All inned on telcoin. Did I do good Veeky Forums?

All inned on telcoin. Did I do good Veeky Forums?

Half in, tell us, please.

Only if you're planning on selling again the moment you go up 1 sat.

Get ready for a fomo rush in about 2 hours.

its 99% buys and has been for over 24 hours and really cant go down so yes you did damn good, so glad I got my comfy 200k at 6sats. we will be laughing like kangs in a week.

i'm unironically thinking of going all in for the next couple weeks, and just see what happens? foolish or not?

No, you were too late. It's already 10x since ICO.

t. I bought the ICO

SATS go to 0

this is a good time for retards to learn that, even when the price is $.01, with enough money invested, there are fractions of a penny, and you can indeed go down

I think id keep some money in eth and put the rest in tel if you wanted to be aggressive and are trying for a total home run. the nice thing is you got another 1-3 hours before 8sats are up and can do a little research see what your hoping to get out of it. Im going for 5-10x, not doing my normal b/s flipping like iv done with dbc or kcs the product is great the hype is amazing I just need to sit on my hands with it.

I'm all in, this is an irrational market, time to be irrational.

normies dont see that on kucoin senpai. so it might as well not be there.

sorry heres a better way to say it, log onto kucoin and try to big below 1 sat, you cant it resets. the program has a bottom even if it is artifical. so hence its not dropping,

Only time will tell, I've got some to, so I want it to go up as well. NIGGERCOIN TO THE MOON REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I bought at 61. Volume is increasing a lot not sure who keeps dumping at 65 the walls keep getting eaten and put back up.

>bought at 61. Volume is increasing a lot not sure who keeps dumping at 65 the walls keep getting eaten and put back up

Look at the Eth Chart so see how long until we are going to go up.

Next stop is 75 Sats.

4.5x was 14 sats at ico

Went in for 230k @64sat, thanks to you user.
Let see how it goes

There is a volume competition on Kucoin.
That's part of the reason for thus kind of trading

go look at the top 100 by volumn in the competition it isnt people doing the competition so stop spreading bullshit. its 10% of the vol at best.

this is wrong. only 14% volume from the contest

roughly 1 min of research on the volume and you would see how blatantly wrong you are.

The trading competition is not the Reason for the volume. Here is an excel sheet to show you.

thanks OP, just bought 2 mil.

Those sell walls are looking a little intimidating.

Are we gonna make it?

Just gotta keep pushing, we pushed through a 1.5k eth wall in about 4 hours.

That is like 1.5 million usd.

Should I look at the BTC pair or the ETH pair? I'm taking the time it takes to get through the 0.000008 wall to decide if I should buy or not.

Buy on bitcoin currently, until they get to parity with the 8 wall.

Gotta keep the push going and hope bitcoin doesn't cuck us like yesterday,

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Someone said the same thing 2 hours ago. Fuck off and die

We are just waiting to see if bitcoin is going to cuck us again

I've got 2 million TEL what do I do??

Hang out in these threads all day.


Pretty much

Wall is about gone. Get in now

I'm selling at 122.

Waiting on BTC transaction to complete for a hour and a half, watching this moon in front of me.

Don't worry 73 will be the top for a couple hours, we have an eth wall to chew through.

Do not buy on the bitcoin side above 73-74 higher than that it is cheaper to buy from the large Ether Wall.

I moved a small part of my portfolio to Kucoin so I could invest in DBC and SNOV and I got fucked over. Bought both of them when they were halfway on their way down. Just took sold that shit. Hope I can at least get back what I initially had on Kucoin