What are you waiting for ?

100 % lambo

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just read this shill from plebbit

For the OFFICIAL telegram group: t.me/carVerticalio

As I stated in the other thread, cV admitted new exchange will be announced soon. However there is a 2 week kucoin exclusivity from listing date. Source: Official Telegram Group, reddit.com/r/carVertical/comments/7tkpb1/new_exchange_being_announced_soon/ .

CarVerticals ICO was scheduled to end in on the 5th of April, with an exchange listing 2-6 weeks after that. However the ICO ended in mid-January and Kucoin listing happened 24th of January. This is months ahead of schedule. CarVertical team has confirmed they are way ahead of schedule in the official Telegram group. Source: Official Telegram Group and Roadmap on website.

As stated above, CarVertical is ahead of schedule. Therefore, the CarVertical Team announced an updated roadmap soon. Source: Official Telegram Group.

CarVertical is a national government (Lithuanian) and European Union backed firm. Source: carvertical.com/blog/carvertical-is-backed-by-european-union/

CarVertical initially targets the European market where there is little competition, while future competitor Vinchain targets the more difficult USA market without governmental support. However, CarVertical did not exclude future co-operation with Vinchain. Source: Official Telegram Group.

Kucoins Tesla and Free ETH Competition is over. Therefore, the whales that kept buying and selling for volume by creating buy and sell walls simultaneously are now out of the market. Only players with interest in CarVertical are in the game.

Just look at the team behind this project. Team members have experience in the IT, innovation and automotive sector while the advisors are very experienced in some of the world's finest car companies (Porsche, BMW, FIAT group, GM). CarVertical even confirmed talks with BMW (you know, those guys who build nice fast German cars), however the subject of the talks has not been shared with the public.

Come on guys look at the price.. It can't go down much further. There is only one way it can go right now. And that is up.

And Yes, Only hearing soon this soon that might not settle you down. But I'm being honest with you. If you are suddenly months ahead of schedule you are not going to change all future deadlines months forward. No, you will evaluate what possibilities there are to take advantage of the extra time created by the optimistic community. Extra projects? Earlier deadlines? We dont know yet. But what we do know is that the early sold-out date confirms a there is a lot of trust in this project. 12.7k official telegram group members is huge for the price per token.

The CarVertical team is also very active in the group. Also when the CarVertical team announces specific dates, you are already too late. This causes a hype in all those Free Telegram tip groups everyone has been in which makes you buy in more expensive because you did postpone (again) buying more.

I got 50 % of my folio in this.

here's you lambo

comfy 90% here, almost all in

Snapped up 20k Excited about this one. Waiting for other coins to go up so I can sell them to finance buying more of this. Hope I won’t be too late. I lThink it will keep rising throughout the year.

It's a 10 $ coin EOY mark my words

holding over 2M cV tokens but i don't think so, if it hits $1 it would be a miracle, in my opinion it is easy $0,5 EOY and maybe $1 (only if whole market will make 100% grow), $10 per 1 cV is impossible

Can someone please shill me on CV? Just a quick run down before I do some research tonight.

Car vertical miner is gonna let you mine cv while you drive, it’s on a dip, estimated $54,000,0000 market cap...why wouldn’t you throw some money into this shit? lol



Every time I look at this fucking coin its down another 10% should have dumped this shit on ED for 2 cents its going to take months to get back to 2 cents if ever. The market cap is 50 million per .5 cents its already overvalued at 100mil fuck this shit.

Lol it’ll coast through 2 cents mid feb

It better or youre gonna have to answer to me, punk.

I always get a good feeling from CV threads and I've seen them here and there. I never see discussions about coins which are going to compete with this niche and there's very little FUD going on when it does come up. I'm going to put some into it right now.

lel i sold my ico bags awhile ago, want to see how far down it will go before i buy back in.

Youre a wiser man than me. I should have listened to my wifes son when he told me to be happy with 4x

lol nah

Where the fuck did you guys hear about this ICO

Their PnD Discord where they get their marching orders to shill this piece of shit, where else?

bruh whales just want to accumulate

IT DROPPED ANOTHER 10% this hour DONT PANIC JUST POST MORE THREADS ON BIZ. IT WILL BE OK. Fellow losers lets ban together and support one another. We need to sell its going straight to .005 you know it I know it we need to pull the trigger and be happy with almost 2X

>Those walls will come down any day now.