Qchain (EQC) - Possible easy 50X by spring

Alright anons, listen up:

A friendly user was kind enough to throw us a bone on this earlier today, and I did some research, and this is juicy, even though it had raised 100% in the last hour with no dip in sight.

Site : Roadmap : qchain.co/roadmap

Qchain is a platform for native advertisers. They are partnered with NEM

Per their site :

“Our vision is to build a suite of open and transparent applications that provide decentralized and secure solutions for digital advertisers, in-house marketers, content publishers and everyday Internet users alike. Our flagship application is a direct buy marketplace that will make it easy and simple for advertisers and publishers to transact in native ad units.”

There are two tokens. This NEMflash article explains things pretty well:
nemflash.io/introduction-qchain -interface/

Qchain is not yet listed on Coin Market Cap. This is to your advantage. Per the Telegram, they were denied due to low volume, but have since re-applied now that they're listed on IDEX.

Total Supply : 54M
Circulating Supply : 30M
Current Market Cap : 4M (approximate) (it was 2M from user's call earlier)
Current price on IDEX : 0.000127 (80% above ICO)

ICO did not raise all funds, so the remaining tokens were burnt.

Key dates:

February : Test Net

Q2 : Beta release on “Live Testnets”

Q3 : Launch decentralized Marketplace Network

I'm in for an ETH, and already up 100% since I went and got fucking ice cream.

I think short, mid, or long-term, this is a pretty strong play at this marketcap, and the NEM partnership should push it along to visibility in the next few weeks – months.

This is a real deal possible 50X by spring if you don't have weak hands.

Don't blow it.



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Thanks for sharing, twu!!


Sure. Also, the dev's pop in the Telegram, and seem really nice. There are only 200 people in here, and it's pretty damn chill. Not a pajeet in site.

how to invest in exitscam
tell me

Like I said. IDEX. Here : idex.market/eth/eqc

Will have this on the radar. Will look more into it, but even if I wanted, I can’t buy any as of yet

be quick. 4M cap is nothing for something with a test net coming. they say they are pushing NEM for more exchanges.

Where to buy?

>Native advertising
and sponsored content
on blockchain technology.
Is actually a shit ICO.
I look for gems on biz but this isn't it.
I found CPChain which looks like one, but not this. Won't be throwing my ETH into this one. Advertising and sponsering isn't revloutionary or even interesting at all. Not trying to bash but I just want to get what I think out.


seems like a total shit to me

ay what is the etherdelta link

fine by me. i'm only in this for a quick 10X.

i don't know. fuck ED. i won't touch it.


no dip, low liq. don't blow it, anons.


0.0001295 !

Don't listen to this idiot.
He clearly bought mayor part of the IDEX volume and now tries to dump it with x2 profit.

This is shit. Stay away.

yes, i spent all of this time typing up a well written report for you, for a 2x.

fuck off. don't be salty you missed it when the other user called. not my fault you didn't listen. i only signal to IDEX because it's awesome and the chat room is nice. find it on ED for all i give a shit.

all of you motherfuckers are so touchy. i literally spend time typing up a nice report for you all, and all you do is nag and FUD.

this is a legit 10-50X opportunity.

why do i even fucking bother.

Also gtfo with your pathetic bumps. Nobody is going to step in your shit Reyansh

i don't give a shit what you think. it's not my fault you don't listen to good advice.

psssst....can you feel it, anons? FUD = buy.

where to buy

>don't be salty you missed it

>this is a legit 10-50X opportunity.
double kek

>why do i even fucking bother
I don't know. Don't bother and GTFO.

read the goddamn thread pajeet

can i trust you? i already got justed by telcoin

Lol, OP bought some heavy shitbags and now wants to get rid od them.
No thanks

dude, it's fucking presale price right now. 3M cap. you think this shit is gonna drop to a 1M cap? don't be deluded.

ya'll are dumb as hell. i'll keep calling good shit as i see it. you can stay poor if you don't wanna listen.


I read their papers and everything.
Give me back 15minutes of my life.
This is some stinky chink shit nobody wants

If it's so great why you don't fill your bags yourself faggot


like i said, i already did, and am 100% up in three hours.