When will you guys stop with the comfortable lies?

The hype is over.

All the nerds into crypto have been here for months.

All the normies have been here since December/January and are now exiting after their losses.

Older people won't touch this shit because they're smart enough to not invest in a dying trend.

6K in a few weeks.

Common Response:
> This is just like last year, don't worry guys!!

No it's not like fucking last year. For starters, there were no major future contracts. Right now, there's more volume on Bitfinex and Poloniex than the entire Binance volume as a whole. There will never be a parabolic run ever again. Open up the chart, look at the long term trend, and stop telling yourself lies.

Remember this simple fact: When everyone thinks they're going to get rich off something, it's already too late. When your taxi driver wants to invest in crypto, it's too late. When your friend from high school calls you up talking about how he found a new get rich quick scheme through crypto, it's time to pack the bags, wish crypto a good farewell, and find another way to make money again.

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ETH 2k in 2 weeks. Screencap this.

So what, the bubble popped. Parabolic bull runs aren't the only way to earn money in crypto.

Are you fucking retarded? futures have btc closing at 10k-11k till the end of march you street shitting faggot.

Oh yeah I think it's safe to say that smart contracts and decentralised technology is fully integrated into the market to the point of saturation.
Wait a second, maybe it would be more accurate to say that this is literally the greatest technological revolution since the internet whose impact will be so massive that it is literally impossible to even envision it at the moment.
What happens when Joe Average can pay for his day to day costs with, say, a Monero card, but there is literally no way for the government to know (or tax) how much Monero he has? What happens when it's so easy to do this that every normie does it?
If you think crypto is anywhere but at the start, you're not paying attention.

It was a fun game while it lasted.

>there will NEVER be a parabolic run again
weren't people saying this in 2014-1015? I guess this is the buy signal

what do you get out of this? how much do (((they))) pay you? I want in, I can fud better than you

There will be a few cryptocurrencies that will survive. You don't need thousands. They were meant to survive as forms of payments. No-one will fucking invest in cryptocurrencies until they're eventually and privately used by national governments.

Blockchain is the technology that will be adopted privately by companies.

That's all.

"It's only hype"

>Doesn't even understand a blockchain

You mean when 1% of the population heard about crypto? Give me a break bud. Stop referring to the past to make you feel better, when it's nowhere near the current situation.

This is true but biz is too deluded to believe this. Im a coiner but Im not a deluded one. There is still money to be made with margin trading and daytrading.

You mean back when 0.01% of the world knew about crypto? Give me a break.

And now 5% are invested. Regulated institutional money and the 401k boys are still on the sideline waiting.

If you think crypto isn't the future of all online payments and transactions you're a lost cause

I've been in this market for three years. I am now making my money by shorting. Every smart person is doing the same, while the average joe spends day and night worrying about their shitcoins going up 5% and calling it a moon.

Nowhere did I say it won't be. How many strawmen do you create per day?

>doesn't understand buy low sell high
>thinks a market can only grow up to a certain point and never break that again, even when talking about life-changing tech
get a fucking grip, brainlet

>6K in a few weeks.
That's true. The old fuck's finally done. Better coins will takeover

I see that there's a lot of upset people (probably started looking at this market weeks ago) who have not addressed my major point of how the money is already in, and that there's no huge source left. The market will grow but will crash this year.

Look, here‘s the dumbass who doesn‘t know shit. Don‘t be the dumbass. Join the discord group.
discord gg/PpD28R4

thanks just sold 100k

Blockchains make zero sense to do privately

>>This is just like last year, don't worry guys!!
It's "This happens every January" smiling_plush_pepe.jpeg to be precise. They never show the chart from 2014 because the last time bitcoin lost 50% of its value it didn't recover for over 2 years.

>Sub-trillion marketcap
>Actual monetary investment likely 20% of the hypothetically marketcap
>'All the money is already in'.

Sure. Cryptocurrencies will never be fully decentralized globally though, and will never be used as a form of payment until they become private, which defeats the intended purpose.

The purpose of Bitcoin was for it to be used as a currency. That will never happen unless it is stable, and that stability will never happen until it ironically becomes centralized within governments.

The average person doesn't give a fuck and doesn't even know what any of this does. Money follows trends and hypes. If this 'revolutionary' technology did not make money, everyone would drop it within minutes, including 80% of this board that is now (unfortunately) infested with people trying to make money off openly advertised ponzi coins.

>whole crypto market the same as amazon
>its over guys i swear
kek everytime

You mean speculative market cap that is not inherently based on value. Try again.

Buy the dip! Hodl!

Comparing a company that provides tangible services to a market where a good looking website chopped up in 15 minutes can land you an asset with a 100 million dollar market cap based on Veeky Forums posts by idiots who willingly lose money 4 times in ponzi coins.

Top kek.

Crypto will be a thing for the next 3 years at least

>not realizing skynet which will keep u and ur family poor forever willl be built on the blockchain

I did open up a chart and the trend is still intact with a retest of 8k USD. Until we break significantly below that my hands are iron

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal....

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

why dont you just cash out and leave this board to never return?
do yourself and us the favor

>Taxi driver meme
The difference between a currency and security is that if more people own a currency it has more value.
Saged btw

Ah yes, OP is a Richard Spencer follower. It all makes perfect sense.

yeah a company that that is a glorified bodega vs tech that will interact with trillions and trillions of dollars. hmmm its over youre right

My friends are just discovering this shit. Hard to watch them go in with loaned money however.

The current situation is even better because people and companies have plans to actually use this technology going forward.
I can guarantee you this will go higher. I would bet everything on it for a dollar because that's how good the odds are.
So retarded.

Except it's not anything like a currency in the traditional sense since it is traded regularly by the average person, whereas the average person is not fucking trading forex.

It's a digital asset right now, and is nowhere near being used as a currency.

I'm sure you bet it would never reach 10K either.

If you did though, and maybe did an order through leverage, you would perhaps have had 3-4X the money from the beginning of january instead of (presumably) half that amount.

Can you fucking retards stop with these shitposts already? They're not even funny anymore. Kill yourself. And if you're serious you could research for more than 5 seconds and find crypto is growing.

Doesn't address any of the arguments. Calls it a shitpost. Doesn't realize that I never said crypto won't grow. Well, I didn't expect any better.

Thanks, OP, just sold $100k.

When people stop coming here to actively FUD I might get anxious. Thanks for reassuring me.

>Kekked and wow'd

That tech already exists and it's called a credit card. No one is using crypto to buy shit except for monero shills. Most see it as an investment, the world's biggest (decentralized) ponzi scheme. They HODL because they want to sell at the top. And no I'm not a mad nocoiner, I've made more and lost more with Veeky Forums than anything else in my life. I'm only mad cause I didn't cash out on top. The tether fud got to me. Still have 10% in, more likely to keep dropping than to 10x IMO.

I'm expecting GFC 2: electric boogaloo
Coming to your central kiking system soon

from 60b volume to 19m volume, all the normies are gone

Please remain flat and out of crypto OP, I would rather have pajeet make bank in this market.

>All the normies have been here since December/January

Do you have any idea how hard it is to buy crypto? Normies are still trying to figure it out.

who finna buy da dip doe??

It's literally dying right now. Have you seen the 'pumps'? As soon as I saw that Tai Lopez ad, I knew this entire year will be horrible.

cnbc showed them how to buy xrp at ATH

damn you nailed it, user. saved

god you're a stupid stupid fuck. not a goddamned braincell operating normally... too much extacy brainlet. all you have here is shit fud that you pulled out of your smelly ass

I actually agree with OP. I have no fucking clue why you people think that the adoption of blockchain means that we'll continue going up. Blockchain can be adapted and the market can still crash to zero. If anything mainstream adoption would mean that coins would need to be stable. And I'm willing to bet that not a single one of you fucks cares about blockchain as a technology, but only as a means to make money. What you want is more idiots falling for the ponzi scheme that ths crypto market is. Because there's no reason for any of the coins to have anything other than a stable value, and it doesn't even matter what that value is. Every coin could be exactly $1 and it wouldn't fucking matter. In fact that would be the preferable option for mainstream adoption.

Everybody who spouts memes about the new paradigm memes and the revolutionary aspects of crypto is wrong. Private ledgers will be the ones moving the bulk of all money, and most crypto projects are shit.

That said cryptos STILL are useful because they're actually perfect stores of value. This is just like a big goofy gold market. That's why cryptos can still have room to grow.

A perfect store of value that may drop a 40% of its value in a single day. Cryptomemers are so funny trying to convince people to buy their scam internet """currencies""".

you're a stupid banker cock sucking fuck if you think the crypto market is a ponzi. where are all you stupid fucks coming from. go back faggots

look another banker cock sucker. do you just suck banker cock or do you also watch cock on hand while your wife cuckolds you with banker cock buried in her balls deep? which is it?

>tangible services
You can pretty much replace everything that Amazon is doing with decentralized services.

Everyone and their grandma knew about bitcoin ages ago.
'Cryptocurrency' isn't well-known other than "yeah there are some bitcoin knock-offs"
Ask any person on the street what a blockchain is. They won't know. They probably never even heard of it.

Bitcoin must die for crypto to become relevant.

Are you really this deluded or just a retard?. 99% of crypto is vaporwave and the 1% left is insanely overpriced. The market is worth a third of it's current price at best. Yes blockchain may be groundbreaking technology but it's years away from being implemented in the real world.

Fuck you OP, keep these idiots in their delusions. There is a fuck ton of money to be made from these morons on the way down, but for now we need them to be deluded.

So why aren't you shorting BTC then?

do you faggots have coordinated responses too? holy shit i cant even imagine how sad your discord group is

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Bitcoin, is in fact, the Bitcoin Core fork, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, Bitcoin Limited. Bitcoin Limited is not a functioning cryptocurrency unto itself, but rather one component of a fully functioning peer-to-peer electronic cash system made useful by the Bitcoin blockchain, hashing algorithm and distributed network comprising a full peer-to-peer electronic cash sytem as defined by Satoshi Nakamoto.
Many users run a modified version of Bitcoin Unlimited every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, Bitcoin Limited which is widely used today is often called Bitcoin, and many of its users are not aware that it is actually a fork of Bitcoin Unlimited, developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. There really is a Bitcoin, and people are using it, but some have begun referring to Bitcoin as Bitcoin Cash.
Bitcoin Limited is a node implementation: a client that verifies and relays transactions across the network. a node is an essential part of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a distributed network. Bitcoin Limited is used in combination with the Bitcoin Blockchain: the whole system is basically Bitcoin Unlimited with a smaller block size. All the so-called “Bitcoin” implementations are really forks of Bitcoin Unlimited.

People were saying the same shit in 2013.

>abloo abloo i was too late, bitcoin is already $100, it's mainstream now :(

you're probably just some pajeet trying to buy cheap bags so whatever

a fraction of the population knew about bitcoin then. Now every millennial talks about it and half of them invest. You might be clinically retarded if you think this is the same situation as 2014.

Omg dumb :D short btc and screenshot if you think thats over kek :D

>Now every millennial talks about it and half of them inves
Leave your bubble. Less than 1% of the world population owns crypto. You're retarded if you think we've reached "market saturation"

this is what I thought when btc was 1.2k

>he thinks the government will let this ever happen

AHAAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAH screencapping this to laugh even harder once regulation is passed

Obama leaf found Veeky Forums?

Nah op is some Alt-right, Richard Spencer-cocksucing nocoiner tard apparently

What is with this wave of coordinated FUD today? It's beyond obvious. You are being too obvious.

Mid-February is slated for next major takeoff.

do you really think bubble need everybodies money before it pops? No as we saw with dotcom bubble which was mostly burgers investing. Enjoy your bags, tether will implode soon, regulations are coming and markets will continue bleed and crash because there is not enough dumb money coming in.
Regards margin trade chad

A nazi that defends banks and their owners?! I doubt it...

For faggots like OP, it's not enough to just not invest in something that you don't believe in, you have to be so insecure about being wrong that you need to talk the rest of the world into not investing too, just so you don't regret your dumb faggot ways when this shit moons and you're still poor. Pathetic. Fuck off and don't come begging.

Dotcom bubble was 10 trillion dollars, adjusted for inflation, in the late nineties.
Crypto as a whole is 500 billion in 2018.

there's probably a lot of latecomers getting in now because it's low

I mean btc itself is likely to 3x before the year is over, people are going to be buying in

nigger did you do a fucking survey? None of my millennial friends invested shit cuz they think its "digital tulips".

dubs of truth. OP is a salty faggot who probably got in late and lost money. Now he fuds all day.

Believe me, i want it to dip, but this is the worst ive ever seen fudding

well, op not being bright is implied nazi or not.

Dotcom bubble was over $3 trillion and almost 20 years ago. So who in their right mind would think crypto has reached it's peak at $500-800 billion?! Also almost half of all the companies survived.

And space is like, really really big yo
You are comparing a BBC to a white boi

>half of millenials invest

What are you basing that on?

Any stats?

What you are claiming is beyond the South Korea level of the population investing in Crypto, which is not happening in the west.

>half of them
From all hundred person that i knew and met, only one person that invest in crypto

>i only have one friend, i invest and he doesnt so half of millenials already invested in crypto

everything I don't want to hear is FUD
>everything I don't want to hear is FUD


they've been saynig this since atleast 2012. Keep cruising on, this shit is only getting started. Put your stash into solid projects and forget about it for a few years.

And you think we need same marketcap for our shitcoins to pop than dotcom needed for companies like amazon.

I keep hearing this shit. There isn't a magic number bubbles have to reach before they burst, they burst when they run out of steam. There's literaly no reason for the market to go up right now. The december wave is loosing interest, the potential new investors aren't going to move in while the market is stagnated and the institutional investors aren't half as interested in crypto as people like to think. If you add to the fact that 99% of crypto is vaporwave and the 1% left is years away from being implemented in the real world, it's pretty obvious the market is running on borrowed time.

I think if you believe that smart contracts will share the same fate as pets.com you are willfully blind.

If you only think of crypto as a currency you have missed the whole point. Crypto as a plattform will be able to decentralize the whole digital interlinked ecosystem.

>thanks just sold 100k
thanks for your bags faggots

anyone need bags?