VeChain PSA: Shanghai Whispers VOL. VI

It is the Coca Cola Kid again. The bamboo cage rumors were real, but I do not belong in a cage. This desolated place is getting tiresome, I want to hop the border as soon as I get the signal. The Bronze Statue is gathering the forces slowly, and I must keep my faith. The Discples will be reborn as Pilgrims, that I know. As usual, they get to hear this first so here it is:

So there was this very insightful and eduational story I overheard at dinner with my usual portion of soup dumplings and Pu'er tea. I'd love to tell you guys but my EHS is acting up again.

First we sleep, then we keep running. CCK out.

Coca Cola Kid rebrands to Pepsi Man
screencap this

Thanks can sell my bags again now

Here we go again...

Oh man this seems like a lot of work. Can someone just tell me which coin to buy

again this pretentiously mumbling kid who's obviously working for VEN. what a fucking joke

fuuuuck what does anything mean

Lol this was cringey to say the least. You literally pump and dumped on us last few tweets. Gtfo piece of shit. B b buh muh partnerships. Literally down 35% after losing 45% on BTC. You Vetards got me fucked up.

ehsminer??? something about china btc mining competition?

retarded faggot

European medical company guys


Anyone has solved this yet?



brunei shell petroneum kek

Guys, if this is true, this will be big.

Someone had a bad week.

New banner act?


vechain philippines world tour?

maybe hes referring to bitcoin prce surge

You missed the train faggot.

How’s the weather over there in Mumbai?

Explain to me why VEN is pumping and then dropping off a cliff in staircase intervals, and overall dying volume? The moment you tweet the admins pin it up on Telegram? No whitelaper, you want people to take all their VEN off the exchanges for the supposed masternodes, simultaneously dropping news to create demand while you coordinate dumps when the RSI breaches 70 on the daily? Explain yourself CCK. You work for Vechain and you made a fuck ton of money off us and want to top it all off by a final pump and big daddy dump eh? Fuck off.

Pink wojacks incoming

>muh partnerships
tron all over again pump and dump every time

This is the real shill

I miss assblaster

Why does the market cap remain stable? Are they creating a fuckton of new coins?

So theyre listing on Shapeshift?

prepare pink wojaks

Now we got the admin saying he has it figured out. Oh lord, this is so coordinated. This plus the part where vechain telegram admins insta ban anyone who says anything neutral or negative about ven. Tron 2.0.

Scaaaaaam coooooinnnn

Total coins is something like 870million.
They’re probably selling theirs as they go. Premined shitcoin erc20.

Do you idiots who insinuate partnerships are not the number 1 most important aspect of adoption and therefore revenue and future existence have any kind of brain? Shady, unproven partnerships? Yeah bad sign. DNV GL and PwC hyping their relationship with you and literally saying their customers will be using VeChain? Totally fucking different.

They could have no product at all at this point and they are still a better investment than best white paper ans tech out there if they are connected to the right people. This is a fucking science fair, it's billion dollar international business

Get in and make money, or fuck off. Either way is cool. No one who truly understands what is happening here gives a shit what the price is until June at minimum

Everyone was getting their panties wet over masternodes taking out a minor portion of the circulating supply meanwhile... coinmarketcap inflates the circulating supply by 10 times the number (200mil almost) masternodes wouldve taken out. Vechain truly was some grade A chink scam. Very elaborate.

Buy HPB a true champ. They have a 2013 nobel peace prize winning physicist who worked on the large hadron collider and was one of the scientists that discovered the God particle, or the higgs boson, as an advisor. 200 mil market cap versus its direct competitor EOS who has almost 9 bil. HPBs circulating is less than 28 million too. Ven is at like 500 million

house of interconnectedness = cisco

Lol @ retards calling it tron 2.0

Not even in the same galexy....

PwC, DNV GL, Jim Breyer, Chinese Government (2x)

Try to fud harder faggots

>reddit spacing everywhere
>ven shilling
just fuck off already

5XlGKqVV hahaha you son of a bitch got rekt hard eh? Sold bottom? Now you cry? I fuck your mother dry! Get your facts straight! It’s called marketing! Partnerships are real! And that one on telegram you referring to is NOT AN ADMIN you dense motherfucker! I pussylick your sister

I wonder if this is partly referring to WTC...
>shape-shifting/new banner = WTC rebranding
>pheonix = VEN/VET rebranding

The Telegram has devolved into perhaps one of the most retarded of all. This is their chat after ven goes up 3% after going down 35%. LOL.

>5 posts by this ID
Cry harder faggot

So basically it's Veeky Forums now

I bought the dip yesterday.

a bunch of turbo autists

>waltcucks btfo

nice 4 day chart you fucking retard

Etherdelta is already buying BZC for 5x ICO price faggots.

Same, feels good

As someone who bought VEN when it was a dollar, I have been on the comfiest ride of my life.

this guy again

It’s enough for us to fuck your mother you bottom seller havabhahavhaha

what? you mean the train that corrected hard? amazing ppl shit on linkies when this cocka cola cult shit is next level delusion

lol they made laowai a fucking admin hahaha, that guy is notorious on spreading fake info,


sell your fucking bags now

he use to fud ven when he was wtc holder then swaped out like a retard

> he bought ven at ATH and not atleast 1 month ago lmao

Here comes the dump

u heard it here first brainlets! ven is a NO BUY if you didnt buy at least a month ago. carry on!

first to call


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Called it spot on. CCK dumped on all his vetards hahahaha

Good work, bro!

First time 4chin you stupid cunt don't even know how to reply

you are super

>hitting local highs from past 3-4 days
>muh dump

Still rising brainlets.

Get fucked saltie walties

You guys are idiots. It goes up 300% this month then goes down 50% and somehow that makes it a bad investment and scam? 250% increase is still better than shitcoin link and the bulk of the other shit shilled here daily.

Best coin ever.

Let them stay poor. It is what they want

Ehm, please check your math bro. If you put in 100, it goes up 300% to $400 then drops 50% to $200 it's 100% profit. Still nice tho.

I have still over 600% profit, go fuck yourself fudders

> (OP)
>Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

He also mentioned magnetism in his tweet. Hm.

Because you need to look at a longer time scale fucktard

Oh boy that would be magical.

maths not your strong suit eh? more of a sports guy?

Enter fomoing biztards. It's now or never fellas, we won't hold your fud against you

$7 reached and rising.

Chinese phoenix, in Chinese mythology, an immortal bird whose rare appearance is said to be an omen foretelling harmony at the ascent to the throne of a new emperor.

Vechain = the Phoenix that will rise above all these other shitcoins and ponzis

Vechain top 5 is imminent anyway.

Expanding to Europe now - first cooperation with guggenheim reporting in. 2018 will be huge...


it truly is, I got banned after a few hours kek

>calls himself cocacola kid
>not pepsi or even dr pepper kid

wow sold all my bags

>Gotta work to do man

same thing was said at $9

It’ll probably slowly rise up to $8 or $9 again over the next 24hrs as Europe and Asian wake up. Make sure to sell some of your stack when you think it hits the top. Ven goes up and down for whatever reason

not the bags

So VeChain is a a pump and dump now eh?
Headed straight back to 6 and below.

Should I instantly sell the moment the news comes out? What happened last time after coca cola kids tweet got confirmed by VEN official twitter?

zoom in on the napkins. They're obviously positioned for the camera and have Guggenheim logos

The only ones waking up in europe now are NEETs

Bro it's 2pm what are you on about.

yes, sell the news

about to go on a bullrun boyoz

lol at the faggots that got caught with their pants down swing trading in here

To late to buy??

whats the bronze statue?

Yes. VEN is gone. Sunny dropped the private key last night during a hot tub session in Hongkong.

The Chinese god of war statue.,

I’m assuming he means statue = China, or Chinese government or something


Welp. Some chinese admin and incognito CCK are talking about Michigan state university's RFID lab in the telegram. Kind of a let down.

That is the statue.

this is the phoenix.

so hes basically talking about walton here

>quickly bumps to $7
>eats shit back to $6