Linkmarines report in

i need help on an important decision my fellow linkmarines

I only own a measly 40k link which i want to upgrade to lieutnant colonel at least.

Meanwhile i'm sitting on some ICO bags, namely selfkey and devery (at 3x and 2x respectively).
now it is too early to sell my ico bags, however i don't want to miss the link liftoff.

What do you advise, linkmarines?

no Enlisted and Non-commisioned officer ranks allowed.

do you expect link to 2-3x before the ico coins?

Yes? Sell, and buy into Link.
No? Hold ICO until 2-3x then sell.

Logic bro.

i'm asking for opinions on what will happen first because it's kind of hard to tell

im in the exact same position , 40k MAJOR here looking to be Lieutnant colonel (55k ish if i dump my XLM bag). here to listen to what Officers orders are.


yup no one knows. but you can never go wrong buying more LINK, soldier.

LINK will go side ways until main-net. Literally no way to pump since we bave no marketing team or communication

op's question is valid. he's just trying to use risk analysis to try and make as much money as possible. we can't predict anything you mong thats why the question was asked

nolinker iq detected

thank you for clarifying comrade.

I am still awaiting officers' opinions.

+1, I am afraid that I will FOMO as soon as it starts to rise.

that's what people said at 15 cents, faggot

10k LINK here, hoping its enough to make it

I'm all in

stagger your sells pussy, godspeed

My guess is that there will be no partnerships announced at the bitcoin conference or SXSW. The prices will pump before the conferences but dump afterwards. Lower than now? Don't know.

Keep in mind if ANY major partnership is announced LINK is probably going to the moon. This may be your last chance to get cheap LINK.

exactly what i'm worried about
i have just not at 2x and 3x more like 5x-10x, but thinking more about fomoing in link now because of

You niggers are the dumbest fuckers ever. there are actually better coins out now than link, wanchain will replace link & will release news and partnership, by the time Sergay realises he's fucked he'll exit scam and biz will own all of link it will bleed to 10 cents & you all will be known as the biggest memes of the crypto boom where literally every shitcoin shittrader made 100x except stinky linkies, & you'll remember reading this post before you put the noose around your neck

iching says range 2-10x go make bowl of fried rice and have nice day

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Do i need to remind you what happened with the last cult of morons who coined a name with marines?

MOBIUS is clear winner,


LINK is all flaws, if you choose LINK you switch your place with your dog.