What the fuck did just happen?

What the fuck did just happen?

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buy the dip?

The Bomber founder of Bitgrail exit scam

Pump and dump group whose owner is trying to dump their bags.

Dead cat bounce.

Every time a Coin drops too far it will bounce back before continuing its correction. It will probably continue to fall after the bounce.

You're assuming that the drop was natural. But it obviously wasn't.

Well, that escalated quickly.

How wasn't it? Shit was up fucking 100000x in one month

What are you talking about? It has been stagnating for a month now.

After which it corrected back and stabilized. The current drop is caused by Bitgrail statements for their exchange. Check Bitgrail prices for proof:

Fucking bitgrail can't stop screwing me.
Is it going to recover any time soon? I mean, to 170k sat.

I bought at Mercatox in December and insta withdrawed it to raiwallet.com
I don't have the slightest idea on why people have left their coins on Merca or Bitgrail.
Of course it will recover. The question is if it will happen today once panic ends, if in 2 weeks once Bitgrail troubles have ended or in between once Binance and rebranding comes (wouldn't be supprised for more unexpected news like partnerships or more big listings)

BitGrail is closing down all non-EU accounts and has disabled withdrawals of XRB, only allowing BTC withdrawals, forcing people to sell to get their money out. That isn’t natural.

You can be 90% sure, if it's being shilled hard here and on reddit that you're too late, avoid.

deluded. its over. only down from here on

You aren't trading based of this chart, right, OP?

Probably BitGrail is pumping the price as they have 30% of all raiblocks.

Good luck with this weird coin. I got in at 6k got out between 160-220k. Not touching this crap again.


thanks, your informative comment made me realize what is actually going on

Drop isn’t a correction it’s panic selling due to Bitgrail exit scamming

>did just happen
When biz become so ethnic?


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shitgrail is shit

Is this a good time to buy more?

Jesus fucking Christ. Partnering with Bitgrail was the worst decision ever made by the Rai team. It bit them in the ass so many times.

Bomber literally exit scammed people. Wallet undern maintanance, so now he is selling all XRBs on Kucoin. Lol trusting italians with your money. I got 23% on my stack on this shitshow lol

its called a short sqeeze