What the fuck is happening with this shit?

you bought a meme

oppa lamden tau!

To the moon!

Rofl, someone didn't see what happened, dump those bags while you can son.


Nick went full on hypester memer and released information that he wasn't supposed to and it might put the company in legal trouble.
He got the foot.

So make your own decision, Stu claims it wont affect the development, but the coin is going to suffer for some time.

They dumped their bags and now they're pretending the team is falling apart when they really planned this from the beginning. I warned you all..

They've also been intentionally misrepresenting other coins. (see pic)

And just overall very unprofessional. When a coin promises you the world, it's likely a scam guys.

They ban anyone who voices concerns lol..
Glad I dumped with piece of shit. Unfortunately not at 1.30

Fucking fratboys, don't buy.

Lol at the NEO nuthugger spamming this in every thread

The guy even made a reddit post claiming it was confido 2.0 and asking people here on Veeky Forums to go there and upvote it.
Guy is hard at work FUDing.

Sell sell that is what's happening. As soon as you can sell this is not going to recover.

You were warned about this scam.

Fuck me, I wanted to dump but hate using Ed so wanted to wait, this is really over?

I know people say this a lot here, but this is unironically a combination of whales praying for a dip to accumulate and an insider who is spitefucking the project.

Perfect storm for a dip but this isn’t going away. Buy and hold.

Price is dropping lie a rock

You were supposed to sell this shitcoin. Isn't it obvious that it's a scam? Jesus OP is fucking retarded.

Not fucking retarded just wanted to wait till it was on a decent exchange, Ed never fucking works for me, it just loads and loads because internet connection is slow as fuck here in aus

>One of the team members releases info he shouldn't
>info is about partnerships and exchange listings
>gets fired because it was a super dumb move
>opportunists then fud as hard as possible to accumulate at panic sell prices
>because they know that the coin will go ape once those exchanges/partnerships are released offcially
Pretty neat trick desu

How come no one ever posts what info he released that he shouldn't have?

It worked too. I can't belive some morons sold so low. Thanks for the cheap TAU faggots.

I actually seen the post, it's real user, actually when I seen it I was wondering if they were even allowed to disclose shit like that, an user posted it here yesterday

Because that would counter the FUD.

Yeah I'm pretty sure that is what's going on. I will be holding my tau

dude this project is shit
congrats on buying into something that is going nowhere you really showed everybody

This post is just dripping with desperation.

this coin is literally an ICON killer, theres no excuse not to be in this after this dip, unless you enjoy being poor

literally don't care what happens with this coin, it'll go up in value after it hits two good exchanges (confirmed).

I believe so to user, fucking holding till $5

someone post the chat from one of the devs. this shit is going down in flames. get out now

this coin bleeds out every day, not just today. look at the graphs

lol, yeah i'm real desperate
it's nice being invested in projects where the teams don't meltdown and have high school drama
they can't even get a fucking airdrop right
have you looked at the code they did write, not good
again have fun not making money

They broke the NDA, there's going to be consequences. I think they don't get listed as a result.


Not anymore. ;)

How did he break the NDA if he didn't name any exchanges? Main dev also says it could have caused legal issues, not that it did.


this guy was a moron, all his posts were like this...guys trying to be professional and you have ol rekt meme maker XxX here marketing for you...was a good move, if anything this will pull a guys fudding this coin cause of 1 faggot fireing...