Imagine how cheap GPUs will get once the crypto bubble bursts and all the miners will start selling their GPUs

Imagine how cheap GPUs will get once the crypto bubble bursts and all the miners will start selling their GPUs

Absolute KEK

keep dreaming. dumb cunts will still pay retail for 2nd hand,

Even if the market crashes it will take time before the miners start selling their gear. When they start selling it they will start selling it at high prices to cut their losses. By the time they realize the price is too high the gear will be obsolete.

Imagine being a buttwrecked nu male coming to Veeky Forums and making a thread in a fit of helpless rage and crying because miners are interfering with your stupid hobby.

When you keep mining while others quit, you get a lot more coins and much more reward when market restores.



Thanks just pre ordered 10k volta cards

this is the sad truth

>Buying raped cards

feels gud 2 raep dem fren

I truly enjoy all the buttflustration over gpus being bought up by miners
And hell, I even play a lot of games myself, it's just funny to watch people rage

You seem angry and jealous of miners.

Buy some good quality thermal paste and reapply that shit on the existing cooler. It's seriously all you need to do, all it matters is that the paste is NOT the cheap chinese white runny shit.

I bet you aren't mining. You have no idea how much money you're missing out on.
>oh what $10 a day with nicehash haha
no. not nicehash. you mine pre-exchange coins in the first few days and get a crazy number of them super easy. wait a few weeks and dump. there is so much money to be made right now it's insane.

go on...


what do you mean go on? i just told you how to make a shit ton of money. times running out though, this gold rush won't last forever.

Which coins sir

This. Spec Mining is great for people with small rigs / who are not in need to sell immediately. Get in early, mine a few days until the bigger farms catch on & diffs increasing and switch to another new project. It's like shitcoin accumulation at the lowest lows with literally no downside

Only issue with that is having to install a million shitty wallets which could be trojans

Tell me a coin faggot or where you find them

So new it hurts

I fucking hate /v/soys so God damn much