Help me anons

Biz im tired of this shitty life

>be me 23yo
>Living with mom and my brother
>Wagecucking every fucking day
>Salary worth 238000VEF
>A dollar worth now 255000VEF
>If you live in this shitthole you can't flip burgers for go all in Cryptos
>Shit get harder every day
>Mom's car need repairs
>Try help my mom but a replacement for the car costs 5600000VEF
>Help mom but not is to much
>My brother help anyway, but not is to much
>Wake up
>Don't have any shit to eat
> My cat is meching me to feed him
> Depress me because I can not feed my old friend (14yo cat)
> Follow up the Crypto market since November
>Any fucking dollar to invest
>To much people getting rich every day
> I get depressed even more because I feel that I will never be able to leave this country of shit
> Hate every day more communists and any lefty in this world
> My edgy dream is to be rich to finance armed groups in my country to help free my country and purge this country of each brown voted Chavez in 1998

Anons if you can help me to enter in the crypto market I will be grateful for life. I'm not in the mood to go to work today and my stomach roars me too much

Sorry, world is unbalanced. Make your life in positive side or die trying. Only you can help yourself. Life sucks.
t. making it in shithole

I'm trying it user, trust me. But now my life has been limited only to work to be able to "survive"

Wow get the fuck off Veeky Forums before somebody shills you VEN or TRTL.

We don't have a lot in common but
> Hate every day more communists and any lefty in this world
I'd drink a beer with you.

Post ur cat user
With timestamp

LINK and TRTL adress user.

I'll visit you in a year and see how you are doing.

Post venezuelan newspap with timestamp, blurred venezueland ID or any other proof.

send btc address i will send you 1k bro

Give me some proof anything you said is true.

How much do I have to pay for a beachside house on Margharita / Los Roques or any other Island?

May I find troubles or violence from the locals? I am Easern European but I speak decent Spanish.

How long can you live comfy there with $100k to spend?

How much ETH for all your hot family members girls only

Here user

Give me a second, my cat are hunting in the yard

Pic of cat

Post mom with timestamp

And tits

Link address

Thank you user ;_;


Cabron deja de querer dar lástima y vete de mi chan!

The people of this country are selling their houses at cheap prices in desperation to leave the country, but in the tourist sites where you mention you will only get houses at international prices. I do not recommend stepping into this country if you think you'll have the freedom to go out and look for a Venezuelan girl to fuck, if you do not keep a low profile you'll be another victim of insecurity

100$ monthly is very comfy af. You can eat and services with only 50$. You can spend the other 50$ in any shit

can you retards stop downgrading yourself to further shitholes just because you have less gains than is required to live on actual civilized, social supported places? Want to live in danger? You're just going to make everything worse.
Saved. We'll see if you're real.

Fale direito, rapaz.
E esse chan é seu um caralho. Esse chan é dos gringos, cabra safado.

Comfy as fk with bzc

Give me an eth address

ETH adress pls help a Venezuelean user :(
here are only cryptos that are worth something
We cant barely eat

Kk user
Im also having a little financial issue here but ill try to help a bit if u are real.
Heres a pic of my cats

my ETH adress 0x04e818Be4e07915CA0fFAA583ACEC01607c7AAbC


Thanks user

if you can post one more actual picture to verify your going through the shit your going through, I'll do my best to get you and your family on your feet for atleast 1-2 months.

Moms car, etc

Why dont you play runescape and sell the online gold 700k is approximately 1 USD, you probably earn your whole weeks wage in just maybe 2 hours of farming for Old school runescape gold.

go on reddits veneuzuela board

bch fans give out bch for free to poor venezuelans because they want it to get adopted, no strings attached

what do you want ? ID is enough ?

Lovely cats user
Pic related of my cat

mira mamagüevo normie, deja de dar lástima en esta mierda y empieza a caminar hasta Cúcuta. Llorón. Estás identificado Manuel. #TeamJustin


how much is dat roley worth

First of all - Óscar Perez was a fucking hero, may god welcome his soul with open arms.

Second - have you bought any XRB? many venezuelans use XRB and it is mooning shortly.

You can mine some TRTL for an easy X10 in a short while

>A fucking Venezuelan begging thread
>"here what's your address user lemme send you some coins"

world is not unbalanced.

Venezuela has more oil than the middle east and still they fucked up. This balance shit is for commies, you don't get to choose what is balanced or what is fair. You dead with how thinks fucking are.

I live in a 3rd world shithole too so I know what im talking about, sure we are not as bad as Venezuela, but we actually share borders.

Things are really hard here .
You cant imagine with your hamburgers next to you and coke .
But imagine just one day without normal food please and multiply it as you can. You will see my friend we are not whining
ETH adress : 0x04e818Be4e07915CA0fFAA583ACEC01607c7AAbC

Oscar Pérez was a hero for me, they deserve more, but this country are full of brainwashed retards and don't received support of the people. They died with honor, sadly the people of this country don't trusted her

Every venezuelan is going through very deep shit these times and we're not crying over some user forum on the internet. In fact, what if I told you he's part of the 5% lucky group with Internet conection.
p.d: I'm venezuelan too.
p.d.2: I ran away with 30$ in my pocket three months ago, right now I'm in Argentina making a better life for me and my family back there. He needs to grow some balls and start doing the same I did.
p.d.3: I hate lefties too.

Bitch please, you're posting on Veeky Forums and playing with Crypto and associated fees. I hope some genuinely poor people break your door down and BBQ your ribcage for dinner.
Heres 20 bucks feed ur pussy. I also hope i can bring back both my cats to my country. Cost 2k usd each. Wish me luck

You should've come to Brazil or Chile.

Argentina is fucked

Best of luck hermano

Airdrops, do data entry on, lots of third worlders making a buck or two a day

Not OP but I can assure you that i'm 100% more fuck'd than him

We already have a lot of Venezuelans and Colombians here in Brazil.

What a misunderstanding. Fuck off with your ideologies. Your life is either positive or negative. I'm sure you know which side is better. If you managed to make it from the deepest of hell, You're the hero. Otherwise, nobody will remember you anyway.

Your stupidly huge Steam library alone tells me that you can't be as poor as you're making out to be. Be smart about it and you can pull yourself out of the swamp without needing to beg for shit on Veeky Forums.

Fuck Chávez, Fuck Maduro


Bro..i never said i need any help.. Im financially good got 10k in my bank 21 year old with no job..i just need verification from op so i can send him money..see the id brah

real adress
gtfo please

I misread that post, never mind. Sorry, user.

Im financially unstable because i live in 3rd world shit and bringing pets gonna cost me 2k usd per pet. Pls read before you talk user chan

it would be nice


How do these people not realize we see ID's?

I'm Was just pointing out that i'm more fuck'd than op :p

Do you ever envy the cat?

8.5 times the paycheck I got today.
Another deeply fucked venezuelan here.
I envy you, random first world country user.

Im a chinkies born in indonesia going to university in chinkland.
Ssh im only helping op not you.. Begone pajeet

OP here, posting with mobile bcuz blackout, this shit every day

Pic antilarp

venezuelan here, you only have yourself to blame
if you actually used half of what you earned to buy USD knowing that the price would always exponentially grow up, you would be able to fare yourself a bit. Fucking christ if you didn't see this coming when 1$ was 3000bs you're fucking dumb as shit. Don't come here begging because that will only make us look worse, and you should be well aware that you live in one of the biggest crypto trading countries in the world, so go ask someone you know if you can give him some bs monthly so he can invest them for you. fuck off

F e e d y o p u s s y

damn son would piss me off in this shit country

I felt sorry for you when I saw your thread last time, but now your repeated begging is getting obnoxious

>it's a Venezuela begging episode
did that faggot who got 100$ became national news or something? this doesn't happen all the time you trash, fuck off.

>A dollar worth now 255000VEF
>255,000 VEF =25,531.91USD
care to explain this op