10% Daily Gains Guaranteed

I’ve been working on a python trading bot for the greater part of a year now. It has consistently made over 10% gains per day for the past 3 months, with minor tweaks to the code. I am offering 10 copies for 90% off in return for reviews for my website which will be live next week, and the price will increase 10x. Updates will be available to purchase monthly to ensure a 10% daily return. Email for returns, questions, and review in the link.


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I’ll try it, profittrailer has been shit lately

Why not make it free to use and just have it take .5% or something from everyone that uses it?

Pics or gtfo

Is source code available if I purchase?

pleasantly surprised op, impressed really. good luck with the site launch


I can fap to this

I think I got number 9

I'll bite.

OP and his pajeet friends make a coordinated shill.

put me down for number 8 senpai

tempted to just buy the rest for lulz

how many left?

unbelievable what sort of imbeciles this board has.

>literal disposable email address
no thanks

keep the FUD going until my confirmations go through

I think there’s 3 left after me.

Notice the different IDs
Notice the image name format

This thread is full of shills trying to sell their scam


I’ve seen this thread before word for word with that picture saying how good it looks. Retards deserve to get scammed.

Nice, just lost $100k

payment is pending. How does it know it's me?

file downloads after 2 or 3 confirmations depending on your deposit

Didn't you already run this scam? You just sell some eth wallet with random files then delete the thread