Press S to spit on grave

Press S to spit on grave

I'll start for you



fuck bitgrail man and everyone who defended this piece of shit and now also a scam of an exchange

xrb will recover tho


Hey anons I'll hold your worthless bags for you just send them to:


What's happening?

No Binance listing poor anons

Bitgrail admin forcing people to cash out and close accounts causing a crash as that holders on that exchange panic. Complete shitshow.

why would anyone use that shit exchange when KuCoin is available. those idiots deserve to lose their money for still trading their the minute after XRB was available on KuCoin

Fry pajeets fry


Lmao what, the fuck

Can confirm, Bitgrail owner, Francesco 'The Bomber', announced today during an update that only verified users within the European Union will be able to withdraw XRB.

What that means is that basically, the rest of world with XRB stuck in their Bitgrail must file for account termination and sell their XRB for BTC.

Personally, I was required to sell thousands of XRB because of this. I still ended up with a profit, but it sucks.

shitgrail is shit
nothing to do with XRB

look at all those retarded brainlets that dont even understand why its dipping and instead of being smart and buying the fuck out of this dip they shitpost on biz
ok let me educate you faggots
the bitgrail owner told all US faggots to terminate their accounts
but they only can withdraw in btc
so they market sell anything (including xrb) and gtfo
the result is this dip
see you at 20$ in 3 days

Do we buy the dip?

wow why would he do that

because he knew people wanted to flee his shitty exchange to kucoin or binance so he did semi revenge - semi exit scam

shhhhhhhh don't make the poor rich or they will only hurt us in long term

too late, check 5 min graph on kucoin. it's going back up

he's keeping the xrb
getting it at preferential rate
shit'll be 50$ in no time
what a fucking asshole

I think it was always a bit cheaper there because smart money was avoiding the exchange. It’s now $10 on bitgrail but $16 on kucoin.

He’s going to be unspeakably rich by artificially crashing the price for himself before rebrand, mobile wallet, binance listing, etc.

Post binance listing, no one will use his shit exchange so this is actually a solid move on his part.


dead cat bounce

>open blockfolio
>says xrb is at $11
>look on kucoin
>it's down, but it's at $16

How do I get this shit app to actually honor the exchange I'm tracking?

Lmao who buy this scam coin?


click on the bitgrail name on shitfolio then switch to kucoin

my very first time getting just'ed. i have 75 of these shitcoins

Sell them to me.
I beg to be fed.

I heard it was hacked. Did they find a flaw like IOTA?


Thanks homie

HAHAHAHAHA yeah sure

so because one shit exchange going down with a reputation as a shit exchange, that didn't allow less than 100 XRB deposits, and reluctantly lowered it to 10 XRB, somehow makes the whole project worthless. Makes sense.


> Wasu wasu wasu

Yes, the lead dev ran away and we haven't heard from him since 2 weeks. The mainn exchange shut down. The transaction speed turned out to be bogus.

That's nice, but those idiots are affecting those of us that aren't retarded too.

When there's blood on the streets, you buy.
Even is the blood is yours.

Is there a way to benefit from this if im verified on Kucoin and on Bitgrail?

Yes, buy as much XRB as possible


Yes. Buy on BitGrail, transfer to Kucoin, sell.

typical pajeet pnd, one of the most shilled around here. Happy it is comig to an end

Lmao who fell for this retarded XRB? Even Vitalik said today it is flawed.

>most shilled coins
the stinky linky are here they would like to talk to you
also the FUD threads was me btw

Bomber is blocking bitgrail withdrawals. That’s why everyone is selling off on there.

For unverified users, right?

this is LITERALLY money for the taking right now, even on kucoin. Easiest buy of my life

Yeah, unfortunately I don't have any spare ETH/BTC on Kucoin.

Yes moron go buy these bags

Can anyone confirm that as a verified user on Bitgrail it is possible to withdraw and deposit?

You're not smart. You invested into "the neeekst beetcoin", a coin that has absolutely no function and its only selling point being fast, feeles transfers of said useless coin between people. Nobody cared about this coin until reddit started hyping it in december and I assume you bought in. Now you're completely delusional and in love with it because it got you some profit. But this is not the future of crypto and blockchain as a technology. You're going to get burned hard when reality hits you and you realize absolutely nobody will ever give a fuck about "currency" cryptos in the future.

If are actually smart you're going to sell your crap the moment you're in the green.

They're only bags on the illiterate wop exchange dumbass

not possible

XRB has hands down the best community in the entire crypto space. It has developer transparency. It has industry standard testing procedures and actual engineers behind the scenes. It's like the AMD to Nvidia. You're making a mistake by not getting in while it's still relatively early, not to mention the mistake you're making by not accumulating more while it still struggles with exchange partnerships which is exactly the reason for its current dip. Once more solid exchanges are utilized and/or more regulation prevents bullshit like this from happening, XRB will be one of the best holds into the future.

You're delusional. The days of cryptos having no function or use cases like bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin are over. In a year from now only cryptos that serve a function will exist. This means things like ETH due to smart contracts and things that facilitate those smart contracts - QSP, EOS, LINK, REQ.

Let em FUD, who gives a fuck, biz is completely irrelevant, full of niggers

It has one function: currency.
It does it well and in a decentralized way.
Others do not.

cry me a fucking river cunt
me fomo buying this shit at 3$ dumping at 26$ and rebuying last week at 13$ was the best shit ive ever did
>muh btc clone
thats what LTC,VTC,Doge,and a fuckton other shit are doing
the difference is that this one is fast as fuck and works flawlessly now
>inb4 muh smartcontracts
we got ETH for that and every other shitcoin that tries to do the same is getting blownthe fuck out every day like VEN ARK etc

That's nice, except many of those corporate use cases are using an ERC20 token as a placeholder to accumulate cash from morons while they develop their own private blockchains that don't even need you to operate.

oh you mean the 32 million$ ICO Heist with no working product and 2 devs of wich one is a faggot that doesent do shit and was never seen in blood
and the other one is getting fatter and fatter while traveling thailand and fucking bitches?
great stuff

The creator just sold everything and left the project. How is this the best community? It’s a shitty pnd

No he didn't you dumb fuck

down 22% on cmc, biggest loser on the top 100
"It's just on s-sale, right bros?"


god damn exchanges are too powerful

>It has one function: currency.
so in reality it has no function and no inherent value and the only reason it has any value is reddit speculation.
and you're aware of it.
well, good luck with your speculation, I hope we all make it, but if I were you I'd sell this at the top of the nearest pump

>so in reality it has no function and no inherent value
wow like literally every fiat currency you mean

I'm gonna write jokes and earn fucking money doing nothing with BZC faggot, what are you guys doing? Kek.

>People at biz don't look at this as a buying opportunity
Buy high sell low am I right guys

I definitely will sell on Kucoin during binance listing.

Then rebuy after the inevitable crash.

Nothing has inherent value. Currency is as good 'real world' application as any.

XRB is the best contender for mass adoption of crypto. It is easy, works and has a good community.

Seems like a good time to buy if he's doing that lmao

Discord PnD groups are hard at work here on Veeky Forums trying to get some cheap XRB

Nice just sold on Kucoin and bought on Bitgrail, 700 XRB profit. Thanks again America

fiat is backed by the jews
raiblocks isn't

Bitgrail? Rings a bell. Picture related.

>sold everything
>spent it all on XRB at 0.013ETH on Kucoin
>All my XRB sitting comfy in an offline wallet because I'm not a retards

Can't wait for the binance listing :)

I realized this a week ago and sold all my XRB, made a good profit.

>XRB has hands down the best community in the entire crypto space
This is b8, right? The community has the worst people, with massive shilling, giving no shit about what the token actually does, and only focus on moon missions.


Literal retard confirmed. Go buy some TRX you brainlet dope.

Enjoy your bags, buddy.

At least learn what Raiblocks actually is before spreading FUD you dumb cunt. I seriously don't understand what your motive is. Do you even KNOW what an ERC20 token is and why you're a fucking moron for calling XRB a token?

Because they couldn't withdraw XRB from Bitgrail. It's off for almost a month. That bitgrail CEO better watch his back

wow ur so salty. Were you the salty reddit poster crying about how he lost all his life savings because of the bitgrail dump? hHAHahAHAH Salty retard kiss your shitcoin goodbye faggot lol go buy some toothpaste with it since its so useful

Damn I wish I was in Europe right now.

Haha you guys xrb will pump when it gets listed on binanace. There's no way that's priced in and how it hit $35. It's going to pump just like it's been pumping all month on kucoin!

What do you mean, there's still large amounts of xrb held hostage on mercatox and bitgrail? Naw the people who got in super early probably don't have a lot lol!

Now it is almost certain to pump on Binance
Only question is, when is Binance going to list it

Being a good currency is almost the only legitimate usecase for crypto... I haven't seen one other legitimate usecase that actually works. eth doesn't work for example. Millions of products on its chain but none work. Lol.

my account is fine. lucky euro bastard i guess.
I am loving this. buying my ass of at the moment. Anyone with a working account should be buying right now. This is literally free money. Sometimes this world makes no fucking sense.


But why are xrb withdrawals down again, i dont see a reason for that.





You are obviously a delusional xrb-tard. ever tried coins like xlm, they do everything xrb does but actually has a secure and stable network AND has smart contracts and icos, literally no reason to use xrb. But stay delusional, you deserve to lose everything.


So that everyone cashes out and this "Bomber" fuck can profit. It's nothing to do with the XRB tech and everything to do with market manipulation.

XRB will be fine in the long term. It takes more than incompetent wee brains leaving their XRB on an exchange and not withdrawing it in the 2 week period when they were warned verification would become mandatory for me to sell.