UFR actually looks solid

Have you guys seen this yet?

After reading their update, I'm genuinely interested in investing. This cleared up 95% of the FUD for me, especially the section detailing UFR's actual advantages for seeders. The $8mill market cap and low supply gives this coin a lot of room to grow, too, so I'm feeling comfy about this.

We told you. We always told you. But you just dismissed us.
UFR is going to blow up because the project is unique and has a real world usecase.
Upfiring will really bring an end to dead-torrents. Really looking forward to that.

Is there a coin that you get more of if you shill other coins? How much are you getting OP?

I want it to stop bleeding.
It hurts.

How many points do you get for this thread from your discord daddy

UFR is looking lika a really good buy just now. Can't wait for the alpha, and planning on accumulating as much as I can by then!

I've said this from day fucking one but no one pays any attention and just focuses on that Discord shill group instead.

If you properly research the project (including that link you posted) it's actually really good and has big, big potential from its current MC.

Just a shame the pajeet shillers have drawn attention away from the fundamentals.

Man it's sitting at 50 something cents... Is now a good time to buy in? Help me anons

Im feeling comfy too really cant wait to release this shit to the new exchange and get the normie money up in this bitch


Sure this coin is a pnd how dumb are you mate? Where did you learn reading charts man in alaska? Stop crying because you lose money and start investing in real coins with a reallife use... STOP CRYIN

Yes. I think anything under $0.50 is a screaming buy, and under $0.60 to be a good pickup.



It's clear you literally don't even know what that means.

I've seen the Discord group rules. It's just a bunch of pajeets who love the project and think they can help it moon even more by shilling it relentlessly.

They aren't malicious. They're just retarded.

Upfiring is in the early stages and will have a working platform release in March. Makes no fucking sense to PnD it now when the release and use of the platform will send this way past its current $8m marketcap.

Note that no one ever FUDs the idea itself. It's always FUD relating to that group of shills. Says a lot.

Oh and if any Discord shills are reading this:

Fuck you. This is what your dumb shit has resulted in. You've drawn attention away from how promising this project is with your low-IQ pajeet posts.

You have literally done the polar opposite of what you wanted to do and damaged the reputation of this project. Your stupidity is infuriating.

Stop your shit now and just buy BZC

I'm giving you a standing ovation. Exactly my sentiment too.

>Q1 2018—Alpha release
>Q2 2018—Beta release
>Q3 2018—Full Desktop version release
>Q4 2018—Open-source community contributions, potential for Android/iOS application feasibility

This is not a pump dump coin, this is a long time hold coin

Excellent idea with the hype to back it up.
Listing on a new exchange soon.

- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- Not a fork of any other blockchain

Why the fuck wouldn't you invest some money in this.....

pajeetry once again. value will go to zero when the first people get arrested for making $$$ from piracy. as soon as that happens it is over. this coin is for complete fucking morons only

No this is a shill thread

Its the same layout as all the UFR shill threads

I told you discord retards that your shill campaign would backfire and whaddya know?

Stick to playing video games

omg some retar pajeet with iw of 50 told me to buy coin he from satan its a SCAMSCAMSCAm DON NOT BUY BUY WALTON COIN YOU CAN USE IT AT WALMART

This is super cheap for this project, the bleeding is over

Soon, my UFR friends

Very soon now

All these fools will regret and try to FOMO in, and will regret not buying now when it is the lowest it can ever be


Got your Daily shill points I see?
Looks like you won’t be kicked out of the discord today!

I got in your shithole discord and ufr at .23 cents. Got kicked out after a few days for not getting any shill points.
Sold at 2.70.

How tired are your arms boys? Suck me from the back.

This to be honest, if it was a PnD group the price would have gone way down already.

The project has a solid arguement and I believe it will go up in value in the next 1 to 3 months.

I bought some almost a moth ago, probably will buy again today given that it is on a dip.

You're one of the Discord pajeets because only they post that horrendous list of irrelevant bullet points.

"Not a fork of any other blockchain" - What the fuck does that even mean and why is it relevant?

You are part of the problem joining that retarded shill group, so fuck you as well.

lmao. This coin is utter shit. Just some bagholders trying to raise the price while selling on others.


Also UFR as a platform is so much more than muuhh pirated games and movies, the platform can help all sort of people to share rare and hard to find software, as well as a platform to actually get paid for shit you have done.

Imagine someone that made a song in soundcloud and it really takes of, that fucker wouldn't be be making any money for his/her music, give it a platform like UFR and he can, that is just one case at the top of my mind.

It's actually a really good project. The pajeet shills have just distracted from that.

Decentralised, encrypted P2P file sharing with tiered rewards for original seeders and secondary seeders.

Original creators of the files also receive 50% of the rewards, with re-seeders earning a share of the other 50% split between them, so there's a strong reward for the original seeder.

It actually has a hell of a lot of valuable, legal use cases.