Fake account already received 0.91 ETH:

Fake account already received 0.91 ETH:


Why are people so stupid?

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that guy made over $1k in 10 mins off that scam =/ wow

$1300 already. Holy fuck

wtf lol

How does this even work? Wouldn't an investigator be able to figure out who the wallet belongs to?

Is it illegal to do this? I'm asking for my dog's relative.

God damn people are stupid.

Jesus christ how dumb are some people

How can we do this?

i want money from stupid people

with how successful that was we are only going to see this shit more and more

its a pajeet, LMAO

thanks just sent 100k

Wow people are retarded

Twitter will track this guy down for scamming people, he'll be in jail.

Lol we should flag it noobs send their eth to that scammer

How did you do this op?
i-im asking for a friend of mine.

That's why you do it with a secure, untraceable coin like Monero.

i sent my domme 1 eth a month for a year till it mooned mid 2017

>it's THAT easy to scam retarded people

yes but the money was legally transferred.
Also he said the first 50 only, nobody will check transaction history so he could have sent himself 50 transactions before he even sent the tweet.

Its free real estate.

Retarded for not sending ITS FOOKIN VITALI M8 GIVING FREE ETH how could you not trust him?

Wow already 1.3 eth. Nice job op. If it didn’t make me feel like a complete loser I would do this

alright i'm going to do this

Pajeets will fucking beg on etherscan comments, there's no lower limit on stupidity

Did he get hacked?

no, fake account

No you stupid nigger that's a fake twitter account

i bet you could get at least half this amount without impersonating someone like vitalik

look at the handle closely kiddo

Relax nigger I didn't check the double i the first time
Fucking pajeet

I was goiong to say I can't wait for the pajeet comments to start showing up on that account.
Pls sir give back ether

don't give the pajeets ideas

Somebody just sent another 0.1. Holy shit I should start doing this

Knowing vitalik I wouldn't be surprised if he manually reverses all those transactions

No, you can see where the wallet sends it's funds but this is all trivial to hide. create a fresh ETH address, spam this then transfer to an exchange that doesn't require ID and trade for monero. send monero to your own address and back to an exchange to use.

Surely it was just normie retards right? IT CAN BE BIZ TARDS SURELY.

B-B-but ETH is decentralized, r-r-right??

0,6 ETH in since the threat was started
top kep

Can he do that?

>being this paranoid

Yes, that's why he forked eth

Link to the twatter

Scammer just deleted the tweet

By the time he catches this the money will be long gone anyways


Guys dont push this theard anymore idiots will try to do the same

He's not gonna fork for 2 eth brainlet

these fuckers just keep donating, goddamn how easy it's to make money in this business and I'm still a poorfag

>idiots will try to do the same
You don't want anyone to see this to make more use of it. I will keep bumping this now.

>419 scams are now this easy due to the self selecting nature of crypto.
Truly the smartest community.

Yah he did that so he could post it again without all the sub comments saying "SCAM" below it

I am not that guy.

Just saw the tweet and it blew my mind that so many people fell for this.

This is his second twitter account which appeared after a fork you brainlessts!

This. Scamming people is so easy, make a contract and a website and say it'll double people's money, everyone send some eth and you keep it all. So much dumb money in this game


He moved the money out

Pajeet just withdrew the ETH LOL


fuck off
more idiots needs to be purged

Address it was moved to etherscan.io/address/0x7ee2a0efa2ffa968782816026d892c96cf2f73c1

He cashed out.

Wow this is top fucking kek he just cashed out. I'm learning solidity so I can scam these dumb fucks



Lets track him

Normies getting shafted as usual. Hilarious stuff

Ohoho cashed out to Shapeshift nice

hahahahahaha faggots

Yup. Now he used Shapeshift, the money is goneeeeee

He moved it again (twice now)

And he shapeshifted it, probably to XMR. WOW

its time to impersonate satoshi i guess

How do you track through shapeshift

Ez GG no re

wow this shit is good, better start my own

You dont, hes going to convert it to XMR.

Don't do it you bitch

kek he already cashed out one ETH

time to start first donate to cancer kids with eth campaign

>the one from binance



lol dont do it why the fuck not white knight

Guys if the ALT statics are right on Shapeshift then moved 0.926 ETH to a BTC adress

Because its gay you bitch ass. Jk I would do it too

So he sent the ETH to his account. There he converts to XMR and send it to where to be safe?

Wouldn't the exchange know that ETH was converted on that profile?

How do people even see that tweet?
I don`t get it does it get recommended to them?
Do they find it?

Where did he link the tweet to get so many people to see it?

he has less than 40 followers
how does he get the visibility?

fuck off pajeets we dont need any more scum like that guy

you guys don't deserve to know. look at the original post for a bit and figure it out.

i dont speak Nazi
but ok thanks

Probably through Twitter search. Vitalik is famous enough for thousands of people to search his name everyday.... I imagine his tweet showed up for some of them.

That or he shared the tweet to some forum or imageboard and got some gullible idiots to join in.

Dude made over $1000 in the past 50 minutes. Not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted.

>Not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted.

Fuck off. I'm not even planning to do it, faggots. As if I need 2 fucking ETH. I practically don't use twitter and just wanted to know how they get visibility. Jut by replying to someone? If the other person doesn't reply, no one else sees it, right?

The only reason for you to feel disgust is that you didn't figure this scam out first. Why feel disgust if retarded people gets scammed? They deserve it.

That's cringey

Visibilty is easy to gain on social networks but i really dont want to tell it on this theard fucking noobs will try to scam newcommers

I don't feel bad at all for people that fall for this kinds of scam. It's really one of the most retarded I've ever seen.
I actually feel happy for the scammer: if you're reading this, congratulations.

I admire him

He did the same thing with charlie and litecoin

this is why cowards like you exist in the world

>1.4 ETH for a fucking fake tweet
makes me want to do the same honestly, if the retards are going to give free money randomly then it might as well be to me. all of that effort I put into normal means should go to this retarded shit