There's a lot of new people who aren't going away. here are some things to consider:

there's a lot of new people who aren't going away. here are some things to consider:

tldr, this board can be good, if you let it. only respond to intelligent posts.
1.) 'Rate my porfolio' threads demonstrate an intellectual deficiency. sage.
2.) 'shill me the next x' or 'tell me what to do with x' threads do not lead to insight. sage.
3.) the only posts that merit responses include intelligent analysis or new information. this means well-formed, cohesive arguments. sage everything else.
4.) ChainLink both is and isn't a shitcoin. It hinges on partnerships, which will be announced with the main-net. buy or don't buy, the memes are fine.
5.) everything is insignificant except money. no one cares about your personal issues. sage.
6.) TA is not interesting. if a good coin has been low for a while, it will probably go up. sage.
8.) 99% of threads do not warrant a response. if you feel the urge to respond to a thread, consider whether it would be good for the board in the long run.
9.) if you post something intelligent, you're more likely to get something intelligent in response. the amount of work you put into a post guides the quality of the discussion.
10.) we've ostracized all intelligent people with mindless bickering filling up the board. it's narcissistic and repulsive. sage all of it.

there is no place on the internet for informed discussions about crypto that i (or most of you, i'm guessing) know about. you complain about pajeets and idiots, but if you stopped posting in their threads the problem would fix itself. if only intelligent arguments are bumped on the board, it will attract more intelligent people. it isn't complicated.

nice just bought 100k more pajeet b0ts

Veeky Forums chain is wanna be /pol/ coin

>acts like old member
>advice is to sage threads

do you even know what saging does or how to report a thread you raging new cunt

Number 9 is such bullshit.

This board has devolved into such a selfish shitfest that if a coin is not in someone's portfolio, they will FUD the shit out of it either for kek's or because they don't want others to succeed.

Even then, this board has been sold off to Shill groups and PnD's that has stifled any real intelligent discussion for valid crypto's.

Veeky Forums used to be for those who were actually interested in having a debate about the fundamentals of either Stock or Crypto. Now, it's just a cesspool of shilling and advertising shitcoins.

Fuck this place, it's literally only half decent for some memes and that's it.

Well I was starting to take you seriously until I read no 4. literally WTF ? lol...SO technically this is also a shill thread....D fuq outta here fag


OP, you make some fair points, but yeah, you're kinda just bearing down with your own opinions on other points.

Pajeet Alert because of 4.)

mods please pin this

who is that guy? I've seen him posted here before.

Is he a meme?

Thanks I just bought 100K Link!

yep. i can empathise with op, but there's no saving this ship. you can't "fix" a 99% pajeet problem by ignoring it, western civilization in the 21st century is proof of that. Veeky Forums catalog is good as a quick survey of public sentiment (beats godawful twitter/reddit ui), and that's it.
if we want to get intelligent discussion back, we need to figure out a way to solve the identity problem that also preserves people's anonymity. incidentally, crypto has the tools to achieve that. the next good imageboard will be on the blockchain or there won't be any good imageboard

saging is pointless, why not just refrain from posting at all

Some unnamed holocaust victim.

You must be joking but here it is

Creator of ETH

Some AIDS patient who looks funny

money skel

He’s a former bitconneeeect spokesperson.

jesus christ OP, the thing that makes this board unique is the lack of moderation. You can't expect your post to change anything I hope? It would be more comfortable if the 'noise' is lower but without it you will get 'normies' letting loose their faggotry which, in turn, will reduce the amount of weaponised autism that makes us insane profit. The only rule that must be absolute for everyone is 'lurk more before you post'

Daily /intelligent/ threads for different topics.

Lolol this is funny because your response basically enforces his post hahahha fuck you

What a waste of quads, shame on you.

i say 'sage' because i understand how irresistible it is for most of you to respond to the threads, if for no other reason that to assert your superiority

We need flags to filter out street shitting pajeets

There are no pajeets. Next time you make such an intelligent post, be sure to sage for our good, not yours

Yes sir intelligence is best investment sir.


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Which coin shall I buy? When moon?

Thank you OP. Screensnap this you sniveling idiots.

Who died and made you pope of chili town

Like /fit (or even shitty /soc) with dedicated threads daily for topics might help.

He's only the sexist man alive. I wouldn't want the creator of a coin with a market cap of $113 billion to look any other way!