Day trading techniques

i've been holding for awhile and i'll try to jump into day trading.
i know what everyone says about it but want it or not, if you're good at it, it's the best way to mke money
so im looking for your best day trading strategies

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you should take into account a lot of thing when day trading. BTC movement, for how many hours are you planning to hold your shitcoins, BTC movement, how much % is enough, and many others

Daytrading crypto is basically two rules.

If it went up it will go down. If it went down it will go up. Ride the wave, easy profits! Never lose a trade again!

do you trade your shitcoins to btc when you're not trading? like when you're asleep


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>pick the highest lost and all in on it
>wait till reaches your desired profit

Sit there and watch candles until you get a big red on then buy then sit there and watch candles til you get a big Green one and then sell.. do this all day you might.make a couple hundred dollars or you might sell too low then end up buying in higher and losing money. One easy way is to make a sell before you go to bed then set a buy order for like 1000 sats or whatever lower when you go to bed. This works maybe 50 percent of the time

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buy high and sell low

but how do you choose what coin to candlewatch? it's just random because it works with all of them?

bro you need to use some BNB for your fees

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Volumen per 24h, the higher the volume + the darker the red shade = the better the entry.
Obv make sure there isnt any news or rumours spreading like them going insolvent or shit

But you lost btc on that sell? or is that not how it works? since you invested 1.026 but you got 0.97 back

This is how I accumulate Ether, low gains, but also very low effort. I never sell at a loss.

This pretty much.

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Also, do you guys trade in btc or eth.

i day traded then had to stop for a week and came back with 5x my portfolio from accidentally holding so i stopped day trading

now im down 50%


Me ETH because I just don't believe in BTC long term and I don't want to have it when it crashes


Same, would rather get stuck holding ETH


>i'll try to jump into day trading.
if you want to be good at daytrading it takes so much reading and so much effort wagecucking seems like holiday. Crypto is open 24/7. You always feel like you're missing out. That said you need to find a good indicator for market sentiment, indicator for trend strenght and read all the rules for elliott waves. DO NOT PLAY A SIDEWAYS MARKET. DO NOT OVERTRADE (fees will eat your gains). I would also suggest @philakonecrypto. Be prepared to lose a lot of money before you learn. This also works for forex and stocks. This is a parabolic trend, if you don't know what you're doing you're better off holding.

I think the idea is to trade in which you expect to perform better over the timespan you are making the trade
Right now eth and in the future eth most of the time I would guess

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you guys wanna make a private discord for calls on good swinging coins

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