Vechain Exchange

Since Vechain is may be delisted from binance, can you recommend another exchange ?

just let me is may check

Look for it in


I was in an elevator with Sunny Lu and I said to him that I was really impressed with everything he had accomplished with Vechain, and that I wished him good luck. He didn't even look at me and didn't respond, but he did move closer till we were shoulder to shoulder. Then he slid his left hand into my pocket and began to fondle my genitals. He never made eye contact. Just felt my balls and my stiffening shaft through the inside of my pocket until the elevator reached the ground floor. Paralyzed with fear and embarrassment, I didn't resist or push him away. The door opened and about ten Chinese businessmen were standing there looking at us, Sunny with his hand in my pocket, me with an erection. I didn't move. Sunny took his hand out, shamelessly licked his fingertips, and then walked out of the elevator. I still didn't move. The businessmen crowded in and I rode back up with them as a few of them cast sidelong glances at me and talked to each other in Chinese. I rode all the way to the top of the building, then back down again, just to make sure Sunny wasn't in the lobby waiting for me.

Yes sir he's a good investment sir much homosex

Yah it's a bad coin STAY AWAY

Thanks just sold 100K!

Fud is too long, please give me a TL;DR. We Venchain investors express our deepest thoughts in max 140 characters.

It'll be on Upcoin

Incredibly disappointed with this token. Yes you heard it right. Token. Useless bleeding piece of shit. Market sold for x2 and not looking back
Sunny will get his sued into oblivion not only because of malicious business practice but also because of his unethical behavior.
Sunny? More like Shady

What did they do? Can someone shed light on this?

nothing they just fuding

vaporware scamcoin with literally no whitepaper. even fucking tron has a whitepaper.

Does fudding like this genuinely help to shake weak hands? Seems kinda silly

Especially when it's the blatantly obvious.

It does make me laugh though, thinking about how Sunny might get away with it.

Nothing. This is what FUD looks like when there is literally nothing bad to say.

>vaporware scamcoin with literally no whitepaper. even fucking tron has a whitepaper.

Sounds like every other shitcoin.

What's upcoin?

>sexual harassment
>public nudity


They want your ven for a cheap price, that’s all


Within the next few months Vechain won't be on any exchanges at all. It's simply too dangerous for the exchange to even associate with this coin, it's not worth the risk of ending up jail or even being killed.

The only way to buy VEN will be via irl cash exchanges, done late at night and anonymously. Hopefully with my 10 remaining coins i can become a full time VEN dealer and make some good profits in the bloody aftermath. I'd bet there will still be plenty of venheads out there trying to accumulate those last remaining coins.

I'm a former employee of VeChain and I can confirm. I was harrased in an elevator mostly.

the funny thing is these fucking idiots think its a meme and don't realize sunny is the chinese version of mcafee

erik is that you?

Please elaborate. I have a 6 figure stake in VEN because the partnerships and positive outlook are insane.