W-we are gonna be allright.....r-right?

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as someone with little investment experience this smells bear trappy

>as someone with little investment experience
Say no more

as someone else with little investment experience, i say the opposite nigger. i say we're about to shoot up like fucking balls especially in the entirety of FEB for big alts

umm....i think you fags are saing the same thing....

Symmetrical traingle is just a consolidation pattern, no? So no hints on where it's going?

honestly didnt eaven see the triangle but yeah if its a consolidation than it means we are continuing down...

still look what happened the 15th when we broke a support line that lasted for 15 days!
This one has been going on since the 17th so its 13 days.....if the support gets broken - this could be pretty tragical.....

bear trap = bull . fyi

That's what a bear trap is faggot

too much bear volume, . My guess it will consolidate. but thats probably my wishful thinking.

oh yeah sorry my bad I didnt read it correctly. Im stoned as fuck eating pie rn. My bad

yeah also what worries me is that all the previous times we hit this support there was a considerable amount of volume to make it bounce.....look at this today - 0 fucking volume.....

>Meanwhile in ratioland

Can't this shit die already? It's been 1 month that it's dying. Let's add more pairs to exchanges and let it die.

you just cut out the tumor since it already spread to the whole body

i dnt understand why are people so much against bitcoin...


Because they are blatantly stupid. They see altcoins mooning 1000%, BTC isn't doing that so clearly it's a shitcoin.

Just by seeing that chart anyone with some brain can realise TA and meme patterns are useless , and whales manipulate the prices to make charts look bullish. But in a bear market even the most bullish chart has to face reality


There's always free cheese in the mouse trap

I don't think TA is useless but looking at a crypto chart isn't representative of anything considering the number of trading pairs.

apology accepted

There is a premium to holding BTC because so many alts try to fork it and airdrop existing holders. The most hyped one rn is BitcoinPrivate.

Literally all crypto's promise is a product after 5 years, BZC is the only one of 20 coins that's actually finished.

Almost all of you niggers should better get into the discord group. Really.
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Is... is that even a fucking word?