Poorfags of biz with less than 100k, how does it feel like to never hold ETH since you can't gain a lot of money in it?

Poorfags of biz with less than 100k, how does it feel like to never hold ETH since you can't gain a lot of money in it?

60k here, 75% on ETH

Feeling quite comfy, desu.

Doesn't make me feel anything.
I don't care about my coins, I just want them to make me the amount of money I need.

Lmao i should have said less "biztards with less than 50k" since 50k+ on eth is still pretty comfy

>epitome of an idiot.

ETH isn't safe you fucking retard. You're maximising your risk to minimise your gains. If you're going to hold 75% of something it should be bitcoin.

i used to have over 100k worth of eth, but i cashed out 70% because i couldn't sleep at night with that much in crypto

i was literally all in and i could not afford to lose

comfy now though

>If you're going to hold 75% of something it should be bitcoin.
I really hope this is bait

feels better than you beef curtain mom

Feels neutral because ETH's growth makes it easier to daytrade shitcoins.

>bait in the form of asking if my post was bait

Fuck off you braindead cunt. Don't even bother trying to argue that. Can guarantee you started in late 2017 and your strategy is low mcap coins and MUH LINK. KYS.

Bahaahahahahhahahahahaja frustrated corecucks

I hold no bitcoin. My holds are wanchain and vechain. What I am saying is you have to be fucking moronic to do what this nigger is doing It's the same as being 75% XRP. Risky as fuck with very little gain.

Why would I put 75% of my money into something outdated with a very clear bearish trend?

ETH is among the least risky investments in crypto and is better both from a fundamental and a technical viewpoint.

Keep your Buttcorns, I'm doing ok.

Stfu poorfag. Leave the ETH to the patricians


Excellent conclusion.

>very clear bearish trend
How fucking stupid. Literally a fucking cuck who watches 1m charts on bittrex. You're also fucking deluded if you think bitcoin going down isn't going to significantly stunt any gains you make. The fucking nocoiner normies have to get fomo to enter bitcoin before they'll look at your shitcoins retard. You need fucking bitcoin to do well for your strategy to do well OR YOU NEED FUCKING BUSINESS APPLICATION. Ethereum is not that yet you faggot, UBQ has seen that and they're trying to do something about it and maybe they could have succeeded but they're doing fuck all in the way of getting somewhere. XMR I could concede to as privacy always is a use case. ICO regulations are coming and they're coming hard. What does ETH have left in it's current state? Not much. I'm not arguing in the next 5-10 years they might be in a much better position but they've ran out of time.

Hahahahahahahhahshahwhwhwhahshahahahahahahahahahahahah the cope

Yeah you're right, BTC has been holding us down for months now so nobody wants it to crash. But the flippening is coming and after that we won't have to worry too much anymore about the ever-sinking BTC.

Look around; 90% of the crypto world is ETH now, all the tokens, all the developments... I know it hurts but it's time to move on. The only thing that might make BTC survive this is the name and the "store of value" shit that applies to basically any other crypto. But as of now it's not really looking like a very interesting investment. So even if you're a BTC maximalist, take my advice and put a good chunk of your portfolio into ETH.

Also, the bearish trend you can see in the daily chart. No need to go lower than that; 3 months is already long term in the crypto world.

I'm saving this pasta.

Wonderful contribution as always.

>BTC has been holding us down for months
>holding us down for months
>for months
... Genuine question, are you even thinking before you type?

Yeah OK. Definitely this time will be different. And certainly ethereum is the shitcoin to do that.

>BTC is a store of value but it's not looking like a very interesting investment
Two different things you stupid cunt.

>take my advice
You have proven yourself to be even stupider than I and I don't trust my own advice. You should get fucking far away from this environment you dense spic.

>the bearish trend you can see in the daily chart
There is no denial it's looking bearish but we're talking several weeks, not years. And that's if you believe the bearish consensus. Since early 2017 the bearish consensus hasn't been accurate.

Do something better with your life.

>Yeah OK. Definitely this time will be different. And certainly ethereum is the shitcoin to do that.
Lol the denial. ETH is really fucking close to being #1.

honestly time will prove you wrong, you'd have to be a complete fucking idiot to not see the writing on the wall at this point

Bitcoin can't scale and it has no roadmap in place to fix it - Ethereum is inching closer to sharding every day, and at that point it will have about ~300 times the throughput of Bitcoin, with a lot of room to widen the difference (300 times is just the first iteration of sharding) - this is before we even start talking about how much more you can do with Ethereum

Bitcoin is dead, get with it

>there's no denial

Oh, there is denial, lots of it. We'll talk again when you get to acceptance.

Yeah i'd prefer crypto be far more established before it dies. bitcoin dieing might trash the market pretty bad.

You're right. I've just checked CMC and it's super close. Wish I had looked at that before embarrassing myself here.

Yes you're also correct. Bitcoin cannot scale at all. It's pretty much dead. I wish I had been reasoned with like this before. Lightning network, after a quick google, came back as a scam anyway. Fuck. Hope this BTC developers have a new hobby to replace the 5 mins a month they spend on BTC.

I was in denial but I've been convinced by ethereum, much more than an ICO house of cards, is going to pave the way. The good news is how immutable it is, how decentralised it is, and how they've never lost funds under ethereum. Things bitcoin CANNOT claim.

Thanks guys, just bought 100k.

>cant even speak da enligsh

>Bitcoin cannot scale at all. It's pretty much dead.
true despite the sarcasm

>Lightning network, after a quick google, came back as a scam anyway.
It's a pipe dream. Currently it doesn't even work, and it has SEVERE drawbacks:

1) payment channels still rely on the blockchain ultimately, so you will need higher throughput eventually anyway
2) it requires adoption - if it sees adoption similar to SegWit levels you're looking at nearly no throughput increase and high fees to open, refund and close channels
3) terrible UX


Eat your worrds and swap your BTC to ETH - thank me later, you didn't earn this protip

What leads to corecucks behaving this way? Were they just not hugged enough as children? Why does so much hate and vitriol spill forward immediately when someone mentions how shit dinosaurbutts are?

>Do something better with your life.
You mean like mass replying to people on Veeky Forums so I can defend bitcoin more effectively?

When I've made it I'm going to invest most of my shit into stocks of major companies. This crypto fad is only for us poor fucks who dream about living the life anyway.