Bought ETH at 50 cent

>Bought ETH at 50 cent
>Bought OMG at 27 cent
>Bought DRGN at 10 cent
>Bought VIBE at sub 1 cent

Trips and I'll reveal the next x100 ICO token

PS. It's none of those ponzi scam coins

Other urls found in this thread:!/trade/SNIP-ETH

no you didn't.

actually, I kinda did...



Show a screenshot of those transactions and you'll have my attention.




>Bought ETH at 50 cent
Then why are you still here?


he sold at a loss when it crashed to 10 cents

This proof or gtfo

Depending on the timeframe, a 100x is not hard to find.

Fake and gay

This will have to do

This proves absolutely nothing

I too know how to use my browsers Dev tools

rolling for trips.

You’re working too hard.

lol, show us the proof we said.

trips pls

Why not

I already know. It’s Coinmetro you retard. Binance coin did 200x has same functionality. BNB 200x-d in 6 months kek. Coinmetro is going to be even bigger.

Not gonna give you screenshots showing my account addresses.. sorry but ain't gonna happen m9

lemme guess UFR lmfao fagit

Then hide the fucking address, you seem to have the paint skills to modify your ETH balance, I'm sure you'll find a way to show us the transactions with the address hidden.

Trips here

Are you retarded?



You can't provide a screenshot that can't be traced back to your account and I'm the retarded one?

cmon man cant wait all day, poorfag here


>Bought Antshares at $4.30

I know what coin op is talking about but im telling

Why not just fucking tell us user, for fuck sakes and from that we will judge if want to buy it or not


trips here no problem

so close

You're pathetic thrash. Pics or didn't happen.


no you apparently are tho


Nice try but that address never had more than 50 ETH in it.
5/10 made me find you

It's ChainLink, we already know

Henry rawlins


What is it then?

>doesn't see "View Tokens" on the lower right that 100% validate that OP is legit

This is a whole new level of stupid.



check em

>SNIP coin
>no information, look up contract
>11262 txns
>for a coin you can't buy anywhere that's worth nothing
>literally thousands of dollars wasted on GAS fees for a worthless coin


OP is posting some random address he found online.

>Can't read
This faggot doesn't have $5 million in eth, and never did. I'm not bothering to point out where he didn't lie because that's boring.




USD or Bitcoins



Trips will have to do. Sorry for over reaching.

devil trips

may satan pleasure ur asshole

>OP has $840,000 in tokens
>"b-b-but he photoshopped his ETH balance he only had 500 ETH not 4000 REEEE"

wew lads

Just because it's not on coinmarketcap doesn't mean it doesn't exist!/trade/SNIP-ETH
>Snip is a blockchain-based news platform which is changing the way people get news by providing short, high-quality, personalized content. On Snip, anyone can become a writer and get rewarded with SnipCoin, and readers get to read the best stories.
Market cap around 15 million
Nothing special.
Maybe this is his shillcoin.

50 ETH. Point is, if he just wanted to show the tokens he could, lying about the ETH is just pathetic grandstanding.


The things I'd do with 50 ETH, if only I'd be so lucky.

I've got 100. It's never enough.

CPC its up for grabs on ed and idex vechain invested qtum invested sitting at x4 of ico

ye you kinda got me, bravo user. not my eth address tho

so do you buy like $10 of it each time or did you forget your private keys

Just tell us which shitcoin it is you tease!!

herro preez


Matches up with the VIBE and only the VIBE though. Almost like it is your address, and you just wanted to exaggerate your predictive power.
You bought bancor, so you're clearly no prophet. Just tell us if snip is your chosen shitcoin.


let's see now

not real trips, but what the hell

>click a random link from Veeky Forums

It's just a pdf. Open it in incognito if you're worried about him getting your google account name. The site is anyway.


Sorry to hear user. I have a friend who works in banking and p2p lending capturing loan market shares from the banks are a serious concern for them. Gonna be huge.

i hope u get a huge dick up ur ass. what a waste of time.

What makes you think this will be so big?

I can't view the document on mobile.

Can someone screen cap the important bits?

It's pretty much all at

this lol. not trying to damage control and saying it's not his address. what a fucking retard, proves you just got lucky once and you will definitely lose it again

the next 100x token is Kleos. It is basically the next stackoverflow but the content creator gets paid. Heres my ref for discount

lol. the only legit answer in this thread, and no one pays attention.

see you on the moon user.

>and sold at 1.5x

there it is