FUNchads report in

FUNchads report in.

Sitting comfy at 30K FUN

10k here, need another 10k

25k reporting the fuck in..


700 funlet poorfag but if icx moons i'll buy more

only a small hodl of 3k, but hodl to the end

1k reporting in

Keep accumulating slow FUNbro we'll all make it


40k FUN here. Got a bunch of sell orders though.
This shit has been stale around 900 for the last month.

When do you guys expect this thing to do anything?

WTF, don't sell before the 6th (prob more like 8th) of February damn normie, do your own research

same amount here

33k here, trying to get to 35k before Feb

What's going to happen?

I got 10 fun. Worth holding or should I sell

>start at 1k
>buy to 5k
>then to 10k
>Anons mention 25-30k and I know I can reach it but if it doesn't moon I'd be fucked financially

583k reporting in :D

nice OMG stack.. you pumped for townhall? i'm so ready to make it with this coin.. 1400 here :)

I'm actually holding like 12 btc in DGB so this isn't my biggest bag
also like 10 btc worth in ETH and like 8 in SIA

but yea, it is a good investment

50k here, let the magic happen

still hodling digibyte

This will moon in the weekend before ICE

free 50% gains

Nigger you seriously holding 40k fun and no idea whats gonna happen? You deserve to lose everything.

i actually think that before and after ICE and lisencing price will go to 39 cents or above. Fun hodlers are going to have a sweet month

You are so fucking late.

Maybe if you had brought when it was at 324 you could have sold at 1210 like me.


thanks locked in 100k

Hey goofies
Your shitcoin had a nice pump because of that bull market we had. Now it has been bleeding steadily, while many other coins go into green often.

This means it is a coin that is not wanted. No appeal and has been shilled here too hard. My prediction is you guys will have a moon to 18ish cents followed by a slow decline back to a little higher than you are now. Screen cap and remember this fags


Upped my stack by 50K. We're going to make it ANDREW WK PARTY IS STILL ON.

nice fomo bagholder

When is this shit going to do something? It's been like 3weeks since i went all in on this shitcoin and nothing has happened

nigger I'm holding a bunch of shitcoins, I don't care about their life stories...

40k fun is only like 4kusd

>bought icxn at 7000 sats
>sold @9100
>actually buy the dip in intervalls

i fucking love this coin.

Hoping the snoball starts tomorrow for the real gains. Only coin which will have a BIG PUMP after 31, cause of ROADMAP release.

Im on 4k, looking forward to seeing what happens! :)