Apologize to your future self for not going balls deep into this

at least get 1000 to stash and live off rewards fools

I’ve been holding this for a long time, but I recently sold my stack for ETC. I’m hoping I can flip that for a 4-5x before March and then go all in on OMG before Q2 without the price rising too much.


but don't have enough

Any ERC223 token shitted out in one evening will have lower tx fees and more safety ;)


Haha I bought the dip dumb fucking buttplugs

Skateboard memes aside, OMG is a great hold for long term. Considering Plasma closed beta is being worked on currently, plus they have DEX which is very promising.

im already balls deep since early august. bags aint even heavy

bought 40 on the dip but can't afford more atm unfortunately

Forget go, it's already mooned and it's virtually a shitty version of telcoin with no asian mobile telcoms backing it.

>im actually retarded and have no clue what's going on
stay poor


Why before Q2? any news? spill ur bags user

How's the negative 20% working out? Telcoin just did 10% in an hour, and it'll moon before you even recover.

risky but might be worth it. The day OMG starts mooning for real, it won't be stopped for days. It mimics the early growth of eth so much

i'm already up by thousand percent++ - so im not sure what point you're trying to make. Cute 10% you got there

If you're up by 1000% why the fuck are you staying? To get another 10x? Risky.

what are yall's price targets? 40 first then slowly crrep to 100 for me

it has Vitalik support it's a can't miss bozo, like VEN they don't need moonbois coz they already have a monopoly practically cinched

Veeky Forums doesn't deserve OMG , they are buying REQ like the brainlets they are.

>determining the quality of its token by how much it can raise, by x times the amount
Shoo shoo stinky pajeet, we don't need you stinking up the thread.

You're welcome.

lot's of expectations but not enough talk tbqh

i have heard of the Minzhou Bank deal so that's a very good sign and hopefully, more people will start adopting OMG's network since it will be the first to go live on plasma

Mfw i have exactly 1k

Vitalik is like McAfee at this point. They get rich while you get poor.

to the moon :)

Easy 20% returns per day, just join the Veeky Forums group:

discord gg/zz7unwD

l2 invest pls pajeet

Accumulate. It's almost time.

Wait for flags pajeet.


it's Mizuho btw

>being this fucking stupid


I'd say you definitely want to be in OMG for Q1.

Shitcoiners are in a completely different world.

They're gambling and they know it. So the gamblers paradox would say that if you're ahead by 1000% you should stop.

I'll literally never understand why these people, along with 95% of CURRENT day Veeky Forums, completely misses the point that you're supposed to figure out WHICH COINS WILL ACTUALLY SUCCEED.

Fuck gambling. OMG will moon so high and provide staking returns so massive that all of these pajeet shitcoins will be obliterated.

But the vast majority of people cannot do the most basic research

will i make it with 4000 omg

hope you have already picked out your lambo color son. wew

As soon as my sell order for sumo triggers i'm putting it all back into omg

I only have 240

220 here. I hope some of my shit coins moon so I can increase my stack.