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This shit is 5 years old and has nothing to do with ShipChain

They literally rebranded an old article and put “Bitcoin CryptoCurrency” on the headline to get low-iq clicks

the guy who sued him is actually a rapist with a reputation for blackmailing many people. rofl. complete bullshit.

Not to mention the guy suing him LITERALLY RUNS THE SITE



Should have bought ARY

thanks just bought 100 blackmails

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literally none of the faggots was able to buy shipchain in the first place, why laugh? sale was cancelled you moron

too bad shipchain is just a platform

Monarch has crooked media connections and that’s how he gets published. He’s a fake hacker and I might deal with him someday because of that.

Damn ShipChain CEO is Chad as fuck he bullied some beta into handing over his crypto hahahahaha

I will invest in this man

He’s a fat sloppy bitch from multi level marketing crowds

this though

makes sense 10/10

he’s like fucking donald trump in crypto

I have 22k
95% of my portfolio

I’m fucked if they don’t deliver by next week

Why not both? Instead of making enemies, why not gang up?
ShipChain+BlockArray=ticket to lamboland

shipchain isn't out yet
I'm too much of a brainlet to diversify
I want them x3-4 gains asap so I can keep rolling it into a bigger stack
TRAC seems like it took off already

You still have like 5 hours left to ioin the ship airdrop

got in
Hope this makes me some mulah

My folio is probably even smaller than yours and I can’t hold ARY. Decided to gamble some on EVE instead. EVE, ARY, SHIP and TRAC are my bets for the biggest supply chain gainers

was looking into devery but decided against it due to not having a product yet

ary discord members are saying some datadash members are on the discord as well

Idk for sure if they are though

If they shill ARY we could see a short term moon incoming

When can I finally buy shipchain? I missed ICO

they won’t release tokens till march (from what I understood)
one of the main reasons I chose not to get into the ico

logistics blockchains seem hot right now

it's one of the biggest practical use cases for blockchain tech.

ShipChain will be fine


i hope so
i plan on getting some once it hits exchanges


don't unfud it yet you fools, not everyone got into the presale

ShipChain is unfuddable. Everyone knows its going to be huge