Currently $.20

>currently $.20
>projected $5
>2500% growth

Still not too late bros

>holding RLC, RCN, AMB, SPHTX

which one should I let go for CND?

the one that isn't SPHTX

took some profits this morning. still hodling mucho

Wait for sub .20 or just fucking go right now???

Wanting to know this myself.

if BTC dips again it will probably bleed a bit lower

if not a new floor has been established

It'll fall hard once BTC goes to 8k. Don't do it, anons.

>122.4% daily growth
>rank 91 out of nowhere
>artificial intelligence
Huh I'm getting deja vu here.. Maybe I'll buy it in a couple of weeks when its under 8cents.

I'm still going balls deep on thsi one, the 5 USD proyection sounds extremely pausible after some documentation.

I just want to buy on the lower dip possible cu im gonna hold hard until next year, so a good entrance is key but if it goes .25 or more i'll have to take the hit and buy at the price

DBC pajeet coin 2.0?

don't get left with bags user. It has already pumped.

I'm still holding 1k DBC just to remind myself of my foolishness.

be wary, this one is speaking pajenglish

Look at the fucking buy walls at 16c. Not going to happen. Whenever it hits near 19c if bounces hard to 21c.

Buy whatever you want to buy now and buy more if it hits 16c. It could explode to 35+ any time.

ty for the advice, really appreciate it.

Pajeet detected

How the fuck do you all keep up with those and where do you look them up

I'm new to CC and I'm trying to DMOR but shit there's so much to search for and I feel like i'm only scratching the surface, I don't want to be a brainlet that only invests in shit biz is shilling for but fomo is pretty strong right now.

,,sirs pllesse,,

Yeah nice nice, let the retards fomo into this with stupid projections and unexplained growth factors
Dont get be wrong, I love the app but you must be a retard to fomo into this and tell them its gonna go to 5$.

the time period teeka gave was 2-3 years

I don't know, that doesn't sound too impossible in the crypto world

Looks nice but already a missed train. 300kk is already a lot for it, maybe it will rich ecen 1 billion mcap, but not in the near future.

>search google for the ico of this shitcoin, by date
>find earliest reports posted by some aggregate content source
>follow said aggregate content source
>enter into the next decent ico, before the pajii overcome the language barrier and ruin it

You need a lot of time and know where to look at infos.

When I started trading it took me a month of 10+ hours a day to just learn all the shit about cryptos and trading in general.
Now I'm up to date and just check new infos and learn about new promising coins, but I go for long term (around 1 month) holds so I have time to do other shit irl and just dump after I'm happy with profits and there's no hype anticipation left.


>buying high

Not too late at all.
Got 6,000 at 6c, went to 20c, didn't sell. Dropped to 6c again. Held. Thing is I have £250 invested so I couldn't give a fuck what it does until it's a $1... and getting in now .20c to a dollar is still a nice gain. Yes, I am also shilling

I'm a monthly subscriber to the newsletter and Teeka never said anything about $5 CND. Stop fucking lying to people.

>implying any Veeky Forumstard is going to hold a PBC called shitcoin for 2-3 years
>also implying that PBC didn't call a buy up to $0.20 just to dump on your asses
teeka strikes again niggers

>let's assume a 1.5% daily profit

Holy kek lmao I knew this guy was a scammer but that's carlos from NY level shit right there.
And this trading bot really sounds like bitconnect too.

>experts would pay 20% of their profits if they had a 100% chance to make millions
wow no shit

Maybe CND is good but palm beach is really targeting idiots pajeets.

>Got 6,000 at 6c, went to 20c, didn't sell. Dropped to 6c again. Held.
you are by far the biggest retard i have seen today, congratulations. you held a PnD through the pump and the dump. how does one achieve such levels of retardation?
>until it's a $1
enjoy those bags

Nobody is actually buying it for the 2500% increase. 50% increase is guaranteed.

Imaging having 50% more of your current portfolio. Do you hate money? Sell at 30c and take your initial investment out. You've got a risk free pile of cash growing.

I have ten Veeky Forums thread promising me a 50% or a 200% and 120 subreddits telling me their coin is the next ethereum.
Why would I go for some shady trade bot that just got 100% increase because of a pump and dump shill and a Veeky Forums post telling me to buy.

i held link from 15 cents to 45, to 15 to 1.30 to 0.50 to 0.80.
Does that make me retarded?
can i please have your crystal ball that predicts the future with 100% accuracy?

Yea he did. It says $5 by EOY and $10-20 in next couple of years. You should get help with your reading comprehension.

Teeka Chicken Masala pump, dump it goys!

I see, guess I'm in the long haul then huh? I'm only 3 days in..
for now let's just hope btc fucking crashes to hell for a newfag to invest.

One of the ethereum founders and several big facebook developers are on the advisory board.

>called ETH at called antshares at 30 cents

This isn't your average pajeet investor. This is a pajeet investor who's gone... even further... beyond

You're an angry person aren't you? I wasn't sure it was a pump and dump I also wasn't saying I held it as somekind of recognition, merely that I held it.
As for the comment about $1 at that sort of money it becomes interesting for me. I do however appreciate that a $6,000 return from just $400 may not be an exciting prospect for you.

>i held link from 15 cents to 45, to 15 to 1.30 to 0.50 to 0.80
completely different scenario, but yes, you have no idea what you're doing. you're going to bet on a teeka pick so him and his whales can drop their bags and pump a coin that's garbage just because he promised you a 2-3 year hold? PBC and teeka's call are nothing more than a glorified pajeet PnD telegram, except you'll always be the one late to the party.
plus, if you've held LINK that long and never sold the peaks to make profits, you are indeed a fucking dumbass

lol enjoy your heavy bags pajeet, this is going nowhere but down

>look I can call low market cap coins too
he's called plenty of shitcoins that are in the turdbucket by now as well. not to mention that he defends his bad calls by saying that "you should've gotten out by x point" and then hypes up his good calls by saying "hurr durr I told you to buy up to x" without mentioning that, for the ETH call you're referencing, he told everyone to get out after it hit $15-20.

>$1 is interesting to me
>buy up to $0.30
>will mysteriously go to $1 shortly thereafter
your stupidity angers me. tell me what makes you think that this shit is going to $1? are you really so daft not to realize that it'll only pump beyond $0.30 by idiots trying to FOMO in, while all the whales are dropping their 2 cent bags on your ass?

the more research you do, the more projects you know, and the less you have to research. I know 90% of what I see posted here, so it's the 10% I watch out for and research. Everyone started off in the same boat.

my own fundamental analysis agrees with most of teeka's picks, and they tend to hold their value past his "buy up to" price.

I played some on the pump, but i'm actually considering dumping.

The "basic" package is 5000 CND, and its really unclear how the picks are distributed based on package level. the "trader" and expert packages barely have any more features and cost 100 times more money.

he says CND has a good track history of picks in the stock market, but i'm surprised given how low the rewards must be. surely pajeets can't give very good stock information to CND?

but if it works, it works, and being the first to have the buy information is very valuable... CND is like its own PBC.

doesn't matter how much you FUD bro, you're not going to get the price down buy posting around these parts

It was pumped by PBC dont buy yet

>predicting prices

As I said, you're an angry person.
I believe the tech is good, the idea is sound and it actually works - their team is sound too. They're in for the long haul and well beyond when Teeka and his cronies pump and dump it . If it went to .30c would I sell now I know it's on PBC... maybe I would. When it drops back down to below .10c would I buy it again and still believe it will reach $1. ABSOLUTELY.
Did I think the first time it pumped that it was PND? No, so I didn't sell.
I think you're seeing everytime I don't sell at a peak confirmation of the fact I'm a stupid fuck, I get it. I just don't have the time to constantly monitor price so I do miss opportunities. However sometimes I would rather hold for the bigger wins. Alot of this is psychology and I've been a pussy and taken small profits too often to then watch a coin march on. You can't win them all and hindsight is a wonderful thing. Get it now?

I'm just refuting the idea that this is a 2-3 year hold. That's unquestionably a load of dog shit. this is a 2 week hold MAX, and you just have to make sure you get out faster than everyone else. it pumped from 4 cents to 20, has a massive supply that hinders any chance of a high cost market cap, and is currently being FOMOed into. all I am saying is that if this hits 30 cents, you better fucking sell before you get dumped on, nothing better than whaling off your bags to all the FOMOfags who will end up selling at a loss when the price inevitably goes down from those who've been accumulating during the dip (surely you don't think it's coincidental that PBC made this call after the crash, giving them enough time to load up and prepare the normal moon mission compounding their PnD).

you think I'm FUDding to bring the price down so I can buy in? I'm telling you straight up that you're going to get dumped on at 30 cents you mongoloid. heed my fucking warning or not, don't get burnt by teeka's "predictions." there's a reason he says buy up to $0.30, and if you rubbed the two single brain cells you have together, it should be pretty obvious when you should get the fuck out

>I believe the tech is good, the idea is sound and it actually works - their team is sound too.
Sure, it's a good idea, but it's vaporware in its current state. That is the state of 90% of shilled shitcoins.

>They're in for the long haul and well beyond
This argument can be made for any coin. By this logic, TRX is the best coin on the market with its 7-year long roadmap.

>If it went to .30c would I sell now I know it's on PBC... maybe I would.
I'm telling you that you should.

>When it drops back down to below .10c would I buy it again and still believe it will reach $1. ABSOLUTELY.
I'm not saying that's a bad idea. But if you didn't sell before the crash, then that's just bag city. Line up your buys to buy the hype and sell the news. Right now, the only hype/news around this coin is that Teeka called it. And after that, what happens when the whales drop their 10x bags?

>However sometimes I would rather hold for the bigger wins.
This is not a coin to be HODLing right now until after the pump is settled. There is no reason this is going to set up for a $1 moonshot, not now, not soon. Supply is astronomically high, no hype/news, no product. Sure it's nice to snag things early and sit on them, but you could likely buy back in at an even cheaper price for much more if you spent your money on coins that are actually wrapping up their use-case instead of one that is based on an idea and a plan with nothing to show for it yet.

Sup all poor fags. I'm part of the palm beach whale club which many of you poor fags can't afford to join. Been with Teeka for a year now and made massive gains. Most of his calls are legit, some people regard PBC as a P&D group because his moves shake the market, you need to understand one thing. He writes 4-5 page research essays on his monthly picks and why it will do well. This is far different to the many scam Discord/telegram signal groups who just publish buy signals WITH NO REASONING behind it. Here's some recent picks he told his members to buy. He told members to buy BNB under $2 last month. Look where BNB is now. Told people to load up on EOS at $1.50 last month. Check the price now. Could go on forever, but stay poor.

Wait .16 or buy now?

selling now is a perfectly fine move, but there's truth to what Teeka is saying. this hybrid intelligence has picked a few quiet things before they mooned...
imagine having free money delivered to your telegram every week. can you put a price on 100% gains every 3 months?

>but its gonna go down cus it went upppp XDDDDDDD

I bet there's still retards waiting for ETH to go back to $7

Stop FOMOing, this coin is worthless even if you have acces to the meme bot


>buying shilled useless coin at its peak

>need to hold the tokens forever to keep access to the bot
>"this coin is worthless"

I'm an analyst at a hedge fund. Literally no analysts will sign up for this. Publication of our ideas and research is strictly forbidden by our compliance departments.

I bought this coin after PBC recommendation but sold all after reading into it. No shill just trying to help you guys out (us hedge fund guys aren't all evil).

A decent reply. Thanks bro.

it literally just doulbed today
great time to invest

> it's vaporware in its current state

it already fucking works, moron. everything you wrote is dead wrong, fucking pajeet.

I'm just saying that this call, regardless of whatever Teeka actually feels about the shit, has hyped it up to PnD status. Buy in and ride the wave, but get out before everyone else has the same idea, because you know the whales in the telegram have had this coin for a while now and the second that MACD crosses into sell range, this bitch is going to plummet back. From that point, it's up to you about where you think the coin is going to go and if/when you want to buy back in, but at the state it's in right now, it's only going to be looked at as a shitcoin PnD until something comes along to actually give it backing. The thing that's throwing me off is the market cap vs. supply, which is becoming increasingly irrelevant as we've seen XRP come flying out of the gates and leave other high supply coins sub $1.

>an app that lets anybody try and draw meme lines
>aggregate said meme lines and sell it as "analysis"

wrong again.

>you're wrong
>but I won't tell you why you're wrong
the state of normies, enjoy your bags

since if it was just an aggregate meme-line simulator I would code one now in like 10 minutes and make an erc20 token you have to have to get access

>but I won't tell you why you're wrong

yep, i've done my research, so should you, spoonfeeding ain't my job.

>this is the only response he had
>confirmed teekacuck
enjoy your pump and dump retard
screencap this so you can't say i didn't tell you so the second this shit plummets

So, whats the concensus here?

Literal memecoin with no real value, or true gain with the 5 USD by the end of the year prediction?

80% chance it's going to hit a dollar at some point
after that, who knows

Seems it stabilized at .22 god fucking damn, I'm seriously just waiting for a sub 20 dip to get in but seems I might just have to go right now.

I just came in my cats ear. Bangerang

based on the complete fear in these threads, I've decided to hold.
wall street is ignoring it because they think they're smarter than it.
Veeky Forums is dumping because apparently there's no value in AI predictions.
follows the established pattern of disbelief, then eventual acceptance.

CND is the only one in the field with a working product and apparently the team has a good reputation. If' i'd researched this earlier i might have gone for an expert account

it got fucked pretty hard last btc dip
>went from 19c to 5c
so if you decide not to pull the trigger now keep a look out

Yeah, thats my biggest fear actually.

>Sure, it's a good idea, but it's vaporware in its current state.

I literally use this product. GFY

Fuck it i got in, bought 6,666 tokens.

Holding for a whole year, wish me luck anons

Best of luck user. Wish I was you

I'm gonna wait a few days, see what happens (no fomo here so idgaf)

>Sure, it's a good idea, but it's vaporware in its current state

You cant be serious. Have you even looked at the product? Its working and has an absurd success rate - attached the excerpt from the palm beach paper talking about how good of a predictor its been.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to more competitors in the decentralized "knowledge of the crowd" AI platforms. It's cool as fuck.