Anyone else obsessed with the social and political aspects of crypto and don't even care much about the price anymore?

Anyone else obsessed with the social and political aspects of crypto and don't even care much about the price anymore?

I can't believe that these technologies are free and you can just fucking download them on the internet through a single Google search. We've just become desensitized to how fucking amazing this is. To do anything like this a long time ago - well you couldn't do it. Now we can just do it free. Access to a global distributed decentralized uncensorable hashing supercomputer that processes our transactions any time we want without permission from any world governments

I mean do any governments even realize how fucking important this is yet? I suspect every country will try to ban it once they realize. I can't even tell you how happy I am to be alive right now. Everything sucks in the world, but behind the stage, hidden between the cogs, random anonymous dudes release shit like Bitcoin online. This is amazing. We are in the best stage of humanity so far and I love it

I was a few years ago. Now I'm blinded by greed

>tfw am an engineer actively contributing to this

I honestly never would have thought life could be this amazing

user how do I start contributing I keep telling myself I'm going to but I don't and make excuses (too busy working out, too busy reading) - I want to contribute to Monero for obvious reasons but I'm all coded out and tired of computers after work

Are there any low hanging fruits for me to start helping with?

I hope it pulls through, because if it does then any gains will be nothing compared to how society will change.

Have fun when your unregulated cryptocurrencies are entirely controlled by the same fincancial and governmental institutions they were originally designed to fight against.

The dream of the cypherpunks was dead on arrival. When your ID is tracked on the blockchain and all your economic activity is recorded in an immutable ledger financial freedom becomes impossible.

You thought central banks were bad? Wait til you hear about smart contracts.

I don't even care about the gains - I just want to be able to hop on a plain some day and path with any crypto to any merchant I want and they automatically convert it to the crypto they want to be hodling through decentralized exchanges

I can't wait for the day where banks are officially deemed dead and lending has to be rethought entirely to be less predatory

sadly, the elites have always controlled everything, and this will continue. They will always find a way, so give up these pipe dreams

>He's never heard of privacy coins and Tor

Check out Skycoin, user, it takes Bitcoin to the next level... Decentralizing the internet. No government would be able to shut it down

yes. i don't care about the price much, in comparison to the upcoming all-out war that will be waged by governments when they start to understand.

the most beautiful thing is there is absolutely nothing they can do about it, short of nuking the entire planet (which i don't put past them). and we will replace them with distinct democratically controlled components. it is the most revolutionary thing i've ever seen, short of CPUs themselves.

it will take many years, but we're on our way. i can't fucking believe it.

Both the gains and the societal change have given me a new outlook on life.
Still working toward cashing out enough so that the gains are less of focus, than the technology itself.

Truly an amazing timeline, and point of history, to be born in

>implying anyone actually cares about taking down the government
>implying people aren't just trying to get $$$ and become chad
we normie now

>implying people won't be able to choose which blockchains to maintain

it seems like you really don't understand. it doesn't matter who tries to control it. there is no controlling it. that's literally the whole point. LITERALLY.

that's the best part user. THE BEST PART.
the whole point of crypto-economics is that is rests on the assumption that people want MONEY. that's WHY it works. it's not that crypto exists despite people just wanting to get rich. it exists solely because of this fact: that decentralized systems bring wealth to a greater number of people than their centralized counterparts. any case where this isn't true will not become decentralized.

The internet was designed as a military project to create a decentralized network for communication that would be able to withstand nuclear attacks. It caught on because idealistic early adopters believed strongly in the idea that cyberspace would become a global, free, and unmediated tool for sharing information outside the reaches of government censorship and corporate control.

Now it's the greatest surveillance tool in history.

Tor and XMR are our best hopes, and they're not enough.

Me too but you're a fag

Idk man, if you have a full time job it's pretty life draining. I can only do this because I work part time. I don't even think that engineering is a job that you can do 8 hours a day - I'm only able to be actually productive for 5-6 hours a day, and that's on a good day. Almost every engineer I talked to says that they really cap out at around ~5 hours net working time.

I'm not saying you shuld quit your job, I'm just saying you would probably be more productive working 30 hours a week instead of 40.

>implying people are rational agents in a free market with the option to chose how they engage with the economy

I don't think you understand how global capitalism works.

>implying that there are switching costs when exchanging one token for another

i don't think you understand how blockchains work
i don't think people are rational agents. but the whole point of blockchains is that they will allow them to choose how they will engage, while being sustained by their self-interest, however shortsighted.

Yes, the getting rich part is meaningless beyond what I will be able to do with the money. Beyond an upper middle class lifestyle I will be funding the shit out of a variety of Maincore type projects.
Sky Coin
Thats for those who dont know.

Most TOR exit nodes are controlled by state actors. Couple with zero day firmware exploits its meaningless beyond drugs and kiddie porn if you dont stay on the move.

I thought I was alone with that Line of thought.

>inb4 anonymous dudes were CIA