Ever since I became "crypto-rich" I've gotten lazy and depressed...

ever since I became "crypto-rich" I've gotten lazy and depressed. I'm set for life and I have zero motivation to do anything productive in life.

How do I bring ambition back into my life when I feel like I've already got everything I'll ever need?

Give me all ur money then u feel better

God your kind are utter peons. Cry some more you bitch

Id say send me only some of your money so that you can still be comfy but have a reason to work

Just chill for a while as you reorient the way you approach things. Most of u have been brought up with the assumption we must make something of ourselves in a way that prioritizes financial gain. It will take some time but just explore doing other things and readjust to your fortunate circumstance, where you do things for their own sake and rediscover the source of your interests and ambitions.

Workout stop masturbating fuck thots easy

stop lying to urself. you don't have everything you will ever need. you are actually "rich-poor" and cant REALLY afford shit.

all in to 10x on a ponzicoin if you want more excitement in your life and then maybe you can buy nice things to enjoy your life cuz at this moment you can't.

make music

go outside

Hey friend, send me some xrb and you'll feel better. Charity work is the best medicine for feeling down!

you got FUCK YOU money yet?

if i made it big and had some FUCK YOU money, i'd go back to Veeky Forums and just randomly sprinkle some bitcoins to random bitcoin addreses, just because I can


If you haven’t already, secure your finances. Get your house payed for, all your debt wiped away, and secure enough money in low risk assets that you’re set for life even with a market crash.

After that, it depends on how much money you have. If you’ve still got millions upon millions, maybe see about becoming an angel investor for something your interested in like a movie or a video game. Otherwise, just get a hobby, ideally something where you can meet people.

Make a video-game with me. It will be really hard work and very rewarding.

I'll coach you. Serial entrepreneur, crypto rich & happy. 1 eth/hour (2 hours/week), 10 hours min.

go watch a bunch of videos of baby animals being rescued, if that doesn't make you want to start a sanctuary for them then i suggest you kill yourself, seriously, kill yourself - even my evil degenerate ass wants to fund an animal sanctuary

Wah wah I'm so rich IDGAF about anything in life anymore.

Nice humble-brag.

Also you said "crypto-rich". Would you still be set for life if BTC crashed to $4k like some FUDsters are calling?

Have you cashed out enough to fiat to be set for life just from your fiat holdings?

Seriously, if you're really set for life, just smoke weed all day and bang hookers, do whatever the fuck you want.

Heck, I'd personally just watch anime and play video games most of the time if I actually had the free time and financial freedom to do so.

Same here OP. Identical situation.

Thinking of joining some church for the behavioral frame it brings. Or some CBT therapy, or biofeedback/hypnosis.

fuck off to reddit

Find a girlfriend and get kids. Help people. Create something. Besides that there's not much point.

1) never come to Veeky Forums again
2) buy a dumb phone
3) delete all games
4) find a hobby that gets you outside... try gardening

try new things, you've barely tasted what life has to offer. Give yourself a new hobby and discipline yourself into keeping at it even when you cba.

seriously, go spend a day at an animal rescue sanctuary.

The moment I saw that cow's eyes look at me the way it did something in me changed.

>Never come to Veeky Forums
This is the most important Opie. You just escaped this shithole yet you still come here and post about your pseudo depression. Fucking numoney annoys me.

T. Establishment New York jew

>woman steals all your shit then accuses you of rape
>end up more depressed and poor

Friendship for sale.

Watch anime 24/7

I'll give you some good recommendations


Tell me, why aren't celebrities, and entrepreneurs who far surpass you in wealth, in the same predicament?

It's because they still love their hobbies.
You can now do what you always loved doing without financial burden.
In this manner, the thrill should never end.
Use your money to help you improve the goals that you haven't already achieved and that money cannot buy.

Or ingest LSD.