Let's take biz back

What this cunt said. Seriously guys.

This board never had a lot of intelligent discussions, just the comments and shilling were funnier

>Informed discussion about crypto

Lol 99.9% of Veeky Forums doesn't know anything
not only pajeets

I'm pretty sure there are IRC channels with intelligent discussion about crypto.



I'm a fairly successful trader and I've given some at least what I thought to be decent advice here and there. I'm not going to give away the store but I try to at least give pointers when somebody is stuck. I made this thread > to meme but ended up giving a few tips in the end. That said, I don't think I've ever read a single thing on here that helped me make any money. It just seems like everything I read is arbitrary. People shill a coin because they are carrying bags, not because it's a good coin. And even the legitimately good info is lost in the noise. Lately I just come here to meme and shitpost. I mean, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

99% of biz doesnt even know what a blockchain is...

Agree with the TA shit

>I made this thread > → # to meme
That’s not what a meme is

its all discord now
irc died in 2014

>there are still people who think that sage is a downvote

The meme is "trading is dead". It's a meme due to so many people believing it despite it being demonstrably false. I made a thread predicated on it so I could discuss how to actually trade despite exchanges being in fact eaten up by bots so hopefully somebody on here can learn something without the experience of just giving their money away. So fuck off. And you leave.


I got ETH back in 2016 (I think - I can't be bothered looking) at around $4. Biz has value man...

It isn't 2016 anymore and if you're pretending like Veeky Forums is anything like it was 2 years ago then you're delusional.

Still not a meme

> It took the mods until December 2017 to ban begging threads.
> They refuse to trial flags
> They refuse to ban discord shills

We’re by ourselves.

Do I have to understand how an iPhone works before I am allowed to make money investing in Apple?

Where's the link to your thread that actually had useful and just more shitposting.
That's what I thought. Shit stains like you are what is wrong with this site.

What's a good one on irc
IRC is comfy. Discord is for faggot gamers

I don't know honestly. I was going to check out freenode