Is it over?

Is it over?

buy the dip :^)

what the fuck is going on here i cant handle this

its going to $2 in less than 24 hours. It will be the biggest post conference pump in crypto history.

Every time I see this coin I always mistake it as DeepBrain Child

there will be a day of reckoning for the neo tokens, all of them will 3x in a day.

Yes you morons, no one wants a market for renting someone else's GPU we have cloud providers for that.

Also no one is going to let random fucktards execute code on their GPU farms. Sell your shit bags .

give me your adress, if this is true ill send you 1btc

This but replace DBC with AGI

>bought DBC just before the market crash

Fucking faggot.

What do you mean? i dont own any dbc

What are the other tokens?


>implying devcon has any impact on coins that are on shit exchanges
Only a little over 1000 will participate there. Nothing will happen.


Off the top of my head, RPX and TNC. You can see some on KuCoin under the NEO pairs.

Anyone with hands that are any more stable than a fall leaf should be buying this, as a short to midterm play. Ignore dumbasses who bought this coin at the ATH like morons.

AGI is the real ai coin


just went all in

I think DeepBrain is the platform for which AI skills will be sold to other AI companies. DeepBrain will essentially also host other AI companies and will allow exchange between DBC and other AI crypto currencies on the marketplace.

DBC is covering all bases. From AI computing power, leveraging AI specific chips to an AI global marketplace between business' large or small.

DeepBrainChain already have the AI marketplace available - and are looking to implement DBC as the currency in Q1.

Fucking faggot contribute to the thread or fuck off. OP's are such fucking piles of shit.

>AI skills sold to other AI companies
Makes no sense at all.
Ok. Explain why the world needs an AI crypto currency. It sounds like a fucking scam and I'm specializing in AI btw.
This looks more and more like a shit coin day by day.

It's funny how in every thread there is an AI-specialist or dude with PhD in physics. Hahaha, maybe DYOR and stop asking questions here?

Yea ive been noticing that all month. Always a specialist in the thread that knows more than the people who actually make a living in this field.
They say there is no need for the coin and than start shilling agi coin. Makes you wonder.

And you´re the real Nigga

You stupid fucks need to know who the real AI king is

I only invest in AI projects. ME WANT SKYNET!