Tell me I'm going to be ok

Tell me I'm going to be ok

nope we are fucked

This. I won’t sell it, but it will be the most useless token in my portfolio as a reminder to myself “don’t listen to shills”

my portfolio is crashing to zero
are there any whales in this coin? please tell me we a have a whale
im losing everything

guess not
i dont know what to do, im a poorfag
this coin fucking ruined me

It will be a lesson for you. Don’t go all in on projects you know nothing about

Yeah, I don't know how people went all in on this. Throw a couple hundred at it, but don't go all in.

i dont even know what this coin is

Mommy will gonna kill me if this shit ain't gonna recover.

Yeah. Lost 80% from a $100 myself. No sweat, but i am sure learned that you shouldn’t do what pajeets on biz say

Bought 5k USD worth a 3.1 USD.

I'm fucked.
I too, let it sit in my portfolio to remind me of avoiding biz shills.
+ Don't want to lose 3.5 k usd

I bought around 28k BZC, how fucked am I?

Pretty fucked. Screencap this

to be fair, all signs pointed to this coin doing well, and honestly it did do well, this coin was about to break out but the crash happened right as it was at ATH. It never recovered from that and fud buried this thing.

I still believe this is going to come back but it's going to be a long hold for now.

I'm a poorfag, this was all the money I had, APPC shills got me to buy it $4.15
I can't believe I was so fucking stupid

down 50% on this coin, i fucked up big time

Whale gate shilled this shit at ath too, those fuckers

I threw 2 hundred in and it sucks, but whatever lesson learned and maybe it’ll go back up someday

This is my biggest bleeder during the bear. I hope it recovers, then I may sell.

I fucking sold, gonna make my money back on ICX right now hopefully. This coin is not going ANYWHERE until 2-3 months from now when beta rolls out and these neckbeard devs even begin marketing.

What is this?

its over bro