Imagine I'm retarded and explain me the intended use of these coins


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That's exactly what I'm doing, research includes asking experts

no one is spoonfeeding you a portfolio faggot

There is no use for any of the so-called coins. It's just a ponzi scam.

I would fucking smash that girl though into infinity


You know this is not true. There are some serious and ambitious projects out there.

Magic internet money

>Magic internet money
I mean their intended use, not the speculative one.

I'll bite.


I heard it's the Korean ether.




Shilled to fuck by the neckbeards on biz. They have an excellent track record of pointing out decent coins though (neckbeards put me onto Antshares long time ago before it became NEO)



biz is seriously good shit for pre-moon coins because neckbeards shit around all day long doing research.

No-one will help you here, you just have to lurk and take notes. Fuck off


you are retarded

>Veeky Forums


calls omg a shit coin whens its ethers scaling solution

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99% of coins are shitcoins. Therefore these are likely shitcoins

I'm sure there are some people who actually know what they're doing. A legit, proven whale gave advices here recently.

OP asked what the coin does and included ICX which is a genuine moonshot

OMG has a mcap of 2 billion and nowhere else to go.

Holding bags of this shit you fucking tard?

>OMG has a mcap of 2 billion and nowhere else to go.
Damn... Time to sell

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal,,..

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

we have casper you fucking mong

Is DYOR the next 2FA?

>>OMG has a mcap of 2 billion and nowhere else to go.
>Damn... Time to sell

Fucking pajeet can't read English. OP asks for potential moon coin and you and your boyfriend shill a fucking 2 billion mcap coin.

Is it going to 100x and be bigger than Eth you cunt?