Veeky Forums and Warren Buffet recommended this book to me

>Veeky Forums and Warren Buffet recommended this book to me.
>Read the first Chapter of this book.
>Already totally turned off investing.
>All bull cycles end in disaster.
>Anything except holding 3-7% annual return stocks / bonds is dangerous speculation / gambling.
>Don't try to beat the market.
>No margin trading, no leverage, no shorting.
>Even if you put in all this effort picking promising stocks and estimating the future, you're just a fallible human so you're probably wrong, and Wall Street already knows all the data and priced it in ahead of time.
>All strategies to beat the market stop working eventually.

100% chance you'll be a wage cuck for life following this shit book. Does it get any better after the first chapter?


>All strategies to beat the market eventually stop working

That is because their effectiveness is diminished as more people catch on. For instance, Veeky Forums used to be a great place for finding great new cryptos but now this place is so full of pajeets and normies that 99% of shit posted here is now garbage.

Well, the message I got out of that is researching companies diligently and buying companies which have solid businesses but are out of favor and temporarily distressed.

Seth (((Klarman))) wrote a really good book that condenses the value investing principles of (((Graham))) called Margin of Safety.

Yeah, like GE right now, such a good buy.

It even says that the strategy of buying stocks below a stock's "intrinsic value" based on earnings and interest rates doesn't work any more after 1949.

Buy high, sell low.

Warren buffet on deck, everyone.

By the way, The Intelligent Investor was shit for me. I learnt nothing from it that I didn't already learn from Warren Buffet's Ground Rules.

Following Yung Buffs principles of investing has definitely made me a more successful investor.

>If you don't understand it, don't buy it
>If you don't know what to diversify into next, just put the money in an existing asset
>Hold forever

You are so fucking dumb. This entire book can be summed up as "buy low sell high" and your entire complaint can be summed up as "I'm angry because I want to buy high and sell higher but I know deep down I'm going to end up selling lower but I don't want to hear that! I'm so mad!'

You're a fucking retard and you are going to die poor.

No, I'm talking about really DIGGING into the financials and book-keeping of an individual company and trying to find a solid business despite it being crapped on in the markets.

I'm not talking about some broad buy-in as soon as "any" company falls below a mark.

What makes you think that you know how to judge companies better than the PhDs on Wall Street?

You're an annoying nigger who cares too deeply about what some random user does with his money.

I'm not saying I do.

But people like Buffett and Klarman can. They literally call up a company and go talk to them and go through their 10K filings for a decade back with a fine-tooth comb.

Value investing requires, tough, diligent investigation and enormous self discipline.

What the fuck you retarded nigger, my complaint is the book is SHIT and says not to aspire for more than being a defensive investor that wants 3% - 5% (after taxes). Warren Buffet would have never become a billionaire doing that. If all 600 pages can be summed up in 4 words that only confirms it.

Eventually you will graduate to Jack Bogle's books and index funds like I did.

Buffet isn't an investor. He's a businessman. He plays an active part in the management of the companies that he invests in. He wouldn't be getting those returns if he just sat on his ass.

>GE is a good buy
Kek. Get some sears while you’re at it.

>implying management is hard


I can't even comprehend the autism of this thread. The intelligent investor is a book that is a little complicated for a "beginer" invester who is in the 40s I supose, but it's all about staying safe, creating steady returnes, not losing money and creating finacial security. Yes, their are better ways to predict the market, more ways to invest and lots more. Everyone takes in something diffrent from diffrent books. Im guessing your not 40 plus so yes it is boaring but I read the iintelligent investor when I was 13 so suck it up and finish it or don't. Just don't be a retrard and buy a book you can google what it is about and decide its not what your intrested in.


u know it tells u how the market works, so when u miss a bull run, you can prepare for the next one...

Or how to be Peter Schiff and miss all of them.

GE is the easiest double I have ever seen at these levels

Wouldn't be surprised if it hits 50 within 4 yrs

It essentially teaches you how to be a huge pussy.

Could you explain why it is because I dont see it anywhere to that value in the next 4 yrs.

You're too stupid to trade.

mfw when this book helped me build the foundations for a 250k+ portfolio

No I don't do other people's work

I'm a real trader who makes my living trading though so make of it what you will

I hope it's not in crypto because he's extremely against speculation.

And that's how you tell if someone is bullshiting.

I'm not saying it won't get out of its slump, but you forecast on the $50 mark after 5yrs is a little odd and why would you say double if 50 divided by 16 is around 3. So it would be tripling. I'm pretty sure a trader can do some sort of math and even more so if its a investment. Better get those numbers right.

Fuck that. All you need to do is follow what biz says. Just weed out 99 percent of the pajeets and filter them out. Then you can find the gems.

Or follow the herd like a cuck. 0 reading of white paper, but promising. I invested in Ven gg

>t. 16 year old on Veeky Forums that doesnt know what he's talking about