Would Regulations Completely Destroy This Market

If (((They))) regulate the market, would all the coins inevitably crash? Even if all of crypto crashed could the market ever recover with regulations in place, or is crypto entirely dependent off of being regulation free?

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Yes, they will destroy the market with regulation just like they did with drugs

No. Regulations will help the market. There's so many unpunished scams, BitConnect e.g, PnD groups and so on, and the people who run them need to be punished. Crypto needs more governance.


Would make my privacy coins moon

Who would regulate and how? What about decentralised exchanges?

maybe it will be good for the privacy coins? could be an opportunity.

Yeah dude, even the news about upcoming talks on regulations will probably hurt the market. Imagine when they actually get close to those talks? Holy shit. This market is so fragile. Look what a little bit of Korea or Chinese FUD does.

Not even kidding right now. Exit all crypto.

What do you mean who and how? By making it illegal to trade cryptocurrency without a brokers license for starters.

Maybe regulations help in the long term. But in the short term? Are you kidding? Even serious talk of regulation would send Bitcoin back to 5k.


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perhaps maybe, give this a thought, we the people should be regulating (((them)))

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Government regulations only serve to benefit the people with enough money to pay politicians to make laws that benefit them while they steal from us. If you think more government rules will do anything but make it harder for you to make your own money then I have a coin to shill you.

Regulation makes us all rich

It legitimizes crypto for normies

Obviously it depends on the regulations themselves but it might help legitimize crypto so even more normies pump up the market. Realistically even though crypto's pretty mainstream now most normies still haven't actually invested in it. They're just aware of it and blindly quote warren buffett

Regulation is okay you dumb fuck

However, it may reduce volatility which could be a good or bad thing

What regulation would really change for crypto?
What should we expect?

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How the fuck are you gonna stop all the pnd groups? Even if they make it illegal and stop shitty discord groups, whales can still collude to manipulate prices.

Regs are only good if you have a really strong position because they benefit the whales not and the plebs. If you have a lot of ETH or the other big boys, regs will help you.


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Kys cuck. Regulations are never good, retards who fall for scams have no one to blame but themselves

Regulation will bring in more normie money.

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