What's happening with Cardano?

The next update is due in a few days, and the coin keeps going down. It's right now at roughly 1/3 of the ATH. Is anyone here still holding it?

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Is that the dev? He looks like a powerful wizard. I think I'm going to buy 100k.

he died. sorry for your loss. RIP in piece.


Damm that guy must got laid often.

Chad 10/10

Duncan Coutts, Cardano's director of engineering.

He's a satanist master wizard. He has the power to summon demons.

I'm just surprised it doesn't move more than that. It might have shot up too quick early on, but it corrected a lot since. I'm going in, guess that means it will tank 50% by tomorrow.

anyone toying with this coin deserves to be JUST'd

Just buy and sit on it for a couple years

I'm going to keep accumulating as long as its below a dollar

btw even the best projects are still subject to the usual market fuckery. 9/10 things are down atm

It's just being dragged down by Bitcoin.

>€12.244.793.287 EUR Marketcap
how high do you think this will go?
I don't understand why Veeky Forums is so keen on holding coins with a +10 billion market cap.
Buy comparison, Chainlink has a marketcap of around 200 million.. If it reached the same marketcap as Cardano, you would x50 on your investment, if the same volume of money came into Cardano, you would only double..

The chainlink was intended as an example, and is not meant to be a "buy my coin"..

But chainlink isn't gonna take the throne one day

Because who the hell puts money in a shitcoin?

It might go x50 but itll probably just get dumped

I suppose if i had more than 10K in cryptos, i would also be inclined to go eth or cardano or something solid.
But if you actually want to go x50 on your money, buying a "shitcoin" would be your best option - some of them turn out to become real, like Cardano..

You realise how stupid your strategy is?

No, i don't, i don't realize how stupid my thoughts on this matter is..
Hopefully you can illuminate me..?

So Dave Grohl got a meth addiction and decided to make a cryptocurrency.

one of many many many many devs. there are also several firms with dedicated teams working on wallet improvements, network improvements, and working on their smart contracts... people are saying that they have a 1 billion dollar budget... not sure about that last bit though

>I have to little money so I put it all in shitcoins to get 50x
>I don't buy legit coins, because 10x doesn't do for me

Nope, sorry, your plan seems flawless

Fuck this pajeet coin, they think they are too good to restrict the ico to Japan? They think they re too good to not make an announcemen on bitcointalk?
Fucking no product piece of shit I hope it crashes like it should
Top 10 my ass this shit is literally vaporware with no product

>people are saying that they have a 1 billion dollar budget... not sure about that last bit though

They raised 108,844.48 BTC during their ICO. Do the math.

>restrict the ico to Japan?
Japan, Korea, and China. They did the ICO mostly in Japan since ICOs are legal there.

Yes the whitepaper for this is def worth more than spaceX who make fucking rockets and employee 1000s of people. Yes yes indeed. Bubble? What bubble?

Damn I wasn’t going to buy this shit but when an ugly freak is creating the tech I just gotta go all in based on what Ethereum has taught me

It's retarded how high some of these companies are valued based only on a website and a whitepaper. If the entire market crashes to shit tomorrow I wouldn't even be mad.

I mean of course you wouldn’t. Why would a no coiner care if the market crashes under any circumstance?

>companies are valued
Coins != stocks.

>he's british
nice just bought 100k

Haha! I love this strat user, mind if I borrow it?

and how does that exempt them from generating value, you know like how an actual company is doing, and how does it makes sense for a whitepaper and a website to be valued at 15 billion dollars?

Please explain.

The last roadmap update had he coin go from 4.8satoshi to 7k and the one before that was he giant jump in December. I'm expecting the coin to do it again

I've been watching the coin the last few days and on Binance, there's been someone with a lot of BTC forcing the price down, last I saw the biggest one was 75BTC. So that's probably why the coin has been dripping. Classic accumulation.

Cardano doesn't hold any Ada. They can't make money off it Coins and shares are completely different things. If the company Cardano released shares, their market cap would probably be a tiny fraction of their coin's market cap. But don't forget they have 1 billion in Bitcoin to spend. That's an INCREDIBLE amount of money for a startup.
>Just a whitepaper
There's more than a whitepaper if you've bothered trying to use their platform.

Same on Bittrex. Someone has been placing 50 to 100 BTC sell orders that never get filled. Obvious accumulation.