I fucked up not selling yesterday, didn't I?

I fucked up not selling yesterday, didn't I?

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The price will rise at the end of the month as people FOMO in to ICOs and pre-ICOs that operate on a monthly cycle.

I sold the day before yesterday to go all in on xlm.
right after I sold this piece of shit starts mooning like crazy after a month of going sideways and xlm immediately starts dumping.

Sold half of my stash for xlm which will pump tonight as it always does on Mondays (inflation day) there is still time

Sometimes I ask myself if I can trick the Bogdanovs by doing the opposite of what I first intended.

sold today for EURO on bitstamp.
lost 3% since I sold.

not really. just have patience.

Or trick the market into dumping by buying just a little then buying low.
Kind of like this: youtube.com/watch?v=PcjFVTI4_Gw

shill me on this shitcoin please

It's about to crash

only way to trick the bogs is by holding and ignoring the market for a year

You mean dumping low? Yeah, I've thought about it but never tried.

>trying to daytrade a comfy hold
Are you lot retarded pajeets? Have any of you ever POO’d in a LOO?


It will trend upward for the month. It only ended up slightly down in January, despite multiple crashes.

no, you are just fucked up

sold today just in time at 965 Eur, waiting to get an opportunity to rebuy
should have done it yesterday, but oh well

Same here, also in euros

lets agree on atime to all buy together again, with euros obviously, real ones.

At this point, I don't understand why you even bother trading with ETH. It's quite stable. Why not swing trading with biggest gainers and losers of the market?

I feel like I missed my opportunity to sell and it might be too late now
it could dip another $100 or it could continue climbing, I'm not willing to risk it I guess

>It's quite stable
that's the thing for me, I prefer to swing trade with an stable coin that won't bite me in the ass with some pump and dump shit even if I get less profit from it. also I don't mind HODLing ETH a few days without checking, and I try to avoid daytrading
I'm far from an expert tho, and I'm sure there are better ways
I think that it will keep going down between now and murica waking up, so somewhere between that I might do it
better to watch than to FOMO and fuck up m8

I think it might go down to like $800 or $700 again , meanwhile btc will also find a new floor at like 8k

Ether is not a bag. It is something you are looking for any good entry point to buy in on. If you've bought "high" reduce some of your holdings if you're not feeling comfortable, but don't ever let go of everything.

I just want to know when/if ETH will eclipse BTC. Is it ganna fucking happen???????? Or will XLM/XRB/EOS come out of nowhere and BTFO eth? I NEED TO KNOW BUT THERES NO WAY TO PREDICT THIS SHIT

eth has already "mooned", I certainly wouldn't buy any now

yes! ethereum is crashing! sell sell sell!!!!!!

fucking idiot

fuckheads like you deserve to be gunned down on the street

ETH has mega first mover advantage on all of these.

ETH will flip btc this year its written in the stars