You have 1000$ on January 1st, 2018

You have 1000$ on January 1st, 2018.
Your goal is to have 10mil+ on December 31st by only investing in crypto.
How do you do it?

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Buy shitload of lottery tickets. It's faster, less emotions and odds are better than in crypto.

Thank me later

suck 10 millions dicks for $1 EC20 token

Create a thread on biz and ask to be spoonfed.

balls deep in comfydo

buy a gun and kill yourself.

Not trolling, seriously, think about it. When you're dead, its all over. You can sleep comfortably forever, you never have to worry about a thing ever again. Seriously. It shouldn't be looked at as a bad thing.

for real though, NEO/GAS/ICX/XLM hold for this entirety of the year and be rich.

Which Token?

In all seriousness will 1k on each of these today make me a millionaire?


Easy and quite obvious.
Go all in on PoWH NOW before the rocket takes off.

10k of each.

this, already hit a 2x and we're only 24 hours into this moon.


I am considering suicide in a few years if I don't make it.

I'm already in my 30's, still renting and completely invisible to the opposite sex so have given up on children and women.

I if i have to endure another decade of wage cucking I will kill myself, there is no point in living without financial freedom.

All in Tron Dogs

It's unlikely youll get 1m if you dont daytrade hard. If youre going to kill yourself anyways just try trading around. The adrenaline is nothing compared to what youll feel when you pull the real trigger

If you buy and hold, you might do 5-10x, which is still an insane and unrealistic ROI by traditional standards, but if you want to 500x your initial investment, you need to take some dumb gambles (as much as you think you do your research, at that level of risk it's still gambling.)

No one can tell you that. They are solid choices though.

I would go ETH OMG ICON DRGN LINK (for the memes) if I had to pick 5.

You got other things to worry about though my man.

The other day I met this 40 year old super chad who still pops molly and fingerblasts 18 year old babes. There's still time if that's the sort of thing you want to do. Invest in steroids I don't know. Listen to some Jordan Peterson and clean your room. Just try shit until something clicks with you.

1000 to 10 million in 11 months.

Holy fucking shit thats the dumbest fucking thing i have heard in a long time.

Confido, Blake star, KIDScoin

what kind of gambles?

ICO's? Pajeet shitcoins?

dubaicoin(DBIX)- easy 100x EOY

It's okay, you only need 99 days of 10% profit daily to turn that $1000 into $1M

All in on one or two ICOs, block all crypto shit out of your life for a year and hope you don't get scammed.

Powh is awesome, but it will be dead in less than a week.

did you just remake this thread after you noticed you posted 2017 last time?

fucking brainlet, kys

By not posting this thread again with different numbers

Brainlet pic goes with brainlet question

when you say it like that, it sounds so easy. :(

Put it all on hpb.

whats hpb?

Fucking easy! Just pick the XVG of 2018

AMB dawg

To be honest it's probably possible if you're super lucky with binary options.

you need to make x10 000 in one year.

It's easy.
You just need to multiply your money by little x1.026 everyday for 365 days.

Seems easy, does it?

Good luck with it.

I stop larping on biz and immediately start selling my ass. With dedication and luck that should make me the $ 9.998.800 missing from my goal.

It's in Bibox exchange. I'm in the same situation as you regarding life. 30 year old, wagecucking and depressed. Even crypto makes me furious even when i get gains but i always think about missing opportunities.