I wish someone beats this guy's teeth out.

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hes got some interesting opinions on whites considering hes half white, married a white girl and has a white baby

That baby isnt white. Sorry to say.

An ugly guy marries an ugly girl and creates an uglier baby. Stop the presses.

>white baby

are you shitting me?

The eyes tell everything

That kid is 75% white.
What's your problem?

>white baby

The baby looks Greek tier so that's pretty white.

That is a white baby. That is why he picked a white girl because he wants to keep the white race alive. He has said this in many vids.

The baby looks as stupid as him

more like the nose

I mean as far as amerimutt standards go

what are you on about it looks western european with niglet thrown in, Greeks aren't just 3/4 scandinavian 1/4 sub saharan

Oh God that disgusting mulatto 56%

his wife looks like Rodney from "only fools and horses"

That girl is more slavic than western european.

you need to google slavic women

she looks British

Can you find the baby in the chart?

their fucking noses

Slav girls have cuter, rounder faces due to Mongol DNA. This girl has very sharp facial features most Western girls have.

I've noticed that the most extreme racial identitarians are half-breeds who cling to one side of their heritage with fierce devotion, and try way too hard to win the acceptance of the people they identify with (e.g this half-nog trying to be 110% nog). They also commonly are not attracted to the women of the race they identify with (this nog probably finds black women disgusting), which causes extreme internal distress, mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance. They cannot reconcile their simultaneous attraction and unhealthy sense of envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Other notable examples:

>Louis Farrakhan (or his son, can't remember, married a white woman even though their religion teaches that white people are devils)
>John Legend
>Elliot Rodger (somewhat)

Baby looks like him, unfortunate.

>1/4 sub saharan
Trevyon james is like 60% white or more and his wife is 100% white so their kid is >80% white.
That's whiter than you Muhammad

how do i stop hating blacks. i cant be bothered but they just pop up everywhere with their gay ass opinions. i wish i could just block black people completely from my life

That's a good point. I've noticed this too with half whites who get offended/defensive really easily and just have absolutely wack racial opinions. You're right about them feeling a need to prove themselves because they have no identity. To me that's the definition of a subhuman, someone with no identity or roots who just clings to any fashionable or materialistic thing they can.

t. mutt

I'm married to one.

Polish, to be more specific.

There's no such thing as 80%< white, you either are or you're not, I was just saying by his own reasoning his kid was white like the people he hates.

That's sad. Just accept that they exist. And they're funny. Basically comedians in this world.


There's nothing wrong with blacks, blame the liberals who enable them to get away with anything. Without people constantly trying to mix us all together we'd drift apart by ourselves.

>t. mutt
Sorry I'm more or less "pure" if there's such a thing.

We could discuss what white even means. Does black hair mean you're white? Are Italiens White? Are Spaniards white? Are Portuguese white?

If your girl looks anything like OP pic related then you literally settled for the bottom barrel. I'm sorry for your loss.

back to pol

hahaha nah, she looks better than the one in the picture. The nose is very different, I wonder were that came from.

Italians could be white or not but they are definitely European, an 80% mutt isn't European its a science experiment.

you are fucking retarded, that goes for Russians only, there is 10 other slavic nations in the west and south that dont have any connections with mongols and central asia. Saying that all slavs look like Russians is exaggeration

But slav women are top tier, especially non swarthy Serbians.

t. Croat


>Yeah bro i am the whitest itt
What a shithole

You only know it's a mutt because trevyon is standing there being it's daddy. Most people won't know. Most people aren't neckband racial purity scientists

im the whitest faggot get rekt

It's not just the nose. Everything about the girl in OP screams inbred working-class anglo.

>found true love

You can definitely tell if you come from diverse neighbourhood. Not now cause its a baby but when its an adult for sure.

Are you blind? Look at that degenerate facial structure and tell me with a straight face that baby is white.

lotta mutthurt in this thread

Lol you're a fucking moron. Please don't embarrass yourself any longer

fuck off to pol with your shit, biz is too smart for your bullshit

Yeah I can see it somewhat but people won't care because the skin and other shit is white or almost white.

lol so wait, you cant tell a white person from a mixed person?

you're either larping or just purely embarrassed to say there is a difference for fear of being called a racist

I can but it's more of a suspicion than a confirmation

sage, report and ignore pol threads


they get under my skin. i feel bad because some of them are alright but most of them are annoying as fuck. i find myself disagreeing with almost every opinion black people have

if i could block all black people from my life i probably would, they do my head in

No, people won't care because this isn't 19th century. But everyone with half a brain will be able to tell he's a mutt.