Just Tethered up. Did I fuck up?

Just Tethered up. Did I fuck up?
News coming out will likely send the price down imo.

Keep holding fag, everything is fine

I already bought Tether

Yes, you did. Sell those tulips immediatelh

What news are you expecting? I'm planning on tethering up on Wednesday because of the
CME futures contract ending.

News of Germoney bringing in regs

Could just as well trigger a mad rush to get in while they still can.
This market isn't exactly logical.

dont tell me i fucked up bro

Ultimately I don't believe this will be anything big but it just might create a temporary dip

Thats what Im hoping for

Wtf is tether and why is it good?

You could put some money in tether, and only risk what you are willing to lose. You'll avoid panic selling easier that way, and you could potentially get some decent gains out of it.

Lol nice id

Its 1:1 usd basically. So when the market dips you buy tether instead of cashing out into usd and buying back in at the bottom


Is it worth to tether up as a poorfag?

Tether is the most dangerous thing of all to be in.

Read Bitfinex'ed.

Doomed fools.

its going up normie new fags

what you do is trade your tether in for ETH when it reaches values of > $1.02 and buy back in when it corrects
rinse and repeat once a day in this retarded market and you'll be compounding those 2% gains to be a multimillionaire by EOY

I know all of that but its good for now

Yeah probably

Lol no

LMFAO, just transfer it to GDAX and go to actual fiat, not that chuck-e-cheese money

>Using GDAX

Do you really believe tether has 1.6 billion USD?

No but it works for now

gtfo pajeet





Look familiar?


We are on a sure way to 8-9 k
tethered up and ready here u did the right thing OP

Tether can go off at any moment. You'd have to be a proper prajeet to touch them with a ten foot pole.

Better off just cashing out. Consider the fees as insurance against what is going to happen to Tether in the not distant future.

Ok hope so bro

Nah, its good for now

i have a source for how tether does it's asset management
they can only liquidate about 5% of the backing of tether per month which I think is quite subpar. On the other hand it's safe for them to use all the credit they need to make up for the difference. Unless they actually do something criminal tether is safe IMO

read bitfinexxed twitter and medium
It's not at all