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Based AGI

even in the official telegram people are still flipping out trying to figure out where to buy. GET THIS ON ED NOW OR MISS OUT FOREVER. This will NEVER go below a dollar again.

>the chad stride

Is it going up on any decent exchanges soon?

Rumor of binance on Jan 30 but not confirmed

shill me it

already looked by kuckcoin, just need a little official announcement (in kuck's telegram). They're not actively wanting to get listed though.

Sick digits. It's the first true AI marketplace headed by one of the world's top AI experts. It will be yyuuuuge.

google it retard theres no time, we're taking off to pluto. you know sophia that ai robot bitch? this is her coin owned by some DMT taking hippie faggot, they will create benevolent AI

Why are the top red orders lower than it should be on Delta-dick ? I Dont fucking get it ? Is it fake or what ? Tried buying a top one, but it didnt work.

this.... power, i've never felt this before

People are buying so fast the orderbook can’t keep up.

Also people desperate to get in are putting in buy orders above the ask.


Oh ok. That might be the reason

At this point, around 500 mil

I was wondering why the fuck there were no threads.

I didn't get in at the ICO. Can't fucking wait for this thing to hit a mainstream exchange. That's when we're going nuclear.

Look at this guy.

That's all the shilling I'm going to do.

AGI is what DBC tries to be. And without the pajeets.

I maxed out ico individual cap and feel like a genius.

How do i buy on Etherdetla if its not listed?

Go to CMC and click on the pair.

Go on CMC and look at the markets, it doesn't have a ticker yet but is there by contract address

Thanks bros. I figured it out myself but always appreciate a helping hand

I think is the most volume Tidex has ever seen on a coin. Really hoping binance rumor is true

>buying in after the moon
You aren't making it.

>he doesn't realize how fucking extreme the interest for AGI's ICO was

This thread :


It’s glorious bros. Glorious.

well fuck, how am i keep missing this, late for every party

It's just getting started

bro to bro, is it really worth buying atm?

All of my funds are in bags from the market crash

Time to an hero

Maybe. It may be in for a dump after today's epic run, but I would anticipate a meltup to $4-5 in anticipation of Jan 30 binance listing.

But what do I know. I'm personally intending to hold for a while. Good luck either way

can you send me link to ed exchange, im retarded...

Normally I'd tell you to suck a bag of dicks, but for obvious reasons I'm jolly today.

Here ya go