I feel empty

I thought I could be free from my gambling addiction, able to feed it breadcrumbs to keep it at bay with crypto trading. Then this site comes along by way of a unsuspecting link on discord. Please read my story and take a lesson from my experience and don't be me. I feel like an empty husk of a human.
>ok I'll just send 1xrb probably gonna lose it but its just for fun to see what happens
>mfw 15xrb in a couple gambles
>wow this is amazing, I'm just gonna withdraw my gains and be happy
>2 days later thoughts of 100x my whole stack fill my head
>sit and watch the ticker for hours
>finally decide on sending half my stack just to 2x it
>lose it all
>shit need to make up my losses gotta send more
>etc. etc.
>all my XRB gone 1 hour later
Anons please don't be like me I kept making mistakes and not learning from them. This site is a cancer and helped me lose 80% of my portfolio. Block it with your ISP if you have to if you're like me and have little to no self control because it will only suck you in then spit you out.

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Sorry for your loss OP.

Invest in some FUN since youre a gambler, next week youll probably recuperate some of your losses.

You're not even a good gambler, you're just retarded.

Why are gamblers so dumb? Is it just emotions that ruin their game? Haven't they learned by now that emotions kill gains?

i dont understand it either
they operate on another level of stupidity

Can't really argue with that

Normies are literally going out of their ways to buy this shit. Get rekt, BZC is the only one they'll buy for fun.

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal..

discord dot gg/pbN4G73

It was 100% emotion/alcohol driven late at night

>Even touching your crypto while drunk

Wowie zowie

low willpower cuck, you should probably just end your misery now

at first i was disgusted at your thread but that pic is funny
i like you op
stop gambling though

>shit need to make up my losses gotta send more
in future this thought should be your signal to stand up from your computer and go have a long hard think

playing the stock market:
>read up on trading techniques
>scrutinize socks days before to eveluate trends/risk
>am happy with small 1-2% gains every week, enough to pay for gas and take my girl out

playing crypto:
>all in on overhyped coins
>make every flavor of fomo trade possible
>buy high sell low
>emotions rollarcoaster
>check prices every 5 minutes
>panic sell on Veeky Forums rumors
>lose 50 percent of my stack in a matter of weeks

trying to get a grip

>playing roulette with no martingale and progression

what the fuck is wrong with you dude?

Well, sounds like it's time to stop trading and kys then. You'll never make money here and the only answer at this point it death.

Fuck off

Gonna buy back my lost stack with fiat tomorrow. Just gonna take this as an expensive lesson learned

fufufufufu thanks fer teh cash losers!

This, I'll be honest, love to have a punt but I never ever try and chase my loss, also would never use my crypto hodls to gamble with.
At this point you should have realised you were down and fucked up and could easily loss the rest like you did the first half. Also should have been happy with your extra 15coins, you got greedy.

You've got to be fucking kidding me.
You really didn't learn anything.

Instead of gambling on crypto put all your money on coins in pre ICO. This was ALWAYS profitable so far so even morons like you can make money.
Just read about ICOs, buy them and fucking hodl.

Also... what % of your savings are money you put in crypto?
Where are you getting more fiat for tomorrows buy from?