New ATH incoming

New ATH incoming

OH NO I'm not redy

take a look at this ascending support OP my dick is so hard

Nice stack, fellow icofag I presume?

nope, I bought at 3x a couple days later

You're gonna make it

that means i'll make it too :D

Anyone who's in ZRX will make it, takes a certain type of autism to understand this coin.

Only have 22 ZRX will I make it? Should I get more? I could afford to buy maybe 15 ZRX a week or so.

any point in buying in rn?

Go for AST it has yet to moon
They're both good. Any DEX token is a winner in the future

yeah the moment I read that white paper I knew this shit is bound to win. Had a pretty hard months between September and November tho

Most of Veeky Forums is a LARP/shill clusterfuck, these are the needles in the haystack you need to find pajeets. AST hasn't mooned yet, been in talks with Goldman Sachs, and 0x is the protocol for ERC20 decentralized exchanges which will fucking Moon even more than its already mooned once Normans realize trusting centralized bullshit like bitinfex (tether printing price inflator-fex) and others are garbage. Buy both, and sit back and wait. Not shilling, I got into both of these months ago and was still well into profit during this January bloodbath.

just take a look to my chart, it didn't even dip with le last correction the sooner you buy the better

My body is ready, i dont have more fiat sadly

thanks just bought in. now that I bought in its ganna drop guys so you can buy the dip. your welcome

1500 zrx
Will I make it?

>been holding since October
>comfy 5x gains with huge potential for 2018
ZRX SQUAD!!! We're doing it big today friends!

2250 here. Bought the dip. Now only holding link and zrx

/Comfy/ thread

both of you will make it

Easy, 20% returns per day just join the Veeky Forums group:

discord gg/zz7unwD

add DOT here--> .gg/zz

is right now a good time to buy? pls b honest and dont try to fuck me im gentle and like zrx and just want to buy in at the right time. ty anons

it's not at ATH so there is no reason to buy in now

did you mean 'no reason NOT to buy'?

why didnt anyone tell me about zrx

EOM predictions?
no memeing

you clearly dont buy high and sell low so you might as well fuck off