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AyyMD earnings edition

Popular brokers for stock trading:
>commission free and no minimum to open

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest.

TD Ameritade
>$6.95 commission per trade. No minimum to open. Fantastic data/charting through their free ThinkorSwim service

Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

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S&P 500 VIX Futures (For XIV/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for XIV)


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It's earnings season

Time to gamble fellas

Today looking like we're gonna be red as fuck

Early thread today. First

When you deserve to win but lose anyway

>McDonalds has been a struggling business for the past 5 years due to a shit ton of alternative fast food places popping up as well as increased awareness of the dangers of eating fast food every day
>100% of your portfolio is in this businesss
>I deserved to win!

Can't wait for a free trading platform in the EU. Really jelly of you guys.

just hodl

they killed earnings. the market is just shit today

Up over 47 percent just this year. Explain how that’s struggling friend?

Also they are up over 100 percent past 5 years.

Because they have a huge market cap and that’s how our economy works. Going all in on their earnings is always risky, because of all the disruption they’ve seen in the last 5 years

What earnings announcement should I go all-in for? I was thinking AMZN but the expectation is extremely high. NVDA on the other hand is much more reasonable and is guaranteed to smash it.

You didn't buy BZC yet user? Kek

Lol what does that first statement even mean. Market cap does not imply anything about future growth.

Amazon, JP Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway are creating a non-profit healthcare initiative.


Playing earnings in this market climate is dangerous. Just look at the VIX.


too little information to know anything so far, market beating up the healthcare service cos though in premarket

>A non-crypto thread on Veeky Forums

What timeline am I on?

you shouldn't be, they'll die of the tax anyway

yeah their leading battery guys are leaving.
Fisker got the graphene battery patent..mmmmm

Good morning everyone, any thing mooning today? Thinking about selling all my ATOS if it doesn't go up.

Weirdly, AMZN, JPM, and BRKB are all down in addition to the rest of the sector.

About to test a strategy that was shilled to me here on Veeky Forums

20 minutes until market open. You goys all buy into AMD?

>Downgraded to Hold

I bought it in December under $10 per share. I was hoping it would hit $14 but anything above $13 is an acceptable gain for me.

My first wageslave was TV/VCR/Audio repair. Shit was fun cause I got to sit around watching tv and listening to music after I finished repairing them.
If a VCR came in that had been ripped open cause a tape was stuck then that tape was porn. Otherwise they left the tape in.

Good morning everyone.

Thread is lively today, feels good

What memes are we looking at today? Hoping NAK bombs more before I might consider buying in, hoping AMD stays strong, and I'm still in NLST dear God DO SOMETHING

Things back to normal down there?

Pretty much. Cold but not stupid. Was in the 70s this weekend. Now it’s in the 40s. Had a shit ton of rain Saturday and some places that flooded in Harvey flooded again. Poor bastards.

Fuuuuck, that sucks


>trusting analysts

5 minutes, good luck everybody

We will find out in a few minutes

earnings aren't until after hours

everything up until then is just noise. I'm not actually holding any myself, I might buy if the dip is good

I've got a bad feeling about this morning guys...

NBEV got another big deal, I'd watch them and try to pick up at 3.80 or lower

Who's going to buy high with NSPR?

AMD getting raped

wew, all my tech is getting raped

6.5% dividend

>wake up
>everything is red for second consecutive day
>may be getting several grand from selling an asset later today if the asshole really does buy it
>can't buy the dip until tomorrow at soonest
FUCK. Why didn't the market shit itself like 2 days from now? My fucking timing I might miss the sale.

My stoploss for PETS activated and sold. I had it set for $47. It hasn't hit below $47.50.

Fuck you in your goddamned ass Robinhood. Broken PoS. You just cost me 2/3 of my gains you fucking cocksuckers

Well, I'm gonna bet on a bunch of idiots buying AMD at the end of the day and running the price up right before close. Either way, I'm gonna be exiting my position today, anything over $13 will be over a 30% profit.

It's interesting how holding some low-cost way out of the money puts really helps you out mentally. I'm almost cheering for the decline to continue, even though I've got most of my money in the S&P500.

It hit $47.11 today according to Etrade and Yahoo Finance

Buy UVXY up to 13??

That's what you get for using stoplosses, goy.

I really need to get into options, I've just never messed with them before.

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I can't spend 9:30 to 4 staring at my phone everyday.

I don't see that on my charts but even if it did that isn't $47.

Why don't you just pay some jew to run your 401k old man wagie?

Uhhhhhhh, did someone's CIA AI get loose again?

Why has it dropped so much, this is painful.

>bought NSPR at .18
>forgot about the limit sell I had set at .20 that it never made
>it’s up to .25 now

Why don't you just kill yourself NEET scum?

What did it mean by this? I sold way too early.

Everybody on BPMX BPTH and NLST.

Told you about ATOS!

j-just a healthy correction




>not even a half hour in

the funs just getting started ;_;

>markets only down ~1%

Seems like a minor correction to me fampai

Finally up 400 dollars after 10 months.
Ask me anything.

Is this how it feels to chew 5 gum?

What are you buying during this sell off?


Dell's down, buy the dip

>Invested in energy stocks

nice call, put in an order at $70

It feels like when you diet for 6 months and finally eat a hamburger but its from mcdonalds. Good but extremely sad.

So it makes you wish you were dead all over again?

Stop shilling robinhood, you don't own the fucking coins you buy on there

Fuck it, I am out, just gonna hold 100 of NBEV see what happens, pray that it goes back up. FUCK.


Will you give it to a poorfags so I can turn it into $10k?

Nah man this is just a hobby for me but I could have made more on crypto but I dont know shit about reading crypto markets and its super volatile and not beginner friendly.
Why would I could give it to you when I can pay someone to invest it for me?
Anyway its just a hobby as I said.


crashing the market on the day of the state of the union speach.

(((they))) couldn't of planned this.. r-right guys?

I lost almost that much this week but only had $1000 invested.


Who just got into the market? Which one of you caused this

are there actual noobs calling 1% down days a crash?

Market needs at least a 20% correction

>10k last Friday
>9k Monday
>8k today

I'm a very conservative buyer. I keep it low-volatility and low-risk.
It's not a crash, lmao. We've had several days up 1% or more, so it makes sense to correct in the other direction.


These feels

So do I, almost exclusively bluechips. Still sitting at $1200 with a $1000 investment. I was over $1300 Friday.

Down 3k today.

Not a bad morning.

You're better than me. I just dumped my cash into an S&P fund and bought a few tech memes. Still up around 600 this month tho


Currently holding $TAHO and mcdonald’s.

I would recommend a free cash flow flow but diversified miner to you guys after these kind of bull runs. It helps retain wealth and sometimes pops during times of trouble.


Turned $1k into $3k from a lucky hit on a company I researched. Starting to feel like that is the only hope for poverty-tier investment. I'm not dying in this market correction, but definitely not as hopeful about rapid growth.

Sucks that stable companies are impractical for me to buy and get solid profit, but I guess thats the cost of going in with such a small amount to invest.

Are there any SEC rules about live broadcasting your entries and exits?

Not the data just saying when and what.

What company?

Do you really think AMD will tank? I have fairly high hopes considering the performance of Ryzen/Epyc, Meltdown fucking Intel over (although this might not be noticeable short term) and pajeets buying all GPUs they can get their hands on. I don't really see why they would fail, other than their lack of mindshare.

Case in pic

Aside from some intraday trades on etfs, I don’t see a point for holding or trying to time the market for gains.

If you don’t have money to lose or are using savings as investments, STAY OUT atm. The volume being traded is high with sentiment in the ground, you will lose.

clowns on twitter and stocktwits do it all the time, not sure but as long as you make it clear it's not financial advice just your personal stuff don't see why it should be an issue

There's the rule that snitches get stitches.