Brace for the Burger dump that will occur when they wake up to the dip

Brace for the Burger dump that will occur when they wake up to the dip.

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I already panic sold at $18,000.

no need to worry

Early burger here, you fuckers are the ones who JUST panic sold though?

Look mom I posted it again! Isn’t my forced meme just so epic?

The chinks started it.

>Prices always drop while Americans are asleep
Yeah okay Mohammed, go fuck a camel about it.

Europoors cause the dip.
>blame it on us.



Amazing how much my picture looks like your comic. Except my picture is real life and your comic is just cope.

Not so fast

ignore the 20 whites behind them, right?

you can't find more than a handful of whites in once place in any major american city

>pic related
You really wanna go there? There's more to the story.
Like any major European city isn't eat up with Muslims. London is literally 50% foreign born. Fuck off with your "whiter than you" shit, dumbass.

>Like any major European city isn't eat up with Muslims. London is literally 50% foreign born. Fuck off with your "whiter than you" shit, dumbass.
the UK is over 90% white

lol nailed you good you fucking rug jockey piece of shit. Probably just mad because once your portfolio started bleeding it was officially too old for you to fuck with.

Thats germany during oktober fest retard lol Those brown fucks are your precious refugees


Try again, fag

>the UK is over 90% white
no it isn't. it wasn't 7 years ago and it's certainly not now

>Europoors cause the dip
>blame amerimutts
Every time

>the UK is over 90% white
No the fuck it isn't. You're living in the past.
I could go down the list of cities that are less than 50% white in Europe and there are many of them but why bother? You will just argue some other irrelevant bullshit to make you sleep better at night. I don't give a fuck. Ignore the reality if it makes you happy, dumbass.

>tfw your county is 97% white british and largely racist

Even with out flags, the place is already /pol/
I can imagine how rekt this place will be with flags, still i want flags though.

44.9% White British,

You're telling me there's only 5% white Europeans in London?

GTFO with your fake news

Can't handle reality huh? Here's a link from your own office of national statistics complete with a spreadsheet. Try not to cry in your tea and crumpets fuck.

sure buddy

eurofags shouldn't have invaded other countries in the first place. now they're paying the price.

Are you fucking stupid? According to your own statistics, only 44.9% of Londoners are British? What does that mean about the other 55.1% you stupid tea drinking motherfucker? Get with the program, Limey. You have been enriched. The whole time you spent pointing your finger at "muh 'Murica" you have been surrounded. It's over. Your country isn't yours anymore. It's only a matter of time before your parliament is dissolved or speaking Arabic. Enjoy, dumbass.



Still whiter than 56%, stay mad mutt

kek, good bluff. 60% is the total tally

> You're telling me there's only 5% white Europeans in London?

There's 12.9% according to your doc.

Why double down on fake news when you're caught?

>amerimutts talking about colonialism
Why don't you ask the natives about all that land?

Your comics are comical because they are a product of tears and cope. Your homeland has been taken away from you piece by piece. Your own women don't even want you anymore. They're more interested in welcoming "muh refugees" so they can have some African fuck buddies. And you pathetic things spend your time making comics about people you don't know and a place you've never been and know nothing about. Fucking kill yourselves before Muhammad does it for you.


Are you high? I never said London ws 5% white European. And you're crowing about it being 12.9%? God damn man. Do you even hear yourself?
They fought for it and lost. They're free to try again anytime.
More comics. That's literally all you have. Cope. Whatever makes you happy dude. Enjoy your reality.


I count 16.9% black or arab in London from the spreadsheet you linked. hmmm, really makes you think doesn't it

> London is literally 50% foreign born.
> You will just argue some other irrelevant bullshit to make you sleep better at night.

You're getting mad cause you lost, bro. You even provided the evidence.

I don't care your position, I just highlight fake news when I see it. Something you Americans love to pretend to do.

Burger here, the moment I wake up I hit a large short the market button before proceeding to eat my breakfast burger and milkshake.

also 1,3% arabs. oh boy i really hope the don't take over parliament.

Just delete these stupid threads, mods. They're complete garbage.

I'm gonna write jokes and earn fucking money doing nothing with BZC faggot, what are you guys doing? Kek.

>They fought for it and lost. They're free to try again anytime

Their half cousins are into it

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal..,,

discord dot gg/pbN4G73


You are obviously an idiot so let me repeat it. London is 44.9% British. That is what I said and that is what your census says. This shit you keep repeating about Africans is not what I said. What you keep repeating about 5% white is not what I said. Read the fucking thread you illiterate fuck.
You have no idea how not mad I am considering the state I live in is 94.4% white. I can't remember the last time I saw somebody with skin darker than a golf ball.
According to the evidence, London is 44.9% British and the rest is foreign. You even cut and pasted it. But I lost. Even though that is exactly what I said. By the way, that was in 2011. It is now 2018. I wonder if those numbers have changed any. Hmm.

I see there is no point in arguing. You read what I said, looked at what I linked. It confirmed what I said but you decided to create a strawman to argue with rather than admitting I was exactly right. Poor dumbfuck Europoor. Enjoy drawing your comics. I'll enjoying hanging out with my white neighbors in my white town in my white state. Sucks to be you.

>this thread
la creatura...

For all of you to cope this hard, it must really be bad in Europe. I would feel for you guys if you didn't deserve it so much.

look at this butthurt faggot.
i'm not copping faggot i'm not even from yurope, it's just funny to trigger your fat american ass.
Who gives a shit about how white you are, while your culture and people are one of the dumbest on earth? what color are your trailerpark gazoline drinkers dwellers? you fucking piece of trash

Fucking nips are the ones fucking this up. 8am jap time is an instant dump. Two days in a row.

>says as he spregs for 10 posts for being compared to a literal monster, which souldn't really strike a cord with anyone who isn't an insecure mutt
la luz extingido...

>copity cope cope
Do you feel better now dumbfuck?
>I'm not copping with muh comics and muh fake statistics and muh muslims. Uh uh. Not me. You're a dumb. I know cuz cuz I read it on the internet. It was posted on r/all just the other day. Yeah, that's it!
Okay Muhammed.

I'm from /int/ so I feel right at home in this thread

fucking fat pussy burgers dumping as usual. Based 46%

>tryhard butthurt amerimutt.
you're way too funny. USA, home of worldwide retardation and degeneracy.

More cope. Your comics just make you look stupid. Everytime you actually try to bring up statistics, you just get refuted and end up looking foolish so you try to trot out some comic that somebody else drew for you cuz you don't have the talent but it makes you feel better cuz, um, cuz who the fuck knows but apparently it does. That sounds like real insecurity to me, bud. Maybe try to project a little less next time and it won't be so obvious.

>USA, home of worldwide retardation and degeneracy.
Yet your comic (again with the comics) would look more at home in any European city. Projecting and coping this hard. Your entire race needs a mental health checkup.

>third worlders actually convince themselves America is like this

why are you so upset. chill out

all the sjw bullshit, gay rights, feminism and this kind of degeneracy come from your dumb country.
way to be blindfolded faggot.
>muh i only know about america and europe
heard of Australia? merimutts IQ in full effect.

>implying america isn't like this

HAHA Australia is an honorary third world country, you're literally the descendents of a bunch of criminals and degenerates.

You have no idea how not upset I am right now. It's called bants. I thought you guys could take it.
>all the sjw bullshit, gay rights, feminism and this kind of degeneracy come from your dumb country.
Everything in your list is in full force in every western country. Have you never heard of the politicians in Sweden who have named their country the first "feminist country"? Do you realize in Europe you can't even name the race of a criminal? Did you know there was a pedophile ring in the UK that was untouchable because the authorities didn't want to be labled as "racist"? You are so fucking ignorant that you think SJW shit is only an American phenomenon?
Naturally you would be from such an insignicant place. It explains your blatant ignorance. It also explains your shitpost. Go fuck an emu m8.

Lol. Says the fucking Europoor.
Dude it’s illegal to say certain things online in the UK and Germany. I’m not talking death threats, I’m talking about disrespecting Islam.
The UK used to rule the 3rd world , now the 3rd works rules the UK.
If you spent some time here in the USA you’d see that the media is only covering what’s on their agenda, not what life is actually like here in the USA.

is it worth selling my coin so i can buy a gf on seekingarrangment?

I got to admit the AmeriChads are really fucking things up right now

26's replica?, then why are burgers selling?

yes this whole bullshit did spread to the whole world but it started in the US, if you say otherwise either you're blind or stupid. degeneracy always start in the US then spread through media, and lobbying to other countries.
Soros is a fucking merimutt,

If anybody is selling it's Wall Street. They don't have any concept of nationality. Most of us are still dragging out of bed or still asleep on the west coast.

Is this the hip new meme where Europeans pretend to be retarded in order to annoy Americans?

>Soros is a fucking merimutt,
Soros was born in fucking Budapest you dumb shit. Why do I even bother correcting you idiots? Stupidity is unfixable.

also, better fuck an emu than a Sjw amerimutt landwhale.

In fairness I'd probably rather fuck an emu than the thing in that picture.

who gives a shit where he's born, his influence is in the US, he's even banned from Hungary, faggot.
fucking brainlet.

You dumbfuck. If you're going to claim he's American then you should probably educate yourself on where he is from and where he developed his ideals. He was born in Budapest, Hungary and he was educated in London England. The man developed his communist, sjw, socialist from cradle of that shit. Fucking nothing worthless collectivist Europe. Imagine that. Now cope with some more comics cuz once again facts have given you the royal BTFO.

>b-but I live in white state
I laugh every time
99% of Europe except few cities are white areas
Can you say the same about usa, mutt?

you're just a blind faggot, keep clapping dumbass

>99% of Europe except few cities are white areas
There are statistics to show otherwise. How white is Turkey? And slavs may be white but not white like say a native Irishman. Sicilians? How much enrichment did they get from the Moors again? And I've seen plenty of Spaniards and Portuguese that are indistinguishable from the average Mexican. As far as your cities, quite a few of them have a large population of foreign born people so that in combination with everything else especially your newfound fondness for Syrians, I wouldn't be so quick to point the finger.
>Can you say the same about usa, mutt?
I don't live in the entire USA, faggot eurocuck coper. I live in one state that is again, 94.4% white and larger than Ireland. So my state is larger than many of your countries and, oh would you look at that, actually whiter! Maine is whiter than Ireland. Maine 94.4% Ireland 92.4%. Hmm. Imagine that. Once again, eat shit Europoor piece of shit culturally enriched sad fuck.
Are you high?

are you from Texas?

Maine actually.

Absolute state of amerifat education
>y-you are not white!
Spotted kike
Nobody cares where you live, dumbass. Your country as a whole is 56% and that's what we are talking about

>Absolute state of amerifat education
So Turkey doesn't occupy the Balkan peninsula anymore, dumbfuck? Did they fucking move it? Cuz if they didn't and it does occupy said peninsula then it is in Europe.
>Nobody cares where you live, dumbass. Your country as a whole is 56% and that's what we are talking about
You can talk about whatever you want. I'm telling you I do not personally interact with non-whites. They do not exist where I live. They do not exist except in tiny pockets for over a hundred miles. If I decided to walk to the next non-white person's house, I would probably die of exhaustion before I got there. My state which is larger than many of your countries has less non-whites than probably all of your countries or at least most of them. You have countries in Europe that have a tiny minority of whites like Turkey. You have countries with majority population of mutts like Italy. And unlike for the US, that is not a meme. It is real. Your cities are being taken away from you. Yet you argue with me about it. That is cope.

>They have 1% of territory in Europe so it makes them 100% European.
Mutt logic
>maine population 1,3mln
You are bigger than Luxembourg, impressive
Meanwhile in rest of your country live over 100mln non whites

>They have 1% of territory in Europe so it makes them 100% European.
>Mutt logic
As usual you cope with lies and forced memes. 10% of the Turkish population lives in the 5% of the land that is in Europe. Not 1% but 5% which makes it a European country. It is also an Asian country but that does not change the fact that it is a European country. I realize this is upsetting and it goes against the false image you have of yourself when you can push the reality of your imploding demographics and the invasion of your cities but you really need to face the facts.
>You are bigger than Luxembourg, impressive
>Meanwhile in rest of your country live over 100mln non whites
The vast vast majority of the US is over 90% white. There are only a few states and the major cities that have large non-white populations. Kind of like Europe. Except we have states that have a higher white percentage than your countries. Eat shit Europoor.

had to check which board this was. btc 8k tonight, heard it here first

>turkey is now Europe
>because 10% of them lives in Europe and random mutt from usa said so
Your murican rules don't apply here
Except you are 56% which is well known fact

Burgers are the most powerful race in the world

Called it.

>turkey is a European country

if greeks are considered yuropoorean so are turks