IOTA is back

Some of you are alright, I'll let you into this moon mission before others

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please moon so i can fucking sell

Confirmed - Just advised by a friend internal to the project.

Moon time boys

those are some heavy bags OP

Buy in this dip now or stay poor pajeets

That's the problem. I'm a pajeet and don't have any money to buy more. I already sold my dog to buy more IOTA. It will be THE crypto of the future. Too bad I'm not getting rich with my 25 MIOTA.

If you wait for the "official announcement" after you wake up, you'll be paying an extra 20% for it. Get in now pajeets.

Tell me about Pajeets, do they really buy at all time high and then try and pump up the coin again to sell their bags?

See this for heaps more info


>IOTA is low price af atm
>News incoming
>Dont buy if you hate money

knowing how IOTA reacts to good news, the price will drop...

more cheap MIOTAs for me lel

You were given the early warning

where is the daily iota FUD post today?? hahaha i love this Veeky Forums idiots

mfw when it actually does drop

told you guys

won't last forever, so stock up

or stay forever poor

>muh shitcoins doe


You realize that the IOTA Foundation is also a business and that shit has nothin to do with the IOTA Token, which should be valued at 0$ anyways?

thats just another lie

>trust me i'm not a pajeet
>t. pajeet

Geh woanders spielen, IDIOTA Boy.

nazi scum be quiet

it's literally nothing lmao. they're partnering with Biilabs which no one knows or has heard about and that's all. They just wrote smart city blablabla to make it hyped

ya right, the Mayor of Taipei definitely traveled all the way to Amsterdam to sign a bogus contract to make 'idiotas' a favour lol...

You guys could literally be handed a stack of 500 bills and you'd still manage to find a reason to spit on it

You'll all be crying your eyes out soon

scheinbar hasst du IOTA nur weil du zu beta bist und deine Freundin sich deswegen lieber von Flüchtlingen bumsen lässt lol

Fake news
that is not the Taiwanese Prime minister

I think asians look the same and even I can tell the guy in the back is Ko Wen-je, mayor of Taipei. Has been since 2014.