How do we save the white race

>how do we save the white race
>allI want in life is a comfy small house and a virgin wife

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What does it matter if your wife is virgin or not?!
Seriously you nerds are all a bunch of fucking betafag loosers

This so much

You're idiots. Female purity has been literally the most valuable thing in the history of mankind. Archetipically speaking, the virgin female is always the reward of the greatest heroes. It makes perfect sense to want to achieve that. You fags just lowered the bar so much because you know all you could possibly get is sloppy seconds (/100s with today's thots), and call everyone else "fucking betafag losers". It hurts knowing that the qt3.14 that's standing before you has had numerous random guys railing her because you yearn for the archetipical female - a pure, innocent creature - and all you see before you is your average girl who says "Oh yeah I experimented some in college, haha".

It hurts not because you care particularly that that woman was railed by niggers, but because it slanders the very ideal female image in your head - something you desperate cling on to and would want to achieve by any means necessary - and this image is why men do 99% of the shit they do (working out, acquiring money, etc).

Artificial insemination
Test tube babies

Kys virginity is valuable

You're all idiots anyone who wishes to have a wife is a stupid parasite

Nah I prefer a girl who went through all her awkward stuff with someone else. You know someone that knows how to get off. You are not very sexually experienced since your ideas are based on archetypes and not experience. Ill take a sloooooooot any day of the week of a frigid turn off. Also, you might be a pedo, so watch out for that bud

>Female purity has been literally the most valuable thing in the history of mankind
LOL no!
>It hurts knowing that the qt3.14 that's standing before you has had numerous random guys railing her
It doesn't because I've done the same.
>you yearn for the archetipical female - a pure, innocent creature
No, I don't yearn for a pure, innocent "creature". If I did, I would get a fucking rabbit.
> it slanders the very ideal female image in your head
nope I don't have your twisted, distorted, highly influenced view of the female ideal. That view puts women on a fucking pedestal and it is why you are a betafag virgin yourself. Women are human beings just like you and me, with all the qualities and all the flaws that come with it.
Go outside Jimmy! You being on the internet all day is fucking with your brains

This is a retarded 22 year old nerd mentality that will only lead you into a trap that will completely fuck up your life. Because one day you might find this perfect virgin girl and you will feel the protective instinct to be there for her and be her white knight. After a while you'll be so much absorbed by this that you will depend on her and slowly she will gain control of you and end up leading you to misery and depression. One day you will find yourself wondering why life has no taste and why you can't do anything that you want, and the answer will be that you chose to tie yourself to this perfect pure being that you have to protect and that won't survive without you. All of this if you happen to find a moderately safe one, because there are some other of these virgin witches that are pure psychopaths and will use their vulnerability to make you their bitch.

Don't go about life looking for anything specific, think always about yourself FIRST. It doesn't matter whether the girl is a virgin or smart or pretty or whatever the fuck you can see in her, the only important thing is whether you are happy in that situation. And it turns out that when you have this mentality you will be happy fucking different random bitches 1 or 2 nights a week or spending quiet afternoons with some girl that is not trying to force you into a corner and that really doesn't need you.

At all costs run away from depending on something or someone and from needing and being needed. It took me 10 years to learn this shit, but you can start applying it from today and save yourself some trouble.

Only roasties and betas will disagree.

>thinking that going through that "awkward stuff" isn't one of the greatest experiences in life
It's the best bonding experience ever, and also thinking that she's either a slut who has had miles of dick or a frigid turn off is a false dichotomy. Just because someone is a virgin doesn't mean that they are frigid - it just means that they have values and are virtuous. (Well, unless they are incel).

>It doesn't because I've done the same.
Okay. This conversation is over. You guys clearly have different values. Preach the normieville degeneracy somewhere else

You sound like you’ve had little experience there mate

Sluts are great for a one nighters or fling, but are awful for something serious

>It doesn't because I've done the same.
Kek, implying men and women are the same and are judged by the same virtues. (SPOILER: they're not)

Maybe not by a total faggot like you. Once you stop seeing men and women as different beings and once you drop that 19th century mentality maybe then you will have a shot at life.

>what is biology

The absolute state of this thread. Maximum disdain.

>let's just ignore billions years of evolution
>let's just ignore the fact that all stable societies in the past were based on these biological difference
What could possibly go wrong? Move to Malmö, Sweden if you think that that 21st century mentality of yours will work out so well for you.

You sound like someone who has made bad life choices and is very bitter about them. I'm really sorry about that, user.

Fuck off normalfag

>got virgin wife
>enjoy great life
>get to see sour grapes normies angrily reply to these topics
relationships are like powh
if you give up and stick your dick into everything that moves, you're never going to make it
holding long term pays out infinite dividends

>how do we save indian albinism

I did, but it's all ok now.

I'm not bitter anymore, but I wouldn't want others to make my mistakes.

I understand that, and you are correct in saying that some men become essentially pussywhipped and it can ruin their lives. But I think there's another way - if you find a woman who incorporates true virtue and moral values in her character, then you will have something to kneel down before and offer your sword up to her to fight. Yes, a woman can and will be tempted by this, that's why you're not an idiot and whiteknight every women all the time - you only do this if she's actually manifesting and living out those very values you would die for if you had to.

Well in your fantacy world sure, but I live in reality and have experience so I dont talk like a neckbeard. Some women stay frigid. If they havent fucked by 16 they prob have some issues with fucking. You know deep down guys like you are very selfish and twisted. You play the caring guy but you would not stick by this hypotetical virgin chick if she continued to suck at fucking or got hit by a car and lost her vagina.
Judging by your use of the word mate I take it your English and trust me we know what your sluts are like. We dont mean it on the level you guys do it. We dont have drunk fatsos pissing on our streets. Our sluts are nuns compared to your girls. Lets just call it a cultural misunderstanding an move on, also Ive had more meaninful relationships with women than you I gurantee it.

So much this, oh my God. I’m still glad I got to be her first but I wish I would’ve realized that I didn’t need to depend on her and be sad for her. At least I learned how to be firm in my resolve and trust in myself.

You’re an idealist and he is a pragmatist. There is nothing wrong with either mentality, they depend on eachother in reality.

Please take yourself out of the human gene pool. I wonder what kind of parents and schooling retards like you have. Jeez, read some books and travel man, your mental maturity is highly lacking.

Virgin women are the best. Tight pussies and it reveals a level of fidelity. Even if virgin women seldom exist we need to slut shame so that we can create a new generation of non-roasties


Woman detected.

I mean here's the thing, 20-21 year old female virgins used to be extremely common, because anyone who wasn't one was essentially branded a whore. Now, when females realize that their sexual market value drops when they fuck around, they get TERRIFIED. That's why all these slutwalks are around - they want to normalize this shit, because deep down they know that they their market value has plummeted. If you think about it it's something like price fixing, really. Needless to say that always leads to a market collapse.

Most men, however encourage women's sexual liberation - the reason is clear, more pussy for them. However, what they don't realize is that with the pill and abortion readily available, this won't lead to any offspring of theirs - if they actually want to avoid gene death, they have to find a nice girl _eventually_ - that's why for example eventually settled and is now quite happy. Now, the thing is, if _every_ woman is a whore, then yes, you get to fuck around a lot, probably a lot of betas will even end up scoring once or twice here and there, but most people won't be able to settle down, thus being condemned to gene death. And that's not a good thing, because then you'll have a bunch of disillusioned, nihilistic, depressed men who will literally have no reason to wake up in the morning, and that will have dire consequences on society, the economy, and everyday life.

Anyhow, this also means that calling roasties out is actually raising awareness of this issue - and if enough people are doing it, then women will start to be more conservative about their partner choices. Slutshaming is a very good initative. I think this process has already begun, and we can see its effects in generation Z - this is why they are so conservative. They have first-hand seen what ugly creatures come of the women who waste their virginity and sexual market value by riding the cock carousel.

If you settle for a slut you are the true cuck.

Enjoy divorce.

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal.

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

Cucked for life treyvon

we need an ICO that funds white babies somehow.

poorfag here with no money for a child but would make a great dad

(((they))) make it hard

Your fedora is showing so bad it hurts.

They are different beings u limp wristed pussy

Your beef flaps are hanging out the bottom of your booty shorts. Better tuck em' back in

This. Men should not be expecting to find virgin women in this day and age. The current generation of women are extremely nihilistic and take pride in the fact that they impulsively sleep around. What we should be doing is reinforcing the values of our forefathers. At the very least women should be afraid to admit that they've fucked over a dozen men by their early 20s. I think lowering the age of consent would also solve this problem. As soon as men have their pick of younger females who likely have not had much in the way of sexual intercourse it would force the older women to compete and improve in other areas. Of course, older women do not want this to happen because competing with a tight 16 year old for a quality, well put together man is almost impossible.

The only non-virgin women in your life you should give a fuck about is your momas and grandmas

You can't be serious defending degenerate cuckholdry like this.

The purpose of a female is to hold material for reproduction the purpose of a male is to provide pattern for reproduction
matternal, patternal - maternal paternal.

This is the secret sciences, the power of the male and female being electric and magnetic - SCIENCE.

this whole lgbt faggotry and these neo-femenazis demanding to be treated like queens while acting like actual cum-dumpsters trading their life for a fleeting serotonin fix is all part of the plan orchestrated by rich old jews who can't get their dicks wet unless they wave a stack of franklins to which these neo-feminazis immediately shut up and roll over to.

Find yourself a proper female raised by her whole family in the country-side where she was fed good natural foods and saw her father get up every morning to embrace her mother in genuine appreciation and love before going out to work the fields and tend to the farm.

Don't listen to these faggots saying shit like ''find the one who makes u happy''
I can trick your brain into thinking it's happy when I shit on your food you silly pavlovian creature.

All these emotional mistake-driven answers here are hilarious and pointless, most of you will be recycled.
>trying to convince people that a shirt covered in poop and semen is still good to use and wear as long as it was washed in a laundry machine

>the second a female has sexual intercourse even before penetration her body chemically arranges itself to accept the new genetic information
>drunk one night stand guy's genetic information will forever and always be part of her's now that he nutted inside changing her blood's composition and her chemistry
>the offspring will always have part of that one-night-stand guy's dna in them which will come out as slight behavioral changes and physical traits differences from the father and the offspring.

My girlfriend was a virgin when we met. She'd never even held hands or kissed before we me.

M8 to find a virgin girl these days you have to get with her in middle school or high school and stay together through college and shit. It’s god damn nearly impossible. Unless the girl is ugly as fuck or ultra religious, it’s not gonna happen. I want a wife and family. I think you can still find a girl who’s only had a few partners who were all long term boyfriends. Maybe it’s not ideal but it’s at least possible to find a girl like this who is also beautiful. You want to save the white race you have to have kids.

Go back to pol you autistic low iq inbred


Fact: If a women is not a virgin it demonstrates some semblance of mistake in her life. She's either the kind of women that sleeps around (cheater red flag), the kind of women that constantly dumps guys (divorce red flag), or the kind of women that is bad at picking men to settle down with (Stupidity red flag). Either way, the more dicks on your permanent record the more of a risk factor you are. That's just the way it is.

And keep telling yourself that sleeping around is actually a liberating beautiful thing. But in almost all scenarios a wealthy man with his shit together if is given the option of pretty virgin and pretty slut he's almost always going to choose the pretty virgin. Its like buying a car. Which car am I going to purchase? The one with the history of check engine lights and car accidents or the one that sat in the previous owner's garage maintaining its value? I understand full well that virgin females that aren't fucked up mentally or physically are quite rare, but that doesn't mean we should give up on the principles of revering virginity in women.

You guys are hilarious. I hope no one I know ever interacts with people like you.


go back to /pol/

Well put, user

When this is topic, and when other men are concern trolling about the sexual preferences of other men.

You know who concern trolls about the sexual preferences of other men? Weak betas and faggots.


Every male thinks like this we just don't voice it in public because your jewish media faggots will attack us and shame us for being scientific-minded.