Where do rich single businessmen in NYC hang out? I really want to be a spoiled girlfriend or a trophy wife...

Where do rich single businessmen in NYC hang out? I really want to be a spoiled girlfriend or a trophy wife. I'm 20 and I would date guys up until 35. 40 if decent looking.

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About me:
>kinky, can be dominant and submissive
>love to bake
>have big butt and big boobs
>in college
>not a slut
>love to read and learn
>love to exercise

>mentally ill
>sometimes very horny for girls

More interested in that dog than I am in a gold digging whore if I'm being honest. That's one cute pup.

Yo know the drill post tits with timestamp then we answer. Or gtfo

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>love to bake
>have big butt and big boobs

You know what don’t bother posting your fat ass/tits iv just eaten


Help me. This is a serious thread!

Fuck off cunt. You think Veeky Forums is your date finding personal army?

OP here...now I'm on my phone...this is a recent pic of me....what do you guys think?

They hang out in Somolia or Sweden. Go look there.

They don't because they all left, only people left in NY are Jews and niggers.

>not a slut

You can be my girl. I'll share my BitConnect with you. :^)

thats a dude

leave your email here

if i like the pics i see, then I'll fly you out on my private jet to the Maldvies for our first date.

Pics, tits, and a timestamp

/soc/ is that way

Hey op just went in sweden for a week with a friend (i'm 22) and we tried clubbing a bit there.
Girls are awesome, not shy at all, all speak english fluently, i'd say 80% are 8/10 good looking. You can barely meet top model girls and discuss easily with them.
I just met a 20 girl who will visit me in france once a month.
Best experience in sweden so far hope it works for you.
(Try to come with a friend it's better)

where do gay rich men hang out in nyc? I want a daddy

Post proof.

i heard swedish men send their girlfriends to flirt / get on with foreigners because apparently its a really common fetish over there
if you fuck a swedish woman you got to be aware sven is probably near and masturbating at the thought of you having sex with his gf

>guaranteed replies

begone thot

Rich people don't marry outside of their circle.
They might fuck a gutter cow like you for fun, but they will quickly throw you away as soon as you get in the way of profits.

This. I recommend the red snapper with violets and pine nuts. The Matinee called it a "a playful, but mysterious little dish."

Etherdelta is already buying BZC for 5x ICO price faggots.

Not that user, but I have more than enough to afford an island just off the coast of Costa Rica. Here's proof.

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal---

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

whatever i post can be derided as false
> blockfolio 'you just typed the numbers in'
> cropped bank account 'muh edit element'

resting in a hotel room, on a work trip atm. you want me to take a photo of my ipad?

you're the one who wants to be spoiled. so do the legwork.

kek best comment

Post a picture of your iPad and an expensive watch.

Gay bars mostly

Threads like this do not give me a positive view of women

Go to the Elephant Bar or pretty much any bar in the financial district during happy hours

happy to post pics of those when you chuck me a throwaway, babe.

let's be honest you're probably a 21M soyboy who is larping hard. love it

fucking women
literal leeches on society

How long is your feminine penis?

It doesn’t matter. Women like her want to be used on exchange for money. Who cares

NO, I want love and security.

Hi babe can't take you to Maldives like successfulanon but I'm up like $13 on my cryptos today if you wanna come round my office and sit on my lap for a bit

[email protected]
Send pics.

? what part of 'I have nothing to prove to you' have you not understood, lmao. I am not head of over heels desperate for a 20F trying to get into the game to be a SB.

> inb4 sweating my ass off to take a photo of my iPad mini and Girard-Perregaux

You've got 10 minutes to amuse me, before I go off and watch Pretty Woman for a giggle

I never said I wanted to be a sugar baby. That's prostitution.

as my friend urbandictionary may weigh in

Sugar Babe
A woman who chooses a to have an ongoing relationship with an affluent man rather than a broke one. Like any other relationship, sexual encounters occur; however a sugardaddy has the means to provide a better lifestyle for his significant other.

are you not leeching off my affluence?

sugar baby
A young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship (i.e. sexual favors).
Mary Ann bought her sugar baby a new iPhone, brand new lapop, and a nice flat overlooking the water after he gave her a decent humping last night.
by antitrustfund August 10, 2009

You said you wanted rich single businessmen. The first descriptive word you used was rich. You did that because that's the most important part to you.

Whether you're conscious of it or not, you're already attempting to be a prostitute


"A sugar baby is a girl/guy that dates wealthy men. These individuals want an allowance, shopping sprees, weekend getaways etc. in exchange for sexual favors and/or companionship.

A spoiled girlfriend/boyfriend is more like a kept woman/man to a wealthy man. You can potentially get an allowance, weekend getaways, shopping sprees in exchange for…. A RELATIONSHIP."

Maybe tell me where girls like you like to hang out ?

The general definition still applies.

Additionally, with what you are asking in your original post, are you not insinuating the same?

soz, been larping a bit too much. actually just a doctor. you'll have to find your sugardaddy somewhere else.

I don't see anything worth of value there.

Oops whatever my 100x long just got liquidated I'm not rich anymore.

Let's see your blockfolio then guy.

If you were really after rich men you wouldn’t be in biz. There are at most 6 Figure portfolios here, most of which are shopped. And any real rich successful men are already taken and would only at best I ffer you a mistress position

yours was obviously fake in all fairness user.

If you truly are in college in nyc and dont know where the rich guys hang out youre either selectively ignorant or literally retarded.

Anyways, Tao, Up and Down, 1oak, provaceteur at the ganesvoort, or any michelin starred restaurant w a bar.

>t. Nyu student who is/ hangs out w rich people

/end thread

I'm not from NYC. I am from NJ lol

Nevermind babe ICX just tanked you're gonna have to find someone else

What ethnicity are you?

Where in NJ? Are you a J.A.P?

>I really want to be a spoiled girlfriend of a trophy wife.
Be a trophy wife and pop out some sprogs while you're young enough to do so without complications.

Being a spoiled girlfriend is something you'll only manage for a few years and when the wall hits (late 20s onwards) you get left a bitter single hag.

He's clearly indian, look at the cons he listed

>what is a blockchain explorer
then again i could see the standard normalfag trust fund kid holding 1 million on binance without the slightest idea of what decentralization is

Id rather masturbate than have a cunt like OP in my life.

Actual OP here.
on my laptop.
roast me.

I've been bored of one of my girls. Im ready to cut her off. But I don't know what you bring to the table. I need to see what you look like before I really get this started. I'm not going to bother if I'm not interested in your looks. I can tell you that you will get an abundance but I need to be interested to start

You are deprecating asset. Successful people wouldn’t make such investment

As a trust fund baby who's family comes from old money, I've been around these circles and see the way these men operate I can assure you what you're looking for is a unicorn. Do you really think a rich guy would settle? No offense but what you're looking for could have virtually ANY woman they want like we're talking 10/10 models who they could marry or just pump n dump as they please, and most do or just marry into money to and fuck whores on the side. Why would they settle? Most of these men's concept of love only goes as far as themselves and the money that affords them the lives they live. So unless you want to be a fucktoy for some rich probably already married guy I'd recommend making something of yourself instead of sitting waiting wishing for Prince Charming who doesn't exist to sweep you off your feet

Ugly cunt.

Meet me at The Standard tonight you can be my trophy gf bb

>ready to partner up for money
>not a slut


no wonder you all got into cryptocurrency if you even fell for such an obvious bait

don't think it's a larp considering her replies are all retarded shit a woman would say.

>big tits

I will admit you have a decent ass for a average white girl

Sorry but too small tits.

dumbo. mexiraunt called pedro's. The high rollers roll there. f to york.

so u are fatass thot that loves to excercise? what at mcdonalds