour and a half of lamboland Mr. Robot Black Mirror murder mystery.

I'd probably watch it desu

Emma Stone I mean. lol i'm retarded

>The big dump

I bought a 4K tv for my switch also

The banking on Bitcoin movie on Netflix is a pretty good doc on the origins of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general and the hardships faced by the original team and very early investors

Look up bitcoin heist on imdb

Yea but the NEETs are played by people like Christian Bale. Fun to watch.

Overall I think the movie would be great, but the ending isn't written yet (when tether implodes and price of BTC drops to about $100). That'll make the story perfect.

I'd watch Ryan Gosling play a depressed neet who got rich trading crypto desu

This guy gets it.

>Ryan Gosling / Christian Bale as basement dwelling NEETs
>yelling at their moms for more tendies
>getting rejected from low level no skill jobs


>when will they make movie about bitcoin/crypto?
They have made one.

Ryan Gosling died in car accident.

Theyll get Tyler Perry to play Satoshi Nakamoto.

>Movie entirely takes place in the room of a fat, unemployed man sitting in front of his computer
>ends with him giving a sad sigh and going back to his job at McDonalds

Let's hope for a version with commentary from Roger Ver who absolutely flips his shit everytime when his shitcoin is called bcash.

Unfortunately this.

You mean Jackie Chan

No I meant (((they)))