Why Oracle cant create their own decentralized system?

Why Oracle cant create their own decentralized system?
a) They are too stupid
b) They dont really need it

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I think it's because they're stupid desu

Are you for real?

This is some high quality FUD, friend. Did you dictate it into your headpiece while driving a taxi?



Quietly solves the oracle problem

Why can't Oracle create it's own chainlink? That would solve it's problem.


Dude, I was randomly browsing the chainlink slack a few weeks ago and saw the weirdest thing. Sergey and Rory were having a barbecue. Just a barbecue, nothing else. They were eating sausages. And the chatroom was full of people who were tipping left and right. And suddenly someone donated 200 tokens ($20.99) and says 'show pussy pls'. A minute later he donated 500 tokens ($44.99) and says 'show pussy'. 30 seconds later 1000 tokens ($79.99) and 'pussy'. Then, finally, Sergey stood up and flashed his pussy for a second. Then they banned him. What the fuck?

I swear 40% of you retards on this board don't even know what DECENTRALIZED fucking mean. It needs a network to be decentralized.
If they create "their own oracle" that's where the problem is. It's a single point of failure. If that one oracle goes down or provide false data the contract will get fucked. Why don't they build their own fucking internet too? You fucking idiots are lucky that the people who created the internet made it free.

>You fucking idiots are lucky that the people who created the internet made it free
But I pay for my internet you shithead.

>implying 2 devs from chainlink can create decentalized network...

Then how did Larry Ellison create a single Oracle and make $60,000,000,000 for himself?

You are paying for the hardware. There is no Internet the software that you have to pay to use.

Same reason why banks make money. Centralization was just the way things were done in the past. If you believe in blockchain and decentralization then something like Chainlink is necessary. Maybe blockchain is not the future, who knows.

ChainLink nodes are hardware as well. It's literally the same thing.

Linkies BTFO!!!

Why are you faggots so silly?
We already know which project will be the decentralized oracle of the future.
Their whitepaper came out a few days ago, educate yourself faggots

project exists since October 2015...


I'm watching Po.et slowly inching closer towards Chainlinks spot within a day or 2
>Was 106 a few hours ago