I've done some digging and swift will have a conference in the middle east on the 5th of March...

I've done some digging and swift will have a conference in the middle east on the 5th of March, focusing on new technologies and R&D.

Relying on common sense, LINK is more than likely to attend, especially if you read what they will be focusing on.

Download the pdf on their website and you will know how much of a goldmine it is: swift.com/news-events/events/swift-middle-east-regional-conference-2018

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>middle East


great. Registration is closed.

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Link is not likely to go. Link means Sergey and he's busy.
But chainlink is now hahal

Friendly reminder SWIFT won't even be using Chainlink even when it does finally start using distributed ledger technology (which is still another 4+ years away).

Here's what it says on smartcontract.com:

"We're proud to be working with SWIFT on their own SWIFT Smart Oracle."
>their OWN SWIFT Smart Oracle
>NOT the chainlink oracle

Never forget that banks are interested in the blockchain technology, NOT some fucking ERC20 shittoken made by a russian journeyman who walked away from NXT. All you autists who are constantly harping on about "the SWIFT announcement" are absolutely deluded. It's like you just ignore what it actually says on smartcontract.com and indulge in your own deluded fantasies instead.

Cheers user! I believe this is something Link will be used for, I think CL for SWIFT as an organization is just another underlying technology. When they represent new techs they won't be mentioning all the details or display Sergey memes or anything. Probably someone working in securities won't even know he's using CL for what he's doing. But to me it's clear they're already deep into adopting it as soon as possible

Why can’t SWIFT build oracles in the Chainlink network? That would make their oracles much more secure, and other institutions can buy data from their oracles. Otherwise they are just building a centralized one. That doesn’t solve the problems and they wouldn’t need Sergey’s help.

Everyone running a node on Chainlink has their OWN oracle, brainlet.

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Good find OP but not interesting unless Sergey is involved somehow.

BZC's platform is finished, it's like one of the only 20 crypto's that has a finished platform.
Go buy your "We promise it'll be done by 2025" coin.

good find/info OP.

Okay, biz, not a shill for CL or Mobius. I think that not enough people actually understand what they're talking about when they either criticize the speculation of the happenings with ChainLink, or why Mobius is better.

If ChainLink's focus is with Ethereum's blockchain, while Mobius' is more focused with Stellar, then it's a whole other issue, because it brings in the added factor of whether or not Ethereum will "succeed" over Stellar. Whatever that even means.

Rather than building peoples' expectations with ChainLink and all these partnerships, I think it's far better to be conservative and just let reality play out. Nobody seems to know enough, and that's okay.


LMAO I hope they pay you by the word.

Again, I'm not a shill. Although, that's what a shill would say, right?

not sture if really still around or just memeing

so how much do you make per post?

A bitbean.

Chainlink is a separate network protocol, retard. It won't even be on blockchain.
Only pajeets shill mobius, so now we know you're a filthy street shitter and your opinion is irrelevant.

It's more the association I was bringing up. Mobius isn't exclusive totally to stellar, either.

There’s literally no indication this has anything to do with LINK

What you don't realize is, that LINK has their oracle solution patented. So the mobius pajeets are going to prison for copypasting LINK whitepaper.
There is no competition, when there are patents.

it's a swift conference dummy. Chainlink bought out swift after ETH jumped past $1000.


This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal.,,,

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Getting tired of this shit.
"muh conference" "muh swift" "muh next month"

Meanwhile LINK keeps dropping more and more. No marketing, no news, nothing. I'll keep holding but that's just shit

Selling based on lack of news isn't a good idea, I get that that's the usual thing to do with lower cap coins, but Link is a little different, it could end up being quite big.