How aggressive do I need to be with $1k to "kind of make it"? I'm not looking for 1M...

How aggressive do I need to be with $1k to "kind of make it"? I'm not looking for 1M, but I'd be pretty happy if I managed 10-20k.
I was thinking of putting half on promising, safer coins (e.g. XMR) and the other half on one or two shitcoins (BZC, REQ, etc). Or do I have to go all in?

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I am in a similiar situation, started with $150 and got to $2500 last month, now I am stuck at around $1500 for a couple of weeks. I know at this level going all in is the reasonable choice but FOMO hits hard thinking about all the coins with huge potentials might moon any minute.

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I'd say put 500 in ETH, 250 in WAVES, 150 in SKY, and 100 in IOC. You should make it EO2019 if you can HODL

ETH will go x2, WAVES,

Went from 800 to 30k in December. I saw verge Ada xrb etheremon collsus Electra and kcs right on the ground floor... like x20-x100 and passed on them all. If I took even 1 or 2 of those I would be over 100k-500k
thank me later. early in on contract = massive gains.




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ICOs my man
2-3x is bad for an ICO, but imagine if you get lucky and the ICO goes 10x or more


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Don't half the ICOs just fizzle out and lose you all your investment, or even do an exit scam?

Spread your money around some low market cap coins on Etherdelta. Like SMART BILLIONS, DOVU and TIOTOUR> only 450k circulating supply

put ALL the money into ONE of these


if it moons you'll be comfy af. if not you're still a poorfag nothing changed.

Buy a decent decent coin and hodl, simple as that op, if you want to be greedy and try swing trading go for it, but why risk fucking up when you could buy a coin and just wait for it to x10

Oh also, you have to put it all into a shitcoin, only way poor faggots can make it, but I am sitting on 10k with initial by in was about $1.5k. Hit 16k at ath. But also didn't help I. Was being greedy before the dip and chasing shitcoin pumps, got a little fucked from that, even sold two at a small lost. The other two I just have to hope go back up, but my hodls I still feel comfy, just......

all in on stellar right now

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal...,

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Well of course there is a risk. But that's why you have to read through not only their whitepaper, but also their bitcointalk threads, reddit pages and follow their telegram, discord, twitter for some time before making an investment.
This doesn't eliminates the risk of losing your investment but all you can do is to minimize the probability and of course decide for yourself if you are comfortable with the investment and whether you trust and believe in the project.

It may sound retarded, but can you explain step by step how do I tell them I want to invest into their coin..? Do I just send eth to their contract adress thats listed on the countdown timer?

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put $100 into DOGEcoin and learn through trial and error on small DOGE exchanges then invest the rest when you are making a profit on your small portfolio for an extended period of time. This is a long term game people try to play on the short term.

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Market is super unpredictable right now. Nobody quite knows what BTC will do next.

I say be bold though. Research ICO's and put it all in 2-3 good ones. Then wait a year.

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