Telcoin (TEL)

I’ve made 400k in crypto from an initial $13,300 investment . I’ve seen it all . Please DYOR but I sincerely feel , as I am in Alcoholics Anonynous , I should help out the newcomers. Futhermore, a lot people help me out in the beginning and I wouldn’t be where I amtoday if they didn’t help me in the beginning of my crypto journey . I truly believe Telcoin (TEL) which is on KuCoin , May be the biggest ROI of Q1, besides Ripple and Stellar . The team is absolutely incredible , partnerships are coming , and west Africa is one of the biggest untapped market besides India . Telcoin has a real world use case and it is so extremely undervalued right now . My target is 1-3 Cents , but I think it can go 5 or 10 cents and it is currently under a 150 mil marketcap . Lastly , I’m sure it will be on Binance by next month . Wish you all the best old timers and newcomers alike, and I hope one day you will remember me , and this post .

— M

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thanks, bought 100k

Thanks, I actually unironically did buy 100k. Wish I could buy more.

Don't believe anyone lying and saying all of the volume is just because of the contest, for one thing, the winner of the contest would have had to pay almost as much in trading fees as their potential wining, I made a spreadsheet to show the top 100 people account for only 14% of the volume.

EOM predictions? What sort of price are we looking at? 0.05c?

End of month 3 to 5 cents

Yeah I would say 1-5 cents EOM

Picked some up last night. Glad to see some of the old Veeky Forums is still here.

Thanks man , that means a lot .

Yea fuckin right. That would mean a mcap of 10 - 12 billion

Bought 250k tis morning.

It looks legit even though high supply is scary.
I need a moon mission to get off the red carpet.

you are basing that on total supply not circulating. It would be around 500 million to 750 million at 3-5 cents

Bought 14k this morning, thought about selling half after +50%. Am I a weak handed faggot?

U will make $50.00...U are a faggot...

Any info whether this is going to be on binance?

Have not heard anything one way or another.

So what do? Wait till it 100x-es (which will literally never happen), or what?

Kill yourself shill

I'm unironically thinking about going all it
I only have 20k but whatever, I need one sweet moonshot
should I do it?

be more patient
risk management
>I bought 125k, Check on you boys in a month

I've been eyeing TEL, user. I missed the ICO and I'm kinda pissed now knowing that ICO people made bank on this project. Do you think this is a good time to buy?

Also, while you're on KuCoin, check out SelfKey (KEY). It's also a new project, was listed on KuCoin like 3-4 days ago.

Short explanation on KEY:
>SelfKey is a great product, and one that will likely have lots of use right from the start. Instead of companies having to pay millions of dollars to work with a KYC compliance company, they could simply implement SelfKey and use that information to be legally KYC compliant. It’s a concept that goes beyond the whitepaper and has an easy to understand usecase that should get some major traction in short order.

>risk management
>>I bought 125k, Check on you boys in a month
I got myself like $42 worth that I had stuck on kucoin because of transfer limits/fees
want to buy more but I'm tethered up and not sure how to proeed
it looks like ETH price will go down in the short run but TEL price is going up rapidly so I'm not sure whether it's better to just swap to ETH now and get as much TEL as I can or wait till ETH goes sub 1k in next few hours (and possibly even sub 900 if TA is anything to go by)
what do?

Already at 5x vs ICO.
Not going to bail bagholders out of this shit.

The ICO sold out in under a day

There's not too many people in the red on these coins, it was at the all time high for like 30 minutes yesterday and dropped 10% when bitcoin dipped.

I mean you could draw meme lines on a chart to give yourself some small bit of reassurance which is what I do but TA isnt everything. I think TEL will be up solid for a few reasons.
its $42 this is like a cryptobond at if it goes nowhere and at best you have a random egg to collect

We just hit .000008 baby, strap in kek

Does it make a big difference what pair you buy in?

I have .05 btc sitting on kucoin.

Guess I dont really understand why buying on pair over the other matters.

Currently the bitcoin pair is cheaper, it usually doesn't but with the sell walls one broke through before the other.


>bought at 0.000006 feels good

how did you find out about telcoin? I wanna DMOR, but I'm not sure where to look?

Just bought 10 million TEL

I have 500k, what do I do now?

you're getting rich user

Chill in the Tel Threads and be comfy.

Here is their website, I head about them through twitter in late december but missed the ICO.

Wait and don't panic if it dips.

Ha thanks , my friends told me about this and I had heard about it then saw this thread . I think his can easily get to three cents . I probably won’t sell until twenty cents though . Their whitepaper and the idea is really good

Thanks for sharing OP!

Bough some myself, it's gonna be a long hold

One week is long term in crypto and I'm not holding this shit any longer. In out after a week or 2x whichever is first. Dumbest idea ever but still prime for a pump.

It’s almost at one cent now guys , this is obviously primed to skyrocket now

Did you fags get your points for you shill group?

Salty you didn’t get in huh , I can taste your salt

>this bait

quick run down for retards who cant read whitepapers?

Got 10k. Help me to buy more with some ETH fags

Shitcoin getting shilled by an Indian.


It's literally an erc20 token to pay phone bills why can't people use litecoin or even doge redpill me why this isn't complete shit

>can't read whitepaper

What area are you in?


You should read up on Mpesa to see how interesting this idea is. Its not being built for you and me, this is for underdeveloped countries.

Got 26k, wish I had gotten more

Just sent 100k

Seriously considering this.
How much was the ICO?

Stop talking and just get on the rocket already


Not sure if srs but that was ETH address. Tel address > 0x3e2344d5c0aba3f8c9258e1ccde067205470e953

So the 100k TEL I sent are lost in space?


Were you the user who made a thread about this last night? I unironically bought 100k. Thanks man

guys how do we know when the sell wall will be breached on kucoin? I can only see 6 decimals

ICO Price: ~ 0.001000
Market Cap: 158.24M
24h High: 0.008167
24h Low: 0.006649
24h Volume: 17.26M

Still not sure if srs. Did write ETH. But ya. Still need tel though

ok here's a game, predictions:

a) when will we hit $.01
b) when will we be in top 50 crypto's
c) when will we hit $.10


What are your price predictions short-term and by EoY?

>dat 0.00008 ETH sell wall

We just ate through an even bigger one at 0.000007


$.01 incominnnnnnnnnnng

yeah it doesn't seem to be moving

stick to tron if you can't read whitepaper retard

oh i didn't know, it was smaller when i started loooking

Do you guys not realize that there's a competition on kucoin for Telcoin right now?

This shit isn't going to moon until the competition ends.

It'll slowly eat though it. Dunno why Ku doesn't show more decimal places for Eth.

>a) when will we hit $.01
>b) when will we be in top 50 crypto's
No clue
>c) when will we hit $.10

and even bigger one at 6 accually, so comfy I got 150k at 5

at this rate its going to beat trons moon mission, which peaked at 25c I think iv never seen anything like whats happening with tel though, its unreal.Im already up 45%

The top 100 people on Kucoin only Account for 14% of the Volume.

u cant maths?

guys what does the red or green shadow behind sell/buy orders mean on kucoin?

BNTY is similar at least for me had a insane climb if you got in early in the moonmission, this feels the same if its let free from the whales. time we will but I think this is a good month hold without much consequence and a lot of potential gain

Should I take my 20% gains and dump this shitcoin or are we going higher?

The mooning hasn't even started yet. Be patient and after the wall falls you'll be grateful you did

thanks I need to study bnty's moon. iv been trying to find a similar pattern only thing that came to mind was tron and dbc.

got 100k of this, strap in boys!

People are projecting like 10x. Be patient

what the fuck am i looking at here, how did you get their emails?

dude I havnt run across a single person with a good reason as to why this wont moon. 20% is very nice but its nothing compared to what you can have in as little as 3-4days. im betting tel hits ath in a month. its going to be a comfy ride.




this, fuckers made me sell my eth at a loss to btc so i could buy in without massive fucking walls that dont move

thats why iv been shilling this like crazy.

bro go to the promotion page and school down.

Will buy lambo when this hits $10.

shit i have so much of this ill buy u a lambo if it gets to .10

We're all gonna make it

sirs good coin no sell $10 we go $100 sir then sell

How much?